Dreams appear and knock upon our doors without any notice. The road of eternity continues yet we the humans change faces as time passes by. We walk upon this eternal path and within our blessed journey we are encountered by obstacles and blessings from all four corners. At times when life takes us upon this junction, we are lost as to which direction do we take.

Which turn is the safest path? Or should we take the busy junction? Or the road that has no traffic jam? Should we walk alone? Or within a crowd?

Within my personal life, this is when I had held on to the blessed hands of dreams. From the unknown, the unseen, my dreams have traveled upon a journey of their own and landed within my soul. They have come to me when I had no one but tears as my only friends. They have guided me from walking upon the wrong path, or the unknown dangers that were but hiding upon my path. These forewarnings are, were, and shall always be my guiding Angels.

Like the stars upon the skies guiding all the lost and stranded throughout the dark nights, my dreams have guided me throughout my life. I want to be there for you who feel lost and stranded, for you who thinks there is no reason to feel blessed, for you who on this day, this night, and this hour just needs a friend. Know the truth, this Earth has given within all of us the sacred blessings from the unknown world, called dreams.

Within your soul you too have the answers, the guidance that you but need for your questions.

Your inner soul has all the answers your soul but seeks. Look within the dark nights and know from beyond all knowledge, all known and unknown, the sacred answers are but awaiting your acknowledgement.

Write your dreams within your personal journal, look within your life’s journey and know these dreams are but your guiding stars. All the answers are within these blessed dreams. I am a witness first-hand, for within my life I have found these complete miracles within my blessed dreams.

All of you whom feel like you too have so much to share but only if you could voice out the words, if you could say it without fear or without being criticized, I am and shall always be there for you.

Look within your dreams. know the answers are but hiding within your soul awaiting your acknowledgment, your approval your support. Don’t be bothered about what the others say but only what your dreams are saying to you.

I know you will be able to decode your own dreams and travel upon the path of the known and the guided.

If I could be of any help, do let me know, I am not a dream decoder, or a mystic, or a religious scholar, or a scientist trying to analyze dreams. I am just a person who believes in dreams as they have placed their belief within me and have knocked upon my door.
You too, could knock upon my door if you so will, as a friend traveling the same path I will be there like a candle glowing for all of you when and if you need the light.

Believe in yourself and all of the miracles of life. I believe in miracles and I believe my biggest miracles are but my blessed dreams.

Miracles are the unknown unseen truth of reality. For within miracles, no scientific, philosophical, or religious scholars have any answers, but just that it’s a complete miracle.

For more on dreams,

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Travel through the pages as you too embark upon a sacred journey to the parallel world, where all the answers of life are but hidden.

What lies between life and death?

When will the dead rise?

When will the Angels return?

Are all the dead souls blinking in the skies above like a star?

I believe all the answers to the unknown are floating in the dark ocean, always being guided by the Spiritual Lighthouse. “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby,” is now available worldwide on Amazon.

Blessings from Seattle,


*Picture of moon was taken from my house using my camera.


    1. The soul hasn’t traveled to the other realm, the parallel world. The soul hasn’t captured the essence of spiritual awakening. The body is either tired, exhausted, or some type of worldly activity has captured the body. A lot of people have dreamless nights. They wake up with no memories of any dreams. Some people awaken with no memories but know they are tired, exhausted, and have traveled or done something all night but cannot remember. Some people awaken with complete memories. These are different stages of dreams.

      Try to awaken spiritually first. Let the essence of spirituality take over your mind, body, and soul. Be positive within your awakening life, and remove all negativity from your mind, body, and soul. The messages will come pouring to you within time, for remember the door opens once you have but knocked upon it. Keep on knocking and the door shall open. This in no way means that the person who remembers is better than the person who doesn’t remember or doesn’t dream at all. It is own individual ways of traveling your life. Each person has a different route he or she takes – within life or within the parallel life.

      I believe all routes are the correct route for each individual soul there is nothing wrong for life is but a lesson learned after the traveler finishes his or her journey for all travelers are the subjects and the students are but the future. We the present are but the school.

      My blessings be with you.

      1. Really very thank you for taking your special time to look into my matter ..
        Actually I feel maybe I have dreams but I couldn’t recall them …And as I woke up I feel fresh so that means the dream should be good to …

      2. And I’m really fond of the invisible forces that are around us …Not talking about ghosts but angels , well-wishers who at some points come and guide us into the right direction ….
        Thnk you once again …😊❤️❤️💕

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