Faith and hope – two very sacred spiritual words of wisdom that but keep the journey of life in its course. Where and when all is lost, we find hope glittering from within our inner soul and with complete faith we walk.

Life is a sacred spiritual journey where we all begin and end at the same place. Yet, through the course of life we take different turns. I know some of us are born poor and must struggle through life to get to where we want to be. Yet, some of us are born with a silver spoon within our mouth and turn out at the poor section of life.

It is always the journey through life each individual takes that makes them a complete individual.

Yes, it’s true some of us have a jump start and some don’t. However, remember it’s not the wealthy, or the poor, or the doctor, or the banker who determines the goal of life. It is but each individual themselves.

Always know the end is but the beginning. When all but ends is when yet another life but begins. We live as an example and guide for the future to follow. Our failures within life are but the blessings for another as a caution sign showing the do not enter zone. Our achievements are but the all clear zones for the future travelers to journey through.

Whatever this life brings upon us, let us be there for one another. In union, let us walk through this journey through life. Let us give a helping hand to the ones stranded and lost. Let us be open to the failures and success we but travel through.

I personally take upon my journal of life, the wisdom of the wise – the travelers, whom have but left behind their journals to guide us through our lives.

All around us people are but standing as travel guides to help us cross through the obstacles and endeavors of life.

Within Seattle, I am lucky as I have Bill and Melinda Gates. They have talked about their life stories to only teach all whom they can but reach. I watched them travel through the globe to be with people of all race, color, and religion. They have sat amongst the sick and well only to guide and give back something or anything. Go read about their endeavors and failures through life. See how they have been there for not only their own family but for the entire human family. These people are examples we must take upon our study journals through the journey of our life. We must learn from the living and not wait for the dead to talk to us through the journals of life.

Yes, it is the wise whom leave behind their life journals for all of us to be guided by. However, I would love to talk with them and hear from them personally. So today, I look upon the humans amongst us to guide us through life. I know across this globe we have more “Gates” walking through the journey of life to help and guide others as they had helped themselves first. Let us be guided by the living and the dead. Let us learn from today and yesterday.

Time but travels by us and all become the past.

Let us be there for the future as we travel through time.

The first step is to help yourself first. Stand up and then help all whom you can hold. Help them get on their feet. Life is a complete blessing when we the humans are but there for the humans. Life is a complete journey where we must hold onto the sacred blessings as we journey through this life. For me personally, the first step is and always shall be hope. Therefore, I always incorporate hope within my complete faith, entwined within my soul. I carry this sacred belief and walk through life.

I am blessed as I carry upon my soul, hope and faith. Even though I have no money to give or am not able to be at different places to hold onto the humans in need, I have taken words as my sacred spiritual journey through life.

May I be there through my words of wisdom. May I be there for you, today and tomorrow, as my words shall remain within the pages of history, to guide and be there for you throughout eternity.

Through this journey of life, the “Gates” and other sacred individuals walk silently to help all whom they can. I know every single one of us has within our soul something to share. Be it the failures or the endeavors of life, may we be there for each other.

I always start at the end and go back to the beginning, for I believe the end is but my completed journey, where I always carry within my soul hope completely wrapped within my faith.

I believe within complete faith we can call upon the positive energies from this Earth and blessed be this energy can spread from soul to soul. All we need to do is be positive and the sacred spiritual journey begins at this stage.

Let your spiritual energy guide you and all whom need your guidance to awaken them spiritually. Within the positive vibes, all mysteries of life are but hidden. Awaken yourself first, feel the energy, be positive and remember always hold onto the two sacred blessings you but have within your own soul. One is hope and the other one is faith.

Let there be a complete rebirth of your soul as you begin the journey to spread hope and faith within all the human population throughout eternity.

May hope glitter within your soul as you wrap her up within your complete faith. Be the glowing candle who guides all throughout eternity, as you spread hope throughout this one world within complete faith. Learn from the past, the present, and the future, as today but ends – you too land upon the future.

Blessings from Seattle,


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    1. May faith be our guide throughout all the obstacles of life. Whatever life brings upon us, with hope and faith as support, I know we shall be able to cross all the troubled bridges of life. Always hold onto your personal faith and hope.

      Blessings from Seattle,
      Ann Marie Ruby

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