faith is believing not questioning


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“Faith is believing, not questioning.” – Ann Marie Ruby

If only life was a book where you could paste the pages your own way. if you could pick, choose, draw, rewrite or autocorrect the pages.

I wonder if this book would be the perfect book or the scariest book ever. I choose to walk life as is and maybe try to pick up the pages as much as I can. Yet, I welcome those pages that have just come and made my life a nightmare. It is then I fight with the wind, the rain, the storms of life, and create a page of my own. I know all I must do is have faith. Walk upon the path of life and make a new sacred page within my book of life. I call this page the foolproof page. No rain shall wet this page, no fire shall burn this page, and no wind shall blow her away for this page is written with complete faith.

Blessings from Seattle,

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