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Different seasons but arrive as they are greeted with a welcome sign. Always though, they leave us as they gift us the memories, like the fallen leaves of fall. Today, I had awakened to a somewhat cloudy day, yet, the sun is trying to peak through the clouds. A chilly morning walk through the flying

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Soul to soul, mind to mind, body to body, soulmates unite throughout eternity. Soulmates and how they find each other throughout time, has been a thought within the sacred minds of all sacred souls. I have talked about this subject through the eyes of the mystical scholars, through the research of various scientific scholars, and

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International Day Of Non-Violence: Stop Violence At Home

A few days ago, I woke up listening to another threat which had been prevented by the Dutch police. A breath of relief, and a blessed prayer, had been answered. A country so far away from me, yet I pray for her citizens. Today, I thought how many countries have suffered from violence and threats

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