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Does current world news bother you?

The peaceful sunsets and the first glimpse of dawn are my favorite times of the day. With the sunsets, I keep my hope glowing for the glorious dawn. As dawn knocks upon my door, I welcome her with a prayer I call, “Glory Be To My Lord.”

Today, I woke up to an early morning as I could not sleep due to low blood sugar.

Nighttime lows are something we the diabetic communities keep an eye out for. I decided morning coffee with fresh morning news from around the world would connect me to the people around the globe.

I was disappointed as all the news networks are fighting amongst each other. Where is the news of the world where children need food? Where is the news of the peace keepers who are fighting to keep peace and prosperity alive within all humans with humanity? We are living in a divided society where only the voice of the mighty and powerful have taken over. Where are you the humans with humanity?

Wake up this dawn and fight for peace and union. Let us unite in a bond of humanity even with our known differences. Differences should evaporate like the dark clouds evaporate as the morning sun breaks through. The colorful rainbows appear all around the world showing us we can unite even within the storms of life.

I channel-surfed to see the European news networks and then back to the American news networks. All of them were reporting the political differences causing a rift between all of us the humans.

Why would you create a rift between yourself and your neighbors because of what your political leaders think is right or wrong?

The religious dividers have divided our society into believing their religious belief is right and all others are wrong. Now the political leaders have become the disastrous dividing factors of our society.

Does this mean you the individual have no mind of your own or you are being brainwashed by the negativity of this world?

Race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender equality, and all differences are only seen if you are uncomprehending to basic moral values. For how can you see the differences when you have basic moral values? I believe strongly in humanity and the core value of basic moral values.

You the person without humanity can’t see the pain of the sufferers. How could your wrongful voice be so loud that it shouts without listening to the hurtful words of your own mouth? Where has this day of our life brought us to that we the humans have divided against each other?

Throughout the newspapers and news networks, we only see division.

A trip to the grocery store leaves us with fear. A mother worries would her child return home safely? A child fears would her parents come home safely?

As I watched on the news an eleven year old child get beaten up against a wall in New Mexico by a police officer, it felt like we really have landed upon a very low stage of moral values. I don’t know who is right or wrong or what the child did, but to watch a child being beaten up even after the school authorities had asked the officer to stop was beyond my comprehension. What do we do when the caretakers becomes the attackers?

What do you tell your child who is going out to school today?

How do you the parents, the neighbors, and the teachers answer the children who come to you to be safe? Teach the children to respect one another and be kind and polite, you say? Yet what about you the adult? Who teaches you?

Awaken to the surreal reality of today. Be the first person to awaken to this and say enough is enough. We must change ourselves first and begin to object to these perpetrators of this surreal society we live in.

We fear the division, division makers, and the police who have taken an oath to protect us. The police fear the local citizens, if the citizen is innocent or would try to harm an innocent police officer. The politicians only worry about getting elected at any cost. I ask all of you, but at what cost?

History will point her fingers at you as the divider of a society.

The corrupted individual with no soul but only worried about his or her own self. Does this not bother you at all, or are you so self-centered that you only worry about being the king of today and don’t care what happens tomorrow? You won’t be here in the future to feel the pain of your creating. You the divider only see yourself in the mirror, not the others, nor do you feel the pain of the others.

I ask you the bystander, standing alone and watching all of this take place in front of you, to awaken from your sleep. You can stop this nightmare taking place in front of you as you take a stand to walk for all, not dividing all.

Let us not turn off the television set or stop reading the newspapers. Let us be aware of the situation and stand up and say no. In union, let us walk with each other, not against each other. If the powerful voice of the wrong is so powerful, then our united voices of the right shall be victorious.

Religion, race, color, and ethnicity should not divide us, but make us greater in union. Let us speak out for one another and say the truth even if this unspoken truth seems to be so far away from us. Let us fear not the wrongdoers, but fear the wrong we are doing by staying quiet.

History will testify we have come and landed upon the dark times.

I have written my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic” to awaken all to this devastating truth of the current times. Please unite with each other and fight against the dividers of a society. Let us in union build a barrier to stop this devastating flood that has her unjust hands reaching out to grab her innocent victims.

The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic

Whatever we must build, we should unitedly fight this monster like the Dutch who had built the windmills, polders, and dikes to fight their enemy water, from drowning their lands. This was an amazing story how unitedly the Dutch had reclaimed their land through united human invention. This true story is detailed in my overnight bestseller, ”The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams.”


I ask all of you to take a look at this small country within Europe and get some inspiration of how we the humans can unitedly fight all monsters, no matter how small or big they are.

Let us become the windmills, the polders, or even the dikes and prevent the human caused disasters that brew upon us.

Let us prevent all leaders or groups or a single person who is or are trying to divide us the humans. Be there for one another. Stand up for the one who looks different from you. Let our land not be divided by a leader for it is we who choose the leader. Let us not join in a group that was created to harm another innocent soul. If you don’t join or choose, then there is no group or a person to divide us.

In union, we the humans shall be there for one another. For where there is darkness, the humans will stand out with a candle in their hands. Even on a stormy night, there is a light keeper trying to guide all the lost and stranded boats back to safety.

Be the light keeper and let your hands be the lighthouse which shall guide all back to safety. Do not stop watching the news, but learn from it and know how low can we go before humanity awakens. Awaken for yourself, your future generations, and all around you. Awaken for the lonely child who goes to sleep in fear of the unknown future he or she faces because of today’s society. Today, awaken for honor, justice, and peace.

I ask the humans with humanity to let go of the pride that holds them back and move forward with humanity.

Do right, not wrong, as you learn to accept all humans with equality.

Today is a blessing as we still have this day to change what we have wronged. When tomorrow comes and all is lost, it is then you the wrongdoers’ footprints on the sand shall become the painful journey for all who had followed you. The footprints fade as another storm comes, yet the painful memories shall remain throughout eternity.

I watched the news and felt ashamed at all of us, as to how are we allowing this kind of injustice to take place. Yet, then I also saw on Twitter, Malala Yousafzai, a young woman who had fought as a child and had won the Nobel Peace Prize, asking all young children to be educated to deal with the wrong of the society.

I realized these days we are fighting these storms as lessons for us and our future generations.

We must educate ourselves and all others by watching the news networks, so we the humans with humanity can fight for all in peace and harmony. Fight with your pen and your voice of right for one and all.

I shall fight with my pen for you and all whom need me or don’t. May my book, “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic” awaken you to the reality of what we live in.

Be the awakened soul and not the sleeping person behind a vehicle. Remember how dangerous it is to drive when you are not in control of your own vehicle. Take control of your vehicle, and drive safely for yourself and all others who share the same road.

Take a break and awaken first, then get behind your vehicle as you share the road with all humans of this Earth.

Do not become the perpetrators, but the friend of the victims who need your support on this lonely path of life.

I had stopped watching the news because it bothered me. I have told myself that it matters not if I watch or don’t. The truth is there in front of us. We live in a divided society. All we have to do is unite for each other.

So I ask you on this day, let us in union unite for each other, not against each other.

Be safe and drive safely as you share the path with strangers. Know they too depend on your safe driving as you depend on theirs.

The cover image used is of two ducks swimming in my pond in peace.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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