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It might have been a way of God letting me know not to give up on anything in life for even when all seem dark and nothing is working out, miracles do happen.

-Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse, pg 117)

My dreams have come to life in front of me. I have seen the future, so why would I not see the past? I asked myself this question.

-Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse, pg 116)

The future is unknown and the past is but common knowledge through the diaries of the past. Dreams and miracles, however, are always in the present as The Lord gives us knowledge from the future and the past within the dreams of miracles.

-Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse, pg 93)

“I have tried to pass on messages to the families but it is hard when I really don’t want to leave my comfortable cave and be exposed as a psychic who can see only what The Lord Wills….”

-Ann Marie Ruby (Spiritual Lighthouse, pg 93)


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