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The River Meuse, one of the oldest rivers in the world.

My trip through the Netherlands had been a sacred journey for my sacred soul. Travelers have united race, color, and religion as they have no borders. The mystics from the past, or the travelers from the present times, take these journeys to unite cultural differences through the blessed journals of the taken journeys.

Each time I travel through a land, I think how had this country united different countries, cultures, and races within one sacred journal.

My journey through the Netherlands had awakened my inner-spirit and love for a country. Not mine by birth nor adoption, yet I have adopted this country within my sacred soul.

On this warm autumn day, I had traveled to Amsterdam as I was taking a day trip to Brussels, Belgium. From The Hague, I went by train to Amsterdam. Then, I had traveled to Belgium on a sightseeing tour bus. While traveling to Belgium, I realized how different lands have different geographical differences and that’s how we differ as humans.

Yet, we are united through land and water.

I heard our tour guide had proudly pointed out to us at one specific spot. He said, “This is River Mass, the world’s oldest river.” I looked this up on my favorite search engine Google. Yes, it is true, some claim this to be the world’s oldest river. Yet, some claim other rivers to be the oldest.

This river known to most as River Meuse, travels within Western Europe and as she flows from France through Belgium through the Netherlands, she ends up in the North Sea. As she enters the Netherlands, however, she changes her name to Maas (Dutch).

During the late 19th to early 20th century, the River Maas was separated from the River Rhine and this stopped flooding as the River Maas was given a new mouth. This was one of the biggest achievements of Dutch hydraulic engineering as it stopped flooding in a great way.

This river is basically rainwater pouring from Heavens above.

A river, that through different lands unites all through her chest. With the river banks, neighbors could see each other yet they belong to different cultures.

The River Maas is also one of the biggest holiday destinations for tourists coming mostly from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. 

This unites people from different lands. You could take short boat cruises or day trips where people just come on fishing trips, and of course biking through the beautiful lands where all who travel here admire the beautiful country sights.

A river is like a traveler always traveling and trying to leave behind stories of the travelers whom she stores within her chest. This is where I am similar like this traveling river.

I store memories from my journey within my journal for all to share.

I watched this river and thought how she too is but a traveler like me. Her life journey is to unite different lands as all claim her as their own. So, today as the River Maas and I encountered each other, I had remembered a dream of mine. The Blessed Archangel Michael had told me about a river called Maas. I had walked with him in this dream within the banks of this blessed river. Later, I asked him “Why am I here?” I had written a prayer and left it in a bottle to float and go to where the prayer was needed. Then, I had awakened and tried to find River Maas on the computer, but could not find her. However, I left my dream as I thought some dreams are just that, dreams to be interpreted throughout time as only time has the answers.

I never found this river as throughout the world she is known as River Meuse. Only on this blessed land, she is but known as the River Maas. I ended up in Belgium as our tour guide had given us a sightseeing map. Within this map, we had a church named “The Church Of St. Mary Magdalene.” 

I thought I would definitely go and visit this church, as I love old churches.

Our bus, however, was parked by a church called, “Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula.” This was not even mentioned on our map provided to us by our tour guide. All were busy trying to see where we could buy Belgian chocolate. I knew this was a sign for me. I entered this church and prayed for the Netherlands, Belgium, and all of the world for all humans to awaken with humanity.

Love spreads all throughout this world as she grows as we spread her throughout the lands, through the sacred souls of humans, the sacred lands, and the sacred rivers of this one world.

Today, I want you all to take this as a blessed adventure. Come on a day tour through the Netherlands through Belgium. Do stop by the banks of the River Maas, or you can call her River Meuse.

Do take a sacred journey through Western Europe and unite different lands and cultures through your travel journey. Even the River Maas travels through different lands to unite all through her life journey.

Rivers unite different lands and cultures as they travel from land to land and awaken each time in another place, sometimes in a different name and form.

For now, I want to give my personal appreciation to the Netherlands and Belgium for being blessed neighbors. May peace and serenity always be upon all of these neighbors throughout eternity.

My next blog post in this series is on William The Silent.


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Blessings from Seattle,

*This is the seventh post in my A Traveler’s Journal blog series.

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