Soulmates and eternal love are but the only truth we have eternally. Love is the sacred word that lives on beyond time and tide. For even when all is but gone, love lives on forever.

What is love and why does this have a spell bounding effect upon all of the creation alike?

Today as I watch the dark skies evolving all around my home, Washington State, I pray for all the humans trying to stay safe in the Carolinas. Humans I don’t even know or the pets that might be left behind is a tear crunching feeling I have within my heart which I cannot get over. I know this is humanity within the human mind, but is this not love too?

My log cottage keeps me safe within her. I watch rain pouring outside. Yet, within a sunny sky blinking within the back. To my surprise, I am always touched by the sights of nature as I watch the sun’s ray and the pouring rain dancing in the wind in a union. It is like emotions flying within our inner soul in union. Human emotions have been the reason behind the individual journeys through our lives. The traveler’s journey through life has been my passion. I meditate to write down each individual journey. I believe this is but a sacred blessing given to all of us, the humans with humanity.

Today as dawn broke through my life, I wrote yet another prayer for my Lord.

“For this sacred bond of love, I shall never go astray, blessed be my love for my Creator.” This is but a line from the prayer. As I had written this prayer, I started to work on my next book, a fictional romance novel. I realized, love is eternal as we love our creator. We love our parents, family, friends, and our pets. We love a sunny day and some people like myself love the pouring rain as it brings peace and serenity to my soul. Love is eternal as this is the sacred wisdom we were born with. For love, we are but the humans with sacred souls.  Again I thought but what is true love?

I met a 75-year-old young woman and an 80-year-old young gentleman who sat next to me on a flight from Florida to the Bahamas. They had just married. Yet, they had a very hard time convincing their prospective children to agree to this union. Both had been divorced for years. They had lived a sacred life all alone. Yet, the children had been happy when they were all alone. As they found each other and had dated for years, no one had complained.

Yet, when they decided to tie the knot, they had a hard journey ahead of them. However, today they held hands as they knew this is what they had searched for eternally. I hugged them both and knew love had no age limit or time limit. For my journey through life this was a blessed prayer being answered. I knew that day to never give up. I believe faith and hope are but the sacred doors to all prayers.

Where there is love all things are but possible.

Time is just that, time. She is an obstacle or a blessing as she knocks upon our doors. Do not give up on hope and believe in yourself and know within your own soul you know the truth. Don’t give up on your belief for within time, your prayers shall take its own course. During this time when all seem so far away and the unanswered prayers seem to be an obstacle upon our path, hold onto the hands of faith and hope.

As a dream psychic, I have questions from all different countries, “Where and how do I find my soulmate?”  My answer is your soul shall seek her/him. The Earth beneath and the Heavens above shall unite soulmates when it is but time. The journey is hard and the ocean separating you two is cold and freezing yet you shall cross this ocean and unite. All that is separating you two is but time. Hold onto your love and know love is but the victorious one as she crosses even time and tide to unite true soulmates throughout eternity.

During the time of separation, however, hold on to your dreams.

Know dreams are just not dreams but await to be the reality as you cross the ocean and covert this dream into reality. Faith, hope, and love are the sacred wisdom of life, hold onto this as you become the traveler to take the journey through your belief.

For all of you asking me have I found my soulmate, my answer is: I know he exists somewhere, so yes I have found him within my belief. Now I too have become the traveler, as I take the journey through my belief to find him. I know I shall always be his as he shall always be mine. Until my dream becomes a reality, I shall always be his, so I say to him as I know one day I shall find him, “Eternally Yours.”

Blessings from Seattle,

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