Why I Admire Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte


The Netherlands is a country far away, yet very sacred to my spiritual awakening.

Spirituality is a sacred door hidden within all human souls. I believe all humans have within them this hidden spiritual door. Some of us are blessed to have found this door. I had written a prayer in which I talk about where and how do I find my Lord? I compared my life’s journey traveling through different countries, through the mountains, the oceans, and finally I had decided to come home.

In my life, I had found all my blessings within my blessed dreams. The spiritual awakening had come to my door through my blessed dreams. Spirituality knocked upon my door as I opened and welcomed this sacred journey where I was introduced to a faraway land called the Netherlands — a small European country known for her rolling colorful carpets of amazing flowers and windmills singing beautiful songs as they remind all of Mother Nature and her true glory.

Historical facts have scattered all throughout this country. The tales of the witches and their freedom brought peace within so many souls throughout this land. The castles stand tall sharing these stories as history has recorded all within her chest.

I was privileged to a lot of these historical facts through the miracles of my spiritual dreams which have taken place within the pages of my sacred book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

I had dedicated this book to the Netherlands. This was a sacred blessing as only a sacred soul seeking solace finds the truth of spirituality, a blessed awakening.

My awakening had an unknown bond with a land I had no knowledge of and had never set my feet upon. The Netherlands, a sacred country far away, yet very close to my sacred soul. I love this country as if she is my mother. Yet, I know I was not born from her, nor had she adopted this child. I had taken a trip to this sacred land as I was about to publish my seventh book. I must say the journey was a blessed sacred journey I shall treasure throughout time. From the citizens, to the blessed King, and the beloved Queen who is but an immigrant herself, these are but examples the world should learn from.

I must say the honorable Prime Minister Mark Rutte has his own place within my spiritual awakening.

I had dedicated two of my books to this sacred soul. As mentioned within my books, I admire him. Very few leaders throughout time had touched me. Personally I admire all the leaders of this world. I know how much it takes for a person to place all of his or her life upon the public stage only for the love of a nation.

Mark Rutte, however had appeared within my sacred journey of life as I had seen him within my dreams.

Never in reality had I seen him or known about him, yet the Holy Spirit had shown me this sacred leader of a sacred country for reasons only the future shall know. I had researched on this sacred leader and I knew he was an individual loved by the Angels above and Earth beneath. However, I always leave my dreams to be completely resolved within the future of time.

Today though, I had seen yet again this great leader was on the internet as he rides his bike to work. This was the reason I had dedicated one of my books to this sacred soul.  This sacred soul who walks around the nation within the crowd of people, not away from the people.

I had seen he cleans up the coffee spilled by him and shows the world. The first step to any spiritual path is to pick the fruit yourself. Do not take the help of a stick, but if you can, use your own hands first. Today as the world had watched a great man riding his bike amongst the citizens of his nation, I could see a man from the past of this great nation walking with the citizens to take all the people to safety. I had a blessed dream in which a very kind-hearted person had made certain all the people were safe and away from the harmful hands of a nasty flood.

The connection between the present and the past is the spirituality within the human heart, where race, color, or religion matter not, but the connection between the human soul to the human soul which is known to us the humans as humanity.

I watched with admiration the photos and pictures of this great leader as he cleaned up the spilled coffee, or how he rides his bike to work. I know why he does this, for it is then he emerges from within the people of his nation. With his hand held out to wave and his smiles spreading throughout his nation, all humans with humanity must admire this sacred soul and his sacred journey.

Blessed be the journey of a sacred soul. Blessed be his sacred journey to unite all sacred souls to this sacred country. The Netherlands is a blessed country. Mark Rutte is a blessed leader with truly a sacred soul. The whole world unites through your blessed modesty. With admiration again, I write this blog post with no political view. I am a spiritual author from a faraway land who seeks all humans with sacred souls. May you inspire all throughout time. Today you walk the journey of a human. Tomorrow your journey shall be an inspiration guiding all throughout time.

Mark Rutte walks with and amongst all the citizens as a sacred citizen first and an exemplary leader next.

Blessings from Seattle,

**The image above is of the Binnenhof Complex, taken during my trip in the Netherlands (September, 2017).


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