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Dawn breaks open through even the darkest night, as she brings hope and blessings to all the hopeful souls. Some people awaken within laughter and joy. Yet, there are those who spend the whole night within fear. They finally are able to breathe in peace as life gives them a break too.

Are you amongst these two groups?

Do you find life but gives you no break? Or that, yet at every corner there is awaiting another hurdle you must cross?

Or, do you see your own sister spending her days within laughter, joy, and financially stable? Is it as if she does not even know what life has in store for you?

Like many, do you pretend to be happy? Or hide all your troubles under the bridge, so no one but knows or sees your inner feelings?


I know these are some of the human feelings that the rich, the poor, the happy, and the sad but all feel, at all stages of life. Some of us have everything, yet feel the same way. Some of us have nothing, yet are complete and are just happy.

How do we feel so differently?

I was watching the pouring rain. I loved the sound as she hit the metal roof of my log cottage. For a long time, I just sat and enjoyed this rain as she poured herself out.

After a while, I remembered I had to walk my puppy. I thought I should mow my lawn, feed the fish, and decorate for the holidays. I watched over my pond and saw the mountain was missing (the locals talk about Mount Rainier ex: on a sunny day, she is out). At that time, I got upset why the day was rained out.


Strange feelings, of my own inner soul. Here I love the rain as she is the inspiration behind so many of my books, here I was upset I have been rained out. Two sides of the same coin, yet so different were my emotions within a few hours.

I also want you to know I had loved living in big mansions, with marble floors, and two story foyers. Until one day, I found myself change and just wanted simplicity and something different.

Not a huge marble house, but memories of comfort and peace. This can be within the marble house if that is your calling, or within a log cottage if that is your personal calling.

It matters not where you choose to live or how you live, what you do or who you live with as long as you love who you are.


Look within the mirror and see yourself first. I keep on looking into the mirrors of life as I walk upon my dock and watch my own reflection through life.

Traveler, I had been in search of love, peace, and joy. I had found all of the above as I found myself first. Life is a blessing when you know what has blessed you within this life. Single I but am, and I must say I love my Lord so much I never feel lonely.

I am blessed for the morning dew I find upon the fallen leaves of fall. Blessed I am for I now wake up in the early hours of the morning to enjoy dawn. During sunset, I take a break for which I am also blessed, wherever I am or whatever I might be doing. To appreciate the sunset, I take few seconds as I know darkness but arrives within the lives of all humans after sunset.


I am blessed to say I always light a candle for myself and all of you whom but come within my life even for a second, through my blog posts, through social media, or in reality. I keep this glowing throughout the dark nights to keep all of us safe until dawn. For me personally, this is my hope and blessings for myself and all of you.

Whatever life brings upon us, know we have this day to enjoy and be blessed, as she takes us upon tomorrow, yet another day. Wherever in life you are today, be it maybe the worst place within your life, or the best place within your life, know tomorrow is but only a dawn away.

Keep the “Candles Of Hope” burning for all today as you light this candle for yourself tonight. Life is a blessed sacred gift where we enjoy the sunlight after a dark night’s sky. So we must appreciate the dark nights for teaching us the difference.


I want you to wipe off your tears and know tomorrow, the sun but shall brighten your day with her glory. Have faith throughout this dark night for miracles do happen.

Could you believe the dark nights to turn into dawn without a miracle? Think of this as you stay awake watching dawn break open. Humanly we could not convert the dark night into a glorious day but it does happen. I believe in you and I know whatever you may be going through it shall be over soon.

All I need from you is to have faith in yourself. For everything begins with complete faith and belief in oneself. You are the one who must walk through this sacred journey of life.

Like me do become the sacred travelers of life, where cold nights or the heated glazing sun does not scare us anymore for we have each other and our learned lessons of life to hold onto. I had written my prayer, “The Travelers” as I had become a spiritual traveler for myself and for you.

At every stage of life, I carry within my basket of learned lessons of life the wellbeing of all humans. I learned to stand up first then I have started to walk in search of all humans looking for humanity as we all but care for the wellbeing of all humans alike.

Find yourself love yourself and know it is then, you too can become the traveler in search of humanity, for the wellbeing of all human souls.

Blessings from Seattle,



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