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The UK Blog Awards have honored and blessed me with this sacred news. I found my name with all of the sacred bloggers nominated in the wellbeing category. Blessings appeared as a knock upon my door as I opened my email today.


A blogger I had become to send words of wisdom throughout this world within minutes. Through the door of the internet.

I knew all I had to do is place my thoughts to words and the journey of my life as an example for all whom but seek. With the human wellbeing within my mind, body, and soul, I had published all my books. Even then I knew something was missing as I had received emails from all over the world seeking answers.

I know I can only share my personal journey and maybe through my journey someone might be guided to avoid the mistakes I had made. Maybe I might be there through my published prayers which I wrote for all race, color, and religion, or inspirational quotations, or my personal dream diary.


I had taken pen to paper so I could guide someone out there through my blog posts which would be within the reach of all whom but need them, whom but seek this path.

From selfish, how do we become selfless? How do we convert our inner fears into courage? Also, how do we avoid crying throughout the night? Could I wipe the teardrops of others, and how? Physical or emotional healing through words, or personal experiences I had, were my inspiration and all my love for all humans across this globe.

Within my world, the different race, color, and religion are but our strength and wisdom we share with each other. This world is but one home where I have weaved my love for the wellbeing of all humans within humanity.

Today, I am honored to receive this nomination. I would be honored if all of you could vote for me and bless this sacred soul to be not only nominated but win this award.

I ask all of you to take this journey with me and vote for me as I walk through this round and win this blessed award. (Power of positive thinking!)

Life is a blessing, please share this blessing and vote for me,

Vote for me! #UKBA19

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