The history of Halloween


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What is the history of Halloween? Whether you celebrate or not, as I personally don’t, you can learn about the historical facts regarding the day.

Halloween is the eve of “All Hallows’ Day.” This very special day is also known as the Day of the Saints, as celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church on November 1st.

Originally Halloween was celebrated in the pre-Christian time period.

The Roman Catholics celebrated on All Hallows’ Eve as they had stayed awake and had a feast before the All Saints’ Day.

About 2,000 years ago pre-Christianity, the Celtics had celebrated this day as a seasonal celebration called. In those days, people were scared about the cold harsh unknown winter days. The days would be darker and the freezing temperatures would cause unknown illness to the people and the crops would be destroyed. These unknown factors brought the fears of the dead and alive into the minds of all. A lot of people still consider Halloween to represent the cycle of life, letting go of negativity, and linking it to life, death, and rebirth. Today we have different groups celebrating Halloween.

The biggest group celebrating this day are the children of the world.

This is a day the parents and children get to meet their neighbors and make new friends in the neighborhood. You get to see the biggest house in the neighborhood or the grumpy neighbor.

This is a day I had looked forward to years ago yet today I am scared of this day. I fear for the safety of the little young ones. I know today we have left the station of fear and just be free. We have landed upon a station where we look over our shoulders. We look at the person in front of us or behind us.

Today, if you are a parent trying to find a way to give your child some fun, you still can without bringing the fear to them through your inner fears. Know the children can feel your inner fears. They will act as you are even without you saying anything. There is no way you can alienate the fears of this society from them. You can however give them comfort and confidence as you entertain kids from all around the globe in your home.

Honor diversity and differences by entertaining yourself and your neighbors as you open your home and let the kids have a safe Halloween.

If you have missed Halloween due to work, don’t worry about it for tomorrow is yet another day. Let the kids know Halloween continues in your home until you have celebrated this day with your family and friends.

Halloween is not accepted by various religious scholars as this is their personal perspective. I would want you the human to take a day of celebration for the children to be just that, not a religious factor but a fun family day.

Not everything in life has to be about religion, race, or ethnicity, but just a human who wants to be a human with humanity.

A united society is only possible when differences are left behind. Let us unite for one another, not against one another. Let us the adults not see the differences but only watch how children unite this world under one sky and upon one Earth.

As Halloween ends and we come upon the holidays, let us unite under a warm comfortable blanket of love, joy, and peace.

This winter, let us bake fresh breads and share with our family and friends. Let us not be the child in an adult form but be the adult who also can feel and sense the innocent joy and laughter of a child.

Today, I want all of you to open the doors of acceptance to all humans around you. Do not let any religious differences be, but build the bridge of union through your acceptance.

This holiday season, walk into all the houses of different religious groups and get to know one another. Believe in the truth of love, honor, and respect. Know every single one of us only want peace and serenity. Do not divide amongst each other but unite under the sky of peace and joy.

How is this possible?

With you, it is possible as you take the first step and let others walk with you. In union, this is possible. The path of peace awaits us. Let us the peaceful begin this walk for peace and then the journey shall be complete.

I shall begin my holiday menus for all from now. I do hope all of you will come and join my table as I share with you my vegetarian table. Through my table, may all unite. The meat lovers or the vegetarian lovers can all have one of my dishes upon your table as this is my gift for all of you this season.

Please watch out for all the children as they celebrate this special day. Do compliment all the children as they put on so much effort to get dressed on this day. You the parent or the human with humanity, watch out for all the children, and in union we the society will be able to bring up the future generation as humans with humanity.

May we celebrate Halloween in peace as you spread peace.


Ann Marie Ruby


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