Scientists have said young children remember so much more of their past lives. Yet as we grow older and let all the events of life take over, we forget all about our past incarnations.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, a Canadian born US citizen from the University of Virginia, had done extensive research on this topic as had other well-known scientists. Mystics and religious scholars have also walked upon this topic.

We the humans have divided amongst ourselves when this topic is involved. I have done some research on this topic as it was a topic I had written about within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

For me though I always keep my personal dreams as my major support, followed by extensive research from scientific, philosophical, and religious proofs to satisfy my own mind. Never do I want to prove or disprove any personal opinions.

When people ask me what religion I follow, and where I get all my inspiration from, my answer is always that I am a sacred believer of all religions. How can I ignore any faith if more than thousands of people but follow these faiths we call the major religions that have surfaced throughout time? I call myself a creation of The One Creator. Life is a sacred gift and even though I live my life my way, I respect and believe all people have their own right to follow their own hearts.

I find my inspiration from all creation of The One Creator. With my complete devotion for The Creator, I love all race, color, and religion for I am the spiritually awakened soul who finds love and respect within all sacred souls. I believe all voices have a right, as “perception is but the personal perspective of the perceiver.”

Reincarnation is a topic that has been around since the beginning of time throughout eternity.

Now scientists too have acknowledged this subject as a fact people all around this world but live with.

Science throughout extensive research found out children remember much more, then they forget as they become adults.

Throughout time, there is so much research on this topic yet we still keep this topic far away from our acceptance. Scientists have done extensive research on past life experiences and near death stories to travel upon the sacred path we all think about, yet don’t want to talk about in fear of the unknown. Sometimes I wonder if we fear the unknown more than the harsh words of this society.

Dreams, another topic proven by science through research, is yet another parallel world where miracles take place from the unknown forces.

Through my sacred dreams, I had awakened spiritually and I have realized reincarnation is a gift to us from The Creator from Heavens above, a second chance to find peace. Even within this life as we repent, redeem, and awaken from the sinful ways of life to a sacred peaceful soul, we are reborn within this life and have reincarnated within this life.

Even if you do not believe in reincarnation or near death experiences or sacred spiritual awakening, please believe in yourself and believe in peace and harmony. Let your mind, body, and soul awaken to peace and harmony even if you disagree with all others walking upon the same path you are walking upon. For remember, each individual walks upon their own feet and always leaves their own footsteps upon this highway of life. They walk with a different view in life than of yours. You shall have a safe journey home when you walk in peace. You the traveler shall find amongst the strangers, a friendly hand in need and do be the friendly hand indeed.

I believe in reincarnation as I had traveled through my dreams and awakened to historical facts matching my dreams to the core.

Within my book, I have shared some of these sacred dreams. Yet, some remain sacredly hidden within my chest. I too am learning to walk out of my private grotto one step, at a time. However, I had shared within my book a sacred dream about Archangel Michael holding my hands. In that dream, I had taken my first step out of my sacred cave holding on to my sacred books.

I ask all of you to believe in your own teachings. Follow your personal tour guide, as you travel through this life. I just want you to respect all the others and their tour guides. Let us the different share this one world within peace and harmony. Let us love one another without any expectations and may there be pure sacred blessings from all of us onto all of the sacred yet different travelers taking the same journey through life.

Remember this world is like an airplane with all different passengers, yet our destination and goal are the same. We want to reach our destination safely.

On the topic of reincarnation, it is a pure miracle to awaken with a memory to only find out your memories match the historical facts of this world.






Questions did arise within my soul, yet I took a deep breath and told myself it’s all a sacred, spiritual journey through this blessed life. We don’t have all the answers and I learned to respect all the unknown and be happy with what I do know.

I have told myself, “Faith is believing not questioning.”

Believe in yourself and respect the different. Hold on to the hands of blessings and love at all times, and you shall never go wrong. Also do look into the topic of reincarnation as it’s a sacred path mystics, religious scholars, and scientists have walked upon. You too can walk upon this path as you open the inner doors of your soul to all the different doors that come upon this journey of life.

Have a safe and blessed journey traveling through peace, just, and love.

Blessings from Seattle,


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