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I travel through life and my footprints are left behind as I journey ahead. Don’t judge my footprints but place your own ones as you travel through life. I know we are but the judged, and never are we to judge one another. Yet on a daily basis, I see humans judging one another, criticizing all whom they don’t agree with.

I watched two unknown humans fighting over the streets of Seattle. As a stranger I observed their arguments and thought in their own ways, both were right. They only saw their own pain, own opinion and how each one felt betrayed by the other person’s opinion. They agreed not to fight and knew they would never get along as their personal views were so different. Silent observer, I was from far away. I thought how could this be, that both are on the right and yet they both were judging each other completely within their own personal views.

Perception is also emotionally attached to each individual view.

If both are right in their own minds, then both are also wrong as being judged by one another. At this point I stopped and had walked into a parallel world within my thoughts, where I knew I am but the judged and at all times I only see my point of view for it is not possible to see the other person’s view. I feel their views, I hurt, and cry for them, yet it’s them who but walk upon this path not me. It’s their footprints upon their journey of life. If I was able to see the other side then I would again be on the other side not on this side of the road.

I knew all in their own judging point are only witnesses to their own accounts, their own shoes, and their own steps. How will one see the other side without living in the other person’s shoes? I walked for a long time and knew I was leaving my footprints on the freshly fallen snow covering the sidewalks. Also, I watched how different each footprint was as strangers had walked past me. I knew then, we all live within our own world within our own judgments.

We leave behind our footprints upon the path we travel upon.

We leave behind our signatures for all the strangers whom but travel the same path yet in the future. Also, we find comfort from the newly discovered footprints left behind by the past travelers. This journey of life leads us through the same road, the same land, under the same skies, yet we are all so different.

I knew if I had my own life laid in front of me and if I had no memories of my own life, I would probably judge myself and not be the merciful observer or the traveler traveling through life without judging. I promised myself, I shall only be the traveler upon this journey of life. Knowingly or unknowingly, I shall not judge the other for I know I would not want to be in the shoes of the judge. I believe we are lucky we don’t get to judge ourselves for we would be our worse judge. So if I don’t want to judge myself, why would I the judged, judge another soul?

Let us all be the travelers walking upon this unknown road where we help each other and be the candles of hope, not the judge, but always remember it is not possible to live within the shoes of one another, for each footprint is different with each individual prints laid upon the path of life.

I wish we could frame each individual footprint laid upon this Earth as a symbol of life, just complete.

I would place all footprints as a star laid upon Earth, not upon the nightly skies.

My journey through the streets of Seattle came to an end as the weather got worse, and I headed back home. I knew each day we engage in different views and agree to disagree. For this blog post, I leave you all with a prayer, agree or disagree you may – but always remember if you do not want to be judged then let us not judge one another. Let us welcome the difference as nature in it’s true glory. Today travel with me through the streets of life and let us savor all different footprints as we too lay upon this path our own footprints.

Blessings from Seattle,

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