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Walk with me through a canal tour in The Hague. 

Warm sunny fall weather was my companion during my sacred journey through the Netherlands.

The Hague, a romantic city or a political backdrop for the politicians. I always say, perception is but the personal perspective of the perceived.

For many, this is where the politicians sit and rule. So, if you want peace and serenity then stay far away. I walked within this city and found historical buildings. There were old churches, and palaces where the kings and queens had lived. To this day, a very humble King and Queen live and raise their three daughters. Museums, historical houses, paintings, and historical churches, old churches and new churches, where to this day the founding father of the Netherlands is remembered through a statue and watches over his nation from the city center in Het Plein.

Yes, a political backdrop of the Netherlands you might call her. Yet, I found her very romantic. The serenity of this world evolves within her. A blanket of peace and serenity blankets this city from within herself.

I had taken a day trip through the canals of The Hague to see this peace from the perspective of the waters. I believe all the blessings and miracles of life are but hidden within water. I love the waters be it an ocean, a river, a canal, or a lake. Water, I believe has the powers of healing.

I had cherished my boat tour through The Hague.

I always dreamed of a romantic boat tour, under the star filled skies, well as a single person this was the next best thing.

The Hague boat tour, was within in a handmade boat. There was an English speaking host, a kind gentleman. He had taken us, all the strangers within his boat and kept us safe for the seventy-five minutes tour through The Hague.

I had taken the tram to Mauritskade by the Caesar Fitness – Spa Resort. Where the trip had started. As I waited with my group of friends we had enjoyed our coffees at the Hilton Hotel opposite the dock. The trip is an amazing way to see The Hague from the canals.

The architecture of The Hague was like watching a portrait within a museum. Where all the buildings were created within the blessed hands of a talented painter. Yet, these buildings were very much standing in front of me.

Viewing these buildings, I thought how these buildings had united this sacred traveler to the past lives of this sacred city through our travel journey through time.

You too would be lost within the history of the past. You will see each of the historic buildings had their own story she wanted to share with all the time travelers. The past Dutch generation too await to share their stories through the tour guide who had retold the stories of historical figures. As you sit and  sip on your favorite drink, you are taken back to the back to the lives of the rich and famous. I watched all the boats parked on the docks, different types of canoes had passed us as our captain had expertly taken us through the tight spots and under the very low bridges.

When we were about to reach a very low bridge our captain would say dock and all the passengers would get low. We had a very calming experience as even strangers bond in union, keeping an eye out for each other.

To keep family, friends strangers, or ones own land safe what would you try do?

The Dutch in the 17th century created the canals as a defense system around The Hague. I know on this day we are still trying to protect our nations and the globe from all natural and unnatural disasters.

After the memories of the real threats we the humans have, I unknowingly held onto my rosaries. I then saw children playing and watched the parents were trying to keep the children entertained, and calm. I felt confident in the future of this earth as I knew the children of the future will hold into each other as they are being brought up within international communities. We were passing the International School of The Hague.

I remembered the Peace Palace and the International Court of Justice are all within this sacred ground.

At this stage of our trip, two white birds had come and joined our group of travelers. I knew white birds resemble peace and serenity. As our captain was busy asking the birds not to leave anything behind, I started to laugh. I did hope I did not laugh out loud, but I did. This was a laugh of joy as I found the sign of peace as the birds flew away.

We had seen a blacksmith’s house where he had wanted all to know this was his house. Yet, he had named the house in his wife’s name. We also saw the school where The Prime Minister of The Netherlands Mark Rutte still teaches to this day. Even after becoming the Prime Minister, he still goes to teach as this gives him peace and serenity within his mind, body, and soul. There was also a canal side restaurant where they lower the basket with food for you when you order from your boat. We had seen historical homes with fake windows as with bigger windows the tax rate would have gone up. Some of these buildings also had fake roof lines to make the houses look bigger!

What was really touchy to me personally, were the houses we had seen where widows were placed when their husbands had passed away.

These were spaces for women to basically stay for the time they had left to live out in. Well, I guess this could be taken any way you want however. In one way, at least they had a roof over their heads. Yet, another way, was what of their lives and how did these woman feel living like this and waiting for what? Only history knows as these personal stories remain just that, personal within the walls of the houses.

Our trip had ended very soon.

I thought the short trip through the sacred canals of The Hague was so peaceful.

To have taken this trip, is a blessing. 

Also, I would recommend all of you to go to The Hague at least once in your life. Feel this serene feeling I had felt as I lived there for over two weeks. Do take this canal tour. This is another great way to see this historical city through the eyes of a traveler within a boat.

For this blog post, this traveler of peace will leave you with words of wisdom, as I believe peace is but complete as we hold onto each other. For as I had tried to get out of the boat, a complete stranger had given me his hands to hold onto as support. As we walked away in our own paths, I knew life is a complete blessing as we but hold onto each other, strangers are but just that, strangers whom I call Angeles in disguise.

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My next blog in my A Traveler’s Journal series will be about the River Meuse.

Blessings from Seattle,

*This is the sixth post in my A Traveler’s Journal blog series.



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