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Learn about the waterwolf story in the Netherlands!

I had taken an early morning stroll amongst the foothills of Mount Rainier. I loved watching unique cottages spread out all over. The smell of logs burning to keep the families warm and cozy within this chilly morning was an uplifting sight. My meditating soul goes deep into meditation as I pray for the wellbeing of all humans.

I had awakened from my dreams. After my research, I found the proof of the land and people of a faraway country. My dreams had taken place there, yet, within the lives of people I was not related to. I have no clue why I had seen them, yet, I know humans are interconnected to all somehow someway. I have talked about this within, “The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”

How did the Dutch fight against these devastating floods?

Today, I will only talk about this land and her children. They had stood up in union and fought against devastating floods. This is how they reclaimed the lands of their forefathers.

This land is known to you all as The Netherlands. The country is geographically located within Northwestern Europe.

She is famous for her canals flowing all along her. The windmills whispering love stories throughout time. The tulip fields keeping these love stories framed throughout all souls.

First of all, she is a flat country. The geography of a country also has influences on the upbringing of her children. Each nation is an individual as she individually raises her children, while adjusting to her climate and geography. The adopted children adjust to this motherland as well, because they migrate and accept her as their motherland.

Why are they prone to flooding?

The Netherlands translates as low lands as 18% of this country is below sea level. Half of the Netherlands is 3.3 feet above sea level. How do we fight Mother Nature? Certainly, the Dutch have fought this war and are teaching this world to be victorious.

I had visited Madurodam, a family attraction for all visitors. Within this park you could virtually see mini Holland. All the attractions of this country are displayed in real life miniature versions. I had written about this within one of my previous blog posts.

Within this park, I had watched a short movie. They had shown how the Dutch have reclaimed their land through water management.

Entrance to the Waterwolf movie at Madurodam

Waterwolf the Netherlands

I had seen how the Dutch have reclaimed their land and made living below sea level a reality. Throughout the globe, the Dutch have been sharing their 400 plus years of fighting Mother Nature and her fury. The flood is mostly from the major bodies of water including the North Sea, the Rhine, and The Meuse.

The Dutch have combined their knowledge over the years as they have won their war with the water and living below sea level. Also, they were victorious over the floods which had damaged land, houses, agriculture and of course brought death to lives. The Dutch fought to restore and reclaim their land along with peace within the households. Therefore, they became victorious as they combined their knowledge and created a system to fight this war with water.

What was the outcome?

The Dutch have fought and reclaimed about 1.7 million acres of land. The very famous Dutch word “Waterwolf” was given to the enemy of the Dutch, which was called Water. The Waterwolf is not a living thing, but this name was given as this was compared to an animal who the Dutch had called the Waterwolf. As a result, the Dutch had created the windmills first to combat this war. Later on, they had created the ditches, the canals, and the dams, have been all created as their engineers had combated and won this war with water and reclaimed their land.

Today, as you visit the Netherlands, you shall enter through the Schiphol Airport, where I would want you to stop and take a minute to think to yourself, for even this airport you stand upon, is under sea level.

The famous Delta Works and The Zuiderzee Works are also called by the civil engineers as one of the modern wonders of this world. Today, the Delta Works have conquered the Waterwolf. Yet, the worry is the rising sea level due to climate change could eventually bring the Waterwolf back again. Today, I admire and honor this country’s achievements. As for the wellbeing of their own people, and the people around the globe, they have taken their achievements and started to teach the world around.

Their impact on climate change:

The Dutch Government have taken a huge lead on climate change. This country is heavily involved in climate change and is working with the world to work in union to battle this giant catastrophe we all might have if we do not get involved and do nothing about climate change and it’s effects or if we do not get involved in this fight against climate change.

The Dutch are also known to be the agriculture food giants, as called by so many around this globe. The Dutch have taken control over their own land, I guess they know how to work unitedly to overcome all obstacles. I had always wondered how the Dutch were so united, I realized it was because they have historically in union reclaimed their land that they live within.

What can we learn from this?

As for the wellbeing of themselves, they learned how to fight and live with nature first, then they teach the one world to learn from their lived experiences. The Government of this nation travels all over this world and teaches others how to help themselves as they teach and learn from one another as they are the champions of climate control, the food giants of the world, and firsthand they know how to reclaim their own land and all whom seek their help.

Today, they spread these messages throughout this world. For the love of humanity and all humans, I see how sacred and loving this nation is. We the world must learn from their experiences and walk through history so we realize how this country has risen above their problems as they have reclaimed their lands.

The Dutch have a famous saying, “God created the world and the Dutch created the Netherlands.”

My take:

I know as a foreigner, I had thought why would they say this? Yet, as a traveler through this sacred land, I have seen how we the humans could gather our God gifted talents and with the blessings of God, we could overcome our obstacles. The Dutch in union had overcome the obstacle of being a land under sea level and protected and reclaimed lands below sea level.

I know this is a lesson we the humans could take with us as we too unite and reclaim humanity for all humans’ wellbeing.

As I, the sacred traveler, take upon my blessings the learned lessons of life, I would like to gift all of you my personal learned lessons of life. These are my own travel journeys which I share with you.

I would want you to go and walk through the Dutch history. They had reclaimed their land and created a blessed land for all of their children. Due to their experiences, they also travel to teach all the children throughout this one world.

Learning from history

Furthermore, the Waterwolf was fought to reclaim the land from under sea level, save the vegetation, the livestock, and prevent death from natural devastation.

Today walk through this land and learn from this sacred country how the Dutch overcame this obstacle of life from their past learned history. I had written a quote within a book I had dedicated to the Honorable Prime Minister Mark Rutte of this country, which is the perfect quote to place here as I say my blessings be with all of you. Take a trip through this nation, whether be it physically or through my words, or through the blessed path of the internet, and even from your own home, you too could see how sacred this nation is.

Obstacles are teachers of life, for when we cross them, we have learned our lesson.

The Dutch have fought their own obstacles of being under sea level and now teach all of this world how to unitedly cross this path.

My blessings be with all of you as you visit my website and travel through my words through a blessed sacred country.



Blessings from Seattle, 

*The cover image is of me at Scheveningen Beach in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

*This is the 10th post in my A Traveler’s Journal series. 


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