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A few days ago, I woke up listening to another threat which had been prevented by the Dutch police. A breath of relief, and a blessed prayer, had been answered. A country so far away from me, yet I pray for her citizens.

Today, I thought how many countries have suffered from violence and threats that just rob life away from us.

Such as natural disasters where Mother Nature shows her anger and fury when we the children watch with hope and prayers for a better day. Yet unnatural disasters, are not acceptable as I believe no one has the right to stop our sacred life because of their personal anger or personal belief.

Why take away something that you could never bring back? Let there be peace and let all humans live in peace and live as each individual but wishes to live within their will. You take away life and you declare you have the right, but how? For did you create the humans you have taken away?

I ask all parents, family members, and neighbors to stop these actions from happening if this is within your knowledge.

Please do not let another parent have sleepless nights as they worry for their children’s safety. Today, I ask all parents to awaken and take action, please let our future generation have a sacred blessed life. Let the children of the future grow up in peace and harmony. The future is but far away and I know some think it but matters not what happens to the future for its not for them, or their personal problems.

I ask the parents to awaken for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, or just a friend whom you might have never met or shall never meet, as time will not allow us the present to travel through time.

I have met the past and the future through acts of kindness throughout time.

The past generation whom have left behind their legacy for the future and the future generation whom shall benefit from this legacy are but united through the acts of kindness.

Within my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, I have talked about a kind-hearted person from the Netherlands who had tried to take all to safety as the natural disaster, the floods from 1916 had brought water and devastation to his land. Without any thought of his own safety, he had walked miles to make sure all of his neighbors were safe and protected from Mother Nature’s anger and fury. I had admired his courage and to this day I remember this kind man’s voice. One man’s action had saved so many lives around his hometown.

Peace is a blessed sacred journey where there is no race or color but just humanity within the humans.

Mahatma Gandhi, a man I have admired throughout time. Our paths have not crossed. Yet, I feel like he has with his action of kindness left behind so many educational lessons throughout time, for me and all whom but admire him. Through history. he has united the past, the present, and the future. His journey through life is admired, was admired, and will be admired throughout time.

I ask all of you, the parents of this age, to awaken and know we must change children and their future through these acts of kindness known as peace and harmony. If your two-year-old does something he is not allowed to do and you punish him, I ask you then, why do you allow your twenty-year-old to commit these horrific crimes around the globe?

Why do the police and the government have to be involved when you could have prevented by just staying alert?

Teach your children to live with differences, and accept all race and religion as another family friend. Do not teach in your own greatness and ignorance of all others as different from you. Feel for the child living next door and remember the knock upon your door shall come when your child might be the victim or the culprit. Prevent this day from coming forth as you hold upon your child and become his or her best friend. Share all of their emotions as a friend. Please remember it is your teaching that incorporates his and her wisdom as they grow to adulthood.

Hate is a very contagious disease that spreads across the land and grows like wildfire. Teach not to hate but to accept and love. Teach not of your own greatness but to be humble. Be the teacher who teaches to unite all race, color, and religion as within union we the humans are truly great.

For when we divide, we all fall.

I honor the Netherlands, a great country with their honorable King. He, with sacred love, has married an immigrant and taught his nation to be honorable and accept differences.

I honor the great Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, as he rides a bike to work, when others across this globe have their expensive vehicles taking them to work and blocking all traffic not even thinking about the others. Also, I know and believe Mark Rutte lives a sacred life. I believe he is an honorable man who is a liberal. All the criticism he encounters within even his social media he accepts as critical criticism and freedom of speech.

It was a blessing for the Netherlands as her security force prevented this unthinkable disaster from happening. I ask all of you, the parents to awaken and take your family and their action to your local police and help the mother nation and all of her children.

Remember, you the mother only worries about your own children within your wall. However, this Earth – the mother of all humans, has her tears falling for all of her children whom have divided because of race, color, and religion.

It is a shame to divide for race, color, and religion.

Within my chest I shall always have a home for all of this Earth’s children. If I could, I would open a home for all and teach them within my own hands, right is but right and wrong is but wrong. All of you whom still go astray, I would with my own hands take you to the police. If religion is or becomes the culprit of history, then maybe you should not follow any religion and only follow the laws of the lands. For I will only follow the laws of the lands and my basic moral values.

Remember it is not you alone who you must protect but all of those around you too. If within your mind, body, and soul, you still think you are but the greatest of all then you have a problem and you must awaken and realize you need help. There is no one greater than the other, not the king or the peasants of the land. For all are but equal as we live until our last breath. Let all have a chance in life as dawn breaks through the night’s skies and may all find joy and happiness spread throughout this one globe.

If we could have had an honorable person living within us throughout time I would nominate Mahatma Gandhi.

Yet, I see through the different leaders throughout this world. I realize yes, we do have current days’ Mahatma Gandhi(s) walking around the corners, yet we only need to acknowledge them.

May peace and blessings be upon my land the United States, the Netherlands, India, and across this globe throughout time. I only name the three countries as I have dedicated my next book, a romance fiction, to the three nations I have named. The fictional characters have taken birth within these three countries as I personally had traveled to these countries and carry a blessed sacred love for these three countries within my chest.

Blessings and love be with all of you as you spread peace throughout this one globe.

Blessings from Seattle,



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