Does coffee affect spirituality?

Researchers have discussed in detail about coffee, tea, and spirituality. There are both positive and negative positions taken by the spiritual gurus on this topic. My personal perspective is very different from any of the gurus.

I believe, “Perception is but the perspective of the personal mind.”

Caffeine within tea and coffee has different effects upon different people as the effects vary from person to person. With vast medical research, we know these affect the human mind, and body. The brain function and it’s control over the human mind is why so many are worried about these drinks. While some researchers have argued about the positive and negative medical effects, the Spiritual Gurus have given their personal opinions too. This is where I differ from a lot of researchers and Spiritual Gurus.

I believe my spiritual awakening is but the complete control of my mind, body, and soul. As to my body needs, I control my drinks and food choices. I will not drink alcoholic beverages as these are not drinks I prefer. Vegetarian I am, by choice. I drink tea and coffee for relaxation.

Never do I allow drinks to overtake my mind, body, and soul as then how am I spiritually awakened?

I had received the question, “Do these drinks affect my spiritual awakening?” I thought the first thing that came to my mind, no not for me, for I know I would not drink alcohol and drive. That’s just out of the question as an awakened human being. Why would I allow any drink to overtake my earthly vehicle? I know I could take a cup of my favorite drink and still be an awakened soul as I am the driver of my earthly vehicle.

I would not take spicy food as that also affects my stomach Or take sugar, as I know I must control my carbohydrate intake as I am a diabetic.

Spiritual awakening is but one’s complete control of the mind, body, and soul.

You are the only driver of your earthly vehicle. You control the vehicle and you are the caretaker of this throughout the journey of your life. Therefore, you must awaken first to drive this vehicle. Know how to drive before you head out onto the upcoming traffic flowing from all different directions.

When you are in control of your own vehicle, you can drink a cup of coffee or tea with your family and friends. Enjoy the time shared together. This would not break your oath of spirituality. Life is a journey learned through the traveler’s personal journey through life.

Within this journey, you learn through your own experiences as gained through your personal struggles and endeavors of life. There are no magical wands you could use to give up everything in life and become a spiritually awakened soul,. Rather, I believe in the personal travelers and their personal journey through life to be my motivation to awaken spiritually. We live in harmony through the awakened mind, body, and soul.

Where you control yourself, and when you have the complete control of your earthly vehicle, it is then your spiritual journey begins.

Learn to walk yourself through life and know how your vehicle reacts to the hurdles and obstacles of life. A lived and learned person’s travel journey is but the awakened spiritual guide for all the travelers taking this route.

Control of the mind, body, and soul, is but the first step of awakening the spirituality within yourself. Always remember there is nothing on this Earth that can awaken your inner spiritually within yourself, but you alone.

I believe that “live, love, and laugh completely from within your complete self,” is the first step to life, for then only, we can spread the message of life, love, and happiness throughout this world.

Spiritual awakening is to spread these messages throughout this universe through the examples of your own life lived.

Today, be spiritually awakened. Do not worry about the food and drinks affecting the mind, body, and soul. Know what affects your physical mind, body, and soul first. Control is the biggest blessing we have upon our mind, body, and soul. Keep this gift of control within your awakening journey of life as you enjoy your coffee or tea as you awaken spiritually.

I believe in you, the individual, not the food or drink.

You are the driver of your own vehicle, not the drink within your hands. I will drop by my local Starbucks today to get my cup of coffee. I know the almond milk and Splenda I must take within my coffee, are but beneficial to my earthly vehicle. However, I will enjoy this drink with my friends.

Spiritually awakened I but am. I the traveler had learned through the journey of my life, I have the biggest blessings as we had met through my travel journey. Her name as known to all of you is but, self-control.

Enjoy your coffee and share your personal time with your family and friends. A big hug from me to all of you as you awaken spiritually and awaken all around you.

Blessings from Seattle,





  1. Beautifully said – “I believe in you, the individual, and not the food or beverage.” This is precisely what I believe in too. Our choices are merely a projection of the inner state. As soon as we’re more peaceful and energetically aligned within, our need for external boosts minimizes!

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