Reincarnation is a philosophical or religious belief that has withstood time as now this belief has landed upon the minds of the scientific scholars worldwide.

This religious belief within Hinduism is known as reincarnation, or rebirth. The soul leaves and finds another body. In early Greek civilizations, the term was known as metempsychosis. Metempsychosis also means to put a soul into a new body, or transmigration.

This concept is not exactly followed by Islam and Christianity, although I take the terms repenting, redeeming, and awakening, personally as also linked to rebirth of the existing mind, body, and soul. Within these, you are reborn again without leaving the existing body. Kabbalistic Judaism also refers to the concept of rebirth as the soul leaves and enters another body.

Philosophical scholars such as Edgar Cayce have extensively talked about this subject. Dr. Ian Stevenson’s extensive research on reincarnation and near-death experiences was also noted by science. It was the research of scientific scholars like him who had opened many closed minds to this subject.

Today, we have upon us extensive research from scholars of the past and present guiding us through this subject which was a myth but is now recognized throughout the world as a truth that a lot of humans but live with. We take this spiritual awakening and call this karma, work, or deeds of this physical body.

We have upon our existing life, miracles taking place all around us that we have no clue as to why, how, and what this is.

I believe miracles are just that, miracles from the beyond. My life has been a complete journey through the path of miracles. I have had the sacred doors of dreams awaken me to this blessed path.

I had refused to acknowledge this truth for years. My days had turned to nights and I had stayed awake with the sounds of lightning taking me on a journey through the memory lanes of yesteryears.

I had gone to sleep within the dark stormy nights to awaken in a different place and time, where I knew everyone, and had lived a complete life within a night. I had awakened to my single bed and with tears remembered the companions of the night’s journey.

Elderly couples, children, friends, relatives, and yes always my soulmate who had called upon me, yet within daylight hours I forgot all about them as they were just that, dreams. I learned to accept miracles as I had researched in my awakening state through the memories of my dream diary.

Miracle you may call this but within the eyes of this human, these were facts I had to uncover as I had my family and friends recite the same identical dreams to me. We had seen the same hotel, the same land, and the same country where we had taken a journey together.

After a lot of research, I had found out the place from within my dreamland existed.

The buildings existed. The historical facts within my dreams were not only a dream but real-life stories of the past. The people existed. Yet I don’t know how I was there as it’s not humanly possible to be there as this was before my time.

I had realized I had traveled through the history of a foreign country where I was living yet now am not anymore. I wondered if the people from my dreams were buried there. Have they too been born somewhere else? All of these questions are just that questions, as I search for the faces of these unknown people who were but my family. I have found out the landmarks and the historical facts existed, and I knew my story is but complete as maybe I was reborn to just bring peace within my soul.

I had awakened to yet another dream within which I was in a newly constructed hotel in a foreign country.

In the dream, I was buying coffee and doughnuts from a nearby shop during my honeymoon. I had yet again awakened to my family and friends who had the identical dream. With all of us then researching in union of our united dreams, we found out this hotel was still being constructed and the coffee shop did not exist. It did not exist at the time of my dream, but a few years after my dream I had visited this sacred country just to see if the buildings existed. The coffee shop had just opened and had its grand opening. There in front of me was my dream in reality.

The past life memories, I believe was reincarnation.

Yet, what about the future events which I had seen within my dreams, but within reality happened in front of my eyes after my dreams?

I believe my past life is guiding me to the future events of my life. Additionally, I believe miracles are just that a complete miracle.

Do not stop believing and living at any cost. Whatever happens, life is a complete blessing. Know always we are being guided by the miracles from the beyond. Reincarnation is a fact where we enter a new physical body to finish our karma. The future events given to us through the miracles of dreams are also proven by philosophical, religious, and scientific scholars.

It is not the proven facts or the unproven facts but the belief of the believers that but completes the soul. After each appearing dark night, dawn breaks open like a miracle. Life is just that, a complete miracle. Hold on to your personal belief within your sacred journey through life. Know all around you, there are but hidden messages from the past, the present, and even from the future.

Remember not to be the critic as one day you might be the criticized.

Don’t be the critic for as time travels you shall be the criticized. I was a big critic of the unknown miracles as I always had to have scientific evidence before I believed. Even to this day, I always look at the scientific, philosophical, and religious meanings to each path I cross. I have realized though throughout time, we have had miracles that have no answers, but more questions linked to them. I have decided life is a complete miracle. Always with complete faith and hope, I live my life. I always take the helping hands of the scientific scholars, the psychic scholars, and religious scholars to guide me through this mystical journey of life.

Believe in yourself first. Learn to disagree. With wisdom as your guide, look into all the past, present, and future scholars to guide you through this sacred life.

Please do not criticize and be the criticized as time travels the subject of your criticism to your door. I had been a big critic of reincarnation, dreams, and psychic wisdom. Yet, this day has landed upon my door. I was tested with all of the above. Now, I have upon my soul, a believer of all of the above.

I will not guide you either way as I believe, perception is but the perspective of the personal mind.

However, I will say I have not found my soulmate. I believe there is no time limit to this journey of life. Yet, I have found the buildings, the landmarks, and the places from the past, present, and future standing in front of me.

My friends and family are witnesses standing with me as we share the same dream. I know I will find him for I believe, life is complete within the sacred souls of the seekers who find peace within themselves.

I believe in the miracles of life and that, time is but the biggest miracle throughout time. When the right time but approaches, it shall be.

Believe in the miracles of life, be it a small or big miracle, life in itself is a complete miracle.

Reincarnation is not just a myth,

Dreams are not just a dream,

Life and death are but not just the beginning or the end,

For life continues throughout time.

Blessings from Seattle,


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