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A chilly Autumn morning, wrapped in a shawl I watch the rain pouring on and off on a very cloudy day. No complaints as I love the rain and the calming effect it has upon my soul.

I walk through the memories of the Netherlands, as I pinched myself and I really had to ask myself, am I back home? Did I really visit this blessed country? I did not buy much souvenirs this time as I only brought back my memories of this blessed trip with me.

Today I want to talk about love, yet in a different kind of way. Parents’ love for their child is but blessed throughout time. This love protects all even when all is but lost. This love is found as with every dawn, there is another mom or dad waking up to make breakfast for his or her child, preparing the child for all the known and unknown steps of the future. Like my shawl, the parents comfort their children as they hold them within their arms away from all the obstacles of life.

George Maduro’s parents, for the love of their son, had created this sacred ground which is known today to all as, “The Madurodam.”

They had taken this idea from Mrs. Boon-Van Der Strap who had been involved in another project which had patients of tuberculosis get treatment and study at the same place. Only a soul with humanity would know how it feels to give back to the society you live within. I can only compare it with the air we breathe in, being pure and clean. Love is the complete miracle of the eternal soul, where there is only giving and nothing is measured by give and take, but complete pleasure of the given.

Love is complete without any written agreement or a document proving its completeness, as within my next fictional novel you will see how parents and grandparents cross time and tide to unite true soulmates, their only enemy or obstacle was time. Now though, travel with me through Madurodam.

Madurodam is an amusement park located in Scheveningen, The Hague, the Netherlands where complete replica models of all Dutch buildings and architecture are made in a scale of 1:25. Proceeds from this park go to different charities throughout the Netherlands.

This park was created to honor a son who had fought for his country. George Maduro had fought the Nazi Occupation and was captured and had died in the Dachau Concentration Camp in 1945. In 1946, this son of the Netherlands was awarded “Military Order of William,” the highest and oldest decoration within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Today, all the children of the Netherlands and all around the world can walk through this amazing park and not only see the whole country in a miniature version all within a day, but also keep these memories alive as they can take the 3D miniature version of themselves home with them.

As I had walked through this amazing place, I knew the different schools within The Hague and youth from all different schools are involved within the disbursement committee of Madurodam. This group also handles charities and different activities.

How blessed are the souls of the founders of this park as they have kept alive love throughout time. They have not only kept their son’s memories alive but given so much love and pleasure to every single child or adult who but visit this park.

My trip within this park had been a blessed time and I wish I could have had more time to spend. There were interactive experiences where you walk into a room and feel the complete 4D experiences, like how the Dutch created the Netherlands.

The boat trip to New Amsterdam and the life story of George Maduro, were some of the interactive tours I loved walking into. I also thought how nice it is to see the Netherlands in one day. If you only have one day and would like to see the whole country, then please go and visit this sacred park, where you could see the Binnenhof, Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, the Port of Rotterdam and Euromast, the windmills, the canals, Anne Frank’s house, cheese markets, trams, the tulips, and the list goes on and on.

Yes now you have just seen all of these amazing places in one day. I also have my own clogs which were brought to me on a cute train. For me though, this was a sacred visit through not only the miniature version of all the sights I wanted to see and visit, but also a love story that will awaken all souls alike. My accompanying friends had told me they had just visited the Netherlands in one day. I am glad I had taken this trip and I would go back again to see now which ones are but my favorite.

Love begins at the first sight as the mother sees and feels her child, the first time a father sees and touches the tiny hands of his young. Love blossoms as the mother and father first look into the eyes of their adopted child.

Love is between all souls seeking peace and blessings. Come and visit this park where you will return home with memories to cherish throughout time.

I loved this sacred park and I could feel the love of George Maduro’s parents and as I left this park, through my words may you too feel the love of a parent every time you too visit this park.

Madurodam for me was the journal of a parents’ love story. Enjoy and cherish your journey through Madurodam.

My next blog post is about the Hague canal tour.

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Blessings from Seattle,

*This is the fifth post in my A Traveler’s Journey blog series.


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