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Sacred spiritual awakening is a blessed journey through time and patience. My journey through spiritual awakening was hard and at times lonely, but always within my soul I had faith, hope, and the patient hands of my Spiritual Lighthouse.

I just moved into my very sacred log cottage.

This was a very personal journey as within this journey, I had come against so many hurdles and obstacles. Life is just like that. Our intentions are pure and blessed, yet life has her own way of rerouting us.

This small journey started off by selling my home. I thought it is an easy route to my next home. The house I had chosen, for which I had sold my home, accepted another offer. I was so shocked as I had set up all my plans on one house. Yet, I sold my home and moved into a hotel. I thought I would be on a vacation for a few weeks and find my home and just move in.

If only life was that easy.

She has her own plans. Sometimes, it’s really hard to catch up with her. I felt like I was walking up hills and slipping down as I tried to keep on going. It’s hard and how do you keep going when the wave is against you? I guess within my life, I have learned to swim against the high tides. My life jacket is and was always faith and hope.

Faith always keeps the candles of hope alive as you travel through the dark nights. Remember dawn always breaks through. My dawn broke through as I found my home within the foothills of Mount Rainier. I know house shifting is a choice and by choice, I traveled upon this road. Yet my travel plans were obstructed by hurdles. I believe obstacles are teachers of life and once we have crossed them, we learn our lessons.

I did learn a lot from this journey.

Even in a secure hotel, I learned I felt unsafe when I saw the staff were completely unwelcoming toward a foreign group of people. I watched how different they behaved toward different people. I was shocked and did let them know I only chose to be at their hotel because I like their chain. Yet, I will not stay at a place where all race, color, and religion are not treated equally.

I had found out staying at a stranger’s home as an Airbnb guest can be amazing.

Also, I did get feedback as how nice and blessed they felt as I had left. I left the house like I had found the house, blessed and welcomed.

Additionally, I learned to have faith within my dreams and let my mind, body, and soul have complete faith within my destiny. I know I am one of the lucky ones always guided by my blessed dreams. Always I just let my dreams guide me to my home within the foothills of Mount Rainier.

I knew I must control my destination as I can change the direction I would end up on, yet only as I become the traveler.

I chose my sacred home and knew she was my destination.

As I entered this blessed home, I did get a cold, a light version of the flu. I know this was yet another trip into my spiritual awakening as I know my body is letting me know to stop everything and not to burden my physical body with too much. All the stress be it physical, or be it spiritual, that we but place upon ourselves must be controlled as the medicine dosage for each individual is prescribed only by our own physical needs.

I stopped everything and meditated, did yoga, and just let go of all the negative vibes I had picked up during my travel through house hunting. I had met strangers and became friends. As I met strangers, I would just say as we go on our separate paths, find peace within yourself first then spread peace.

I realized life in itself is our only teacher and all we must do is learn from her. Accept the blessings, conquer the hurdles, and move on with positivity. With this in my mind, I have recovered from all of my obstacles that I had come upon as I the traveler had taken this journey to my new home.

I know hurdles but appear at every corner of our life, yet do not ever lose hope for within all obstacles, there is a way out.

The journey is hard and I know at times it is easy to just give up. I ask of you to hold on to yourself and you will be able to get out of the place you want to get out from. I have experienced life – as at times, you feel imprisoned within obstacles that we but have placed ourselves. By choice or not, even situations are but measured at individual tolerance or perception.

All of these paths even if at our own will or not, are within self-control. You shall be victorious as there is always hope. I believe where there is hope, there is a way.

My victory is always at dawn, as after each struggle when I land upon the clearing, I compare my victory to the amazing sunlight of dawn welcoming my victory.

For now, I have landed upon my dream home, a small country cottage, I call her my log home. I know this journey of mine was hard earned and fought, yet a very awakening spiritual journey.

I want all of you to have faith within yourselves.

Always hold on to the hands of hope. Even when all seem lost and you are left stranded, remember dawn shall break through your lonely nights. I was told as a young child, the sun above the skies during the daylight hours and the moon above the night sky are but friends to all of whom seek them. They are there as hope and the tunnel of light for all creation. We are never left alone stranded as we always have them. Your life is a complete miracle wrapped within the obstacles of life. You have the same obstacles the other person standing next to you has. It’s how you handle your own situation which is your only way out.

I would want all of us to hold on to the hands of hope and stand upon this sacred path of life with dignity, courage, and wisdom throughout this journey of life. Please remember at all times we have each other, the survivor and the one struggling to survive as true friends within the obstacles of life. Within each other, we shall find strength to walk through the bridge of life. Each and every morning may I be there for all of you through my words May dawn break through for all of you as I know dawn breaks through after each dark night. May this message dawn upon you as you travel through your stormy nights.

Hold on to the oars of hope as you cross this ocean of darkness. Always know where there is hope, there is a way.

Blessings from Seattle,

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