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Life in my new home is a sacred spiritual journey. I sat outside in my back portico looking over the cabana and pond, as thoughts just came all over my soul.

I had installed my washer and dryer. Now, I am now working on my kitchen as I took a break from all the packing, unpacking, and renovation.

The first thing I saw was a clothesline going from the vegetable garden to the arbor with beautiful vines climbing all over the arbor.

I wondered about the people whom had lived here before me and had clotheslines to hang and dry their laundry. They had a beautiful herbal garden and a vegetable garden which look over a flowerbed with an arbor covered in vines, all looking over the huge pond.

I could imagine the couple sitting outside having tea. Also, I could imagine them enjoying their hard working garden. There is a huge green house to keep vegetation going throughout the cold winter months. I thought how nice it would be to hand wash one’s own laundry and watch them dry out in the sun, while they baked their own bread in the original wood stove that is still standing in the kitchen.

Life from the past gives me all the blessings as I the present carry them within my hands and shall incorporate my blessing with those of the past and leave them for the future as time passes by us.

My home on this day taught me there is nothing wrong in moving on with time, yet we must keep the love and blessings of the past with us as we move on to the future. A log cottage with all the sacred blessings, peace, and love has on this day united the past, the present, and the future for me throughout time.

I love this feeling of watching the past lives walking with us through their journey through life. Even though they have moved on, the sacred journey they had taken throughout their life shall always be here with us throughout eternity.

I also realized I had lived with the guilty feeling of living in luxury. Simple things I thought were a must, people within the past never even had. My luxury laundry room or my luxury kitchen or even the things I think I could not live without like a coffee maker were not even a thought of the yesteryears. I thought then, is it that I am wrong or that their lives were so much better?

The truth is life is a journey.

Within this journey, we only have one choice that is the present. All things must move on whether we like them or not. When the wagon of life moves on, we only have the past. Let us not worry about what we had done or what we should have done, but what at this time we could do. May the choices we make always leave behind a footstep within the sands of life. May all whom want to follow or take upon their hands any gifts left behind by the travelers of life, pick them up with gratitude and honor.

The choice is always yours for it is your life. As you travel through this sacred life, remember you too become the traveler and someone from the future is awaiting your footsteps to guide them throughout their journey of life. For me personally, I have picked up all the blessings of the past. I know no luxury of life can take away the only luxury my eyes but search for, which is peace and blessings throughout time. I live in peace and had let life be an example of peace for me and all of whom hold my hands throughout time.

Today, I had my meditation completed.

I traveled through time through the gifts of the travelers whom had lived upon this same Earth I am but standing upon. Simpler were their lives. Yet, I know they too had their shares of struggles and obstacles of life. I know they had their shares of love and joy. They too baked bread and shared bread with their family and friends. This was my meditation. I know life is a miracle. We are all here to give back something to the travelers who come upon this path traveling through the same Earth yet in a different time zone.

My prayers will be with all of the past, the present, and the future, throughout eternity. May all sacred travelers find upon their journey sacred footsteps left behind by the travelers of the past. Live life in peace and know nothing is ever hopeless as we are all but the messengers of time. May we leave behind our messages of peace for all throughout eternity.

Today, bake some bread and as you break the bread, know someone from the past and someone from the future too will break bread and share with their family and friends. This is how we the past, the present, and the future unite throughout eternity.

Blessings from Seattle,


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