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Different seasons but arrive as they are greeted with a welcome sign. Always though, they leave us as they gift us the memories, like the fallen leaves of fall.

Today, I had awakened to a somewhat cloudy day, yet, the sun is trying to peak through the clouds. A chilly morning walk through the flying colorful autumn leaves. Winter is announcing her arrival, as I decorate my log cabin for the winter holidays. The catfish and bass within my ponds have started to hibernate, and I get less visits from the cranes and pelicans too. Colorful birds have stopped visiting the birdhouses as they are flying south for the winter.

As a traveler, I had landed upon Rajasthan, India once.

The Golden Triangle (Agra, Delhi, and Rajasthan), where you get to see the storybook images of the castles, was amazing. I saw the pink city, Delhi, and the colorful turbans and attires worn by the people from different religious groups all walking and greeting one another in an open bazaar environment. Lucky I was to find vegetarian restaurants as within this sacred land, there are many options to choose from.

I will talk about one small restaurant where I had walked in and had a cup of tea with bay leaf and ginger. With the owner I had a wonderful conversation as birds were flying in and out of her open restaurant. She showed me the colorful birds flying above and said, “Guest birds are coming from other countries, we must respect them and give them food and shelter. They will all leave us as spring but approaches.” I watched how all the people were respectful and allowed the birds to fly as they went on with their own lives. Within Rajasthan, I had taken a camel ride and seen elephants, cows, and chickens all roaming around in peace. This place had live music and dances performed by people wearing colorful attires.

It was as if I had walked within the past, yet, everyone had a mobile phone. Modern days have even touched the villages of India for the better of lives. Yet, I missed seeing a village with all the aspects of the yesteryears.

The birds and their visits had the restaurant owner speak about migration, a touchy topic that had been within India’s heart since Mahatma Gandhi.

This land had been divided to its current stage because of religious, political, and differing perspectives. This restaurant owner had family across the Indian subcontinent, yet, she was not in touch with them. Their families have divided throughout time.

I had left with a heavy heart as I knew she had a small shop where she hopes one day the big chain restaurants don’t come and move her away. Sometimes I still wonder if she still has her small tea place or not. Life changes like the seasons that but come upon us.

This fall, yet, again I had visited the Netherlands and Belgium.

This time, I had firsthand seen migration, as my visit ended up within “Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula” in Belgium as I had taken a day tour from the Netherlands on a tour bus.

There within walking distance in a park were migrants camping in small huts. I watched how crowded the place was and I wondered how small children were taking this situation. I compared this situation to the birds flying to warmer countries, to get protection from the freezing cold weather. Now we the humans have the same situation where we need to find a safe place to hibernate, for safety.

My personal emotions were contaminated by my love for all humans’ wellbeing.

In one hand, I had cried for the children, the women, and men suffering through this journey that has landed upon them.

Yet, I must say I was also worried for the citizens of the Netherlands, Belgium, and other European countries. I saw how unsafe some people felt, as if they were worried about crime and protection of their individual families. Both sides had issues of safety within their mind, body, and soul.

I wondered how this had affected the human wellbeing of each individual soul and changed the perspectives of the personal minds. What if the fear gripped mind but judges without thinking? Our ability to judge becomes clouded within our fearful perceptions.

I watched how there was no border control between the two countries. Life, freedom, and safety had become issues within the minds of the citizens. I wanted to walk to these migration camps and hold on to the young children. I wanted to give them something to hold on to. However, I did not know what I could do as our tour bus was passing by this camp so fast.

I had walked into the cathedral and prayed for all of the humans involved within this situation.

Across both aisles, I knew the stories had their own perspectives and own perception. I remembered a name from the past, “Mahatma Gandhi.” He had the same problem as he had the heart of a blessed soul who had to deal with similar issues.

I know each story is different throughout time as the time, place, and faces but change. Yet, the problems remain similar. I believe history, the teacher throughout time, is there to guide us through the troubles yet to come.

As I had reached my hotel in The Hague, the Netherlands, I realized the European leaders were trying to solve this issue with dignity and courage. Blessed, I felt we have leaders who take upon their shoulders the responsibilities for us, the citizens.

I wished I could have met Mahatma Gandhi at least once and maybe he would have said a word of encouragement. I admired this great man who I never had met because time was not in our favor.

During my trip, as these thoughts had come to mind, I walked to find a good restaurant. I had slipped off of the curb and a strong hand had held me up. A human with humanity, I call this great man. As I admire him and I believe in his own way, he is very similar to Mahatma Gandhi.

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, had held on to me so I do not fall.

I watched him in shock as I kept on saying, “Mark?” He had responded kindly and told me to be safe. I had written about this incident in another blog post. Today, I will say in front of me, was standing a man I admire like Mahatma Gandhi. I had traveled to India to walk through the history and see the great nation Mahatma Gandhi had left behind. I walked upon the land of Mark Rutte and like a miracle I realized he is the blessed soul I have admired and compared to Mahatma Gandhi.

Life had given a blessing as I have very shortly and briefly seen Mark Rutte. The realization had dawned upon me, like miracles we have these great leaders throughout time. They come and give this world peace and blessings, through their political careers. Mahatma Gandhi in his time and Mark Rutte in modern times, I believe will bring peace to this world. May he be safe and protected always. May all the leaders throughout this world be safe and protected, be it you admire them or not.

I knew my prayers were being answered as I had prayed for an answer for the migration crisis and all of the problems people were but going through. Leaders across this globe will be there to help us cross this bridge if we only allow them.

Humans all across this globe are now suffering.

Within America, we have a migration crisis. Within Europe, we have a migration crisis. Around the globe, we have people trying to flee their home for the wellbeing of their individual families.

As a human with no political or financial power, I only have the power of a pen. I ask you the migrant, and you the land owners, to be guided by your humanity, yet, within the guidelines and the laws of the lands. May we peacefully find a solution and let all lives across this globe look out for one another. In the end, humanity will win and prevail for the wellbeing of all humans.

I must say today as I watch the birds flying across the lands, I only wished we could also fly like the birds.

I know they too have a hard time trying to keep their young ones safe. Please try to be safe this winter as you the human walk for humanity. Try to find the humanity within the leaders of the lands as they too only want your wellbeing.

Honor and respect your politicians for they walk upon the stage to be there for you. Even if we disagree with their opinions, they are on the stage for us. I will share a secret. I always stay within the audience, never on stage, as it is easier to be in the audience and enjoy rather than be the one everyone is but watching.

Let us the humans journey within ourselves to awaken humanity. 

Today, you the citizen awaken your humanity. for then tomorrow, we the global citizens shall all in union awaken within humanity.

My blessings be there with all for the wellbeing of all humanity,

*The cover picture is of me taking a picture in Delft, the Netherlands.



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