The blessed journey through life is but what we all have in common. Travelers we are, all trying to find the comforts of life and wellbeing through spiritual enlightenment as we travel through this one way lane.


A cold and chilly clear night, it gets dark so quickly as I remember the days are shorter and the nights are but longer. I had always loved the dark nights. I used to think one day I too, would have someone to share my nights with, maybe take a walk in the starless dark nights. It’s a path I will never give up on. I will wait as that’s my journey through life. The moon today had appeared amongst the dark skies as the clouds were passing by her. I stopped by my pond and watched the huge lighthouse reflect into the water and I thought to myself, she is guiding all the birds, the fish, and even us the humans whoever needs guidance.

Beautiful night, and I knew I wanted to share my nights with you the lost and stranded, the lonely and forgotten, the hurtful soul who has stayed awake with nothing but tears. I also want to share this night with you the parent who stays awake trying to figure out how to pay your rent, you who has just been given the pink slip and don’t know how to share this message with your family, and you who are not well and fighting for your life be it your pain emotionally, or be it physically, I know you hurt.


My soul stays awake thinking of these unknown people from all around the globe. I don’t know how I came to this stage, but one day I realized it is not just for me, but around all corners, the smiling or the sad faces, all but have one thing in common, we hurt.

Your pain and your suffering is why I forgot all my pain and my suffering. All throughout the day, I know we must keep on walking for this is a one way road. All throughout the dark nights, we must keep hope alive.

I thought we must learn from the actors and actresses on television as they put up a show for all of us, as they make us laugh, sing, or even dream about a romantic life. I know this is how we must awaken and live. We must learn to laugh, sing, and be happy and keep all obstacles of life away from our inner spiritual self. We also must deal with the obstacles true, but we must have complete faith, as this journey through life is a lesson learned for all of us. Within tears or within laughter and joy, we must learn to live first.


Awaken yourself from within, touch your inner spirit and feel the unknown hidden miracles you have within your own self. Open your eyes and for the first time, try to see there is life beyond the worst.

Love will come and knock upon your door as you await his/her arrival. Your yet to arrive job shall come to you as you knock upon her door. Financial problems shall find a solution as you walk with her and resolve this through the unopened doors of life. Health problems are just that an unexpected knock that has knocked you down. Find the strength to believe in yourself and stand up as only then you shall knock her out.

Life is a miracle, where you are but the first miracle living. The lonely nights are there to teach us throughout the dark, that there is light when the tunnel but ends. Dawn approaches with all the blessings of the day. I believe dawn in itself is a miracle. As the sun comes out to greet all, I know there is hope and blessings, stored up for all.


Believe in yourself, for you are the traveler taking this journey through life. Within this journey, you have taken within your vehicles other people and their responsibilities. As you hold hands in union, you shall cross even the scariest bridge of life. Hold my hands and know we the humans walk through life alone, yet we are there for each other. When tears but fall from one person’s eyes, all of us are hurt for is that not why you cry when you see a sad movie?

All of the humans but feel the same pain once or another time within our lives. We all walk through the same troubles once or another time. So let us share each other’s stories and help one another out.

We the humans in union are but one world, one being, the human beings. If sharing one story helps and gives hope to another soul, then let us share. Or if laughing, helps one or another soul, then let us laugh in union. Or even if holding my hands helps your tears to fall faster and dry up faster, then you have my helping hands. Through my words, I give you hope and blessing.


In union, let all the houses on this Earth light a candle of hope for all of the human beings. Open the drapes and let all the houses show this union of display for one and another. Let there be peace and joy within all the houses of this one Earth. Today, let the candles glow and show all we do care for all human souls.

May my prayers reach your door as I light my candles of hope for you tonight as we reach the biggest holiday celebration we but call Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, like its namesake, is a day to be thankful for. It is a day when throughout North America, people celebrate simple reasons they are thankful for. For me, it is a blessed day as it is catching on throughout this world. We all have something in our individual lives to be thankful for such as waking up to another dawn or the end of the dark nights.

For all of you, I give you my blessings through a sacred prayer I had written for all human souls. Let us in union pray for all of the humans, no race, no color, no religion, but just the complete humanity of a human, calling upon all human souls.

This Thanksgiving, I give you a prayer from my published book, “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest.”


Blessings for all throughout this universe,

*The cover image used is of my backyard pond, lighthouse, and trail.


    1. Thank you!

      May my words and messages spread all over and may blessed souls like you find them in peace.

      Ann Marie Ruby

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