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Life is a blessed journey for the eternal soul. I often thought how does one appreciate what one never had seen, or a person whom you never met.

I sat on my back porch as I watched pelicans come and sit next to my pond in search of fish.

As I watched nature, I was deeply immersed within my spiritual thoughts. I knew the truth is always hidden within nature. I thought how the birds, the fish, and all of nature exist side by side without any expectations from each other.

We all live our time on this Earth yet we all become eternal throughout time. Eternity is not within our reach, yet why do we the humans search for eternity? Within my personal life, I have found eternal peace within spirituality.

After a hard journey through life, I have realized this journey is eternal. Today I am but the traveler. Throughout time, the faces of the travelers and their personal views change, yet the journey continues. I know I too can become eternal throughout time, through this journey of life.

As I walk through this life, I too leave behind my footsteps for all of the future to be guided by. Throughout this invisible path, I leave behind visible pages from my life journal to guide all whom but travel this path after me. The pages from my life journal fly throughout time and land upon the hands of the unknown unseen future. These pages will have a caution sign, or a sign of warning, or an entry sign to the lands of love and blessings. I will always be there as my life will guide the unknown unseen. Somehow throughout the tunnels of time, we will be related through the bridge of hope. This ray of hope is my spiritual awakening. These are my candles of hope throughout time.

I know when and where there is a spiritually awakened person, there is peace and hope for all eternally.

Eternity is found within the hope of all eternally awakened souls.

Walk with me to eternity through the bridges of hope, where all we do is become the candles of hope for all of the future. The path is easy and anyone can join this group as we travel through time.

The travelers we all are, taking a journey throughout time. Let us keep the candles burning for the next person on this journey of life. All we have to do is find ourselves first and light up the candles within our mind, body, and soul. As we become the travelers within this ocean of life, we all must become the lifejacket for one another through the messages we leave behind for all the travelers whom shall but arrive throughout time.

Be positive. Always keep hope alive. Every single one of you were born to leave a message behind for the arriving travelers whom you might not get to meet or greet, yet they are your candles of hope.

Keep your candles burning for not just you, but the next traveler whom but travels upon the same path you travel upon today.

Hold hands throughout eternity as through this journey of life, we become eternal. Your footsteps are but the eternal nectar all search for within this journey of life.

Blessings from Seattle,


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