Don’t let the past be your judge. Let the present be your guide and create the future you want to see in the mirror.

We the humans have landed upon the journey of life till death do us part. Our soul separates from our body and moves on throughout eternity. Until then, we however are responsible for our own body which I call our personal vehicles.

Throughout this journey, we find ourselves upon right or wrong turns. It is then, we find ourselves upon the right path and get back on track. Some of us, however, do get lost throughout this journey of life and need help from other travelers to wake us up. Those of us whom realize we have taken the wrong turn and must get back on track should be the teachers of life.

Have you had a dream where you took the wrong turn, or have missed your exit, or must make a U-turn?

I know I have and this is when I take my dream as a message and look into what I have done wrong or where I could change things or do it differently. I know we all learn from this journey of life.

Within this world, we live with complete strangers who are walking upon the path of hurdles they must cross at any cost, complete strangers who think life is but a broken love story, people dealing with illness or the loss of a family member or health issues or wealth issues or just need the advice of a wise. Whom do we go to or where do we find help when and where we feel there is no hope?

I have recently had a very strange dream where I had held on to the hands of an unknown young man.

I have no clue who he is, but he told me he was born as a man and yet he had no body part defining him as to whether he is a man or a woman. He and his parents had always kept this hidden and never wanted the world to find out. He was in the hospital as he was having an identity crisis and had wanted to take his life. I had held on to his hands and told him to have faith in his Creator and know every single one of us have an individual purpose for this life. We all have our own share to give to this Earth who shelters all different race, color, and religion as one creation of this one Creator.

I believe in this sacred force and I know this life is a sacred journey for all of us.

Yes it is true, some of us travel upon this path with nothing but tears and some of us have all the joys of life. Yet, I know life is a complete blessing as you have a personal gift to give all whom but seek your blessings.

This world stage we share with all of the creation is for giving without any bond. In my dream, I cried with this unknown soul and told him to accept his life as a gift and not to let his personal hurdles and feelings be an obstacle throughout his journey. I asked him to hold on to the hands of a sick person trying to get healed, the hands of a person trying to get over the abuse he or she had endured, the person just trying to earn enough to take care of his or her sacred family members. Also, I told him to be the one to put a smile onto the face of a child. The child might be walking upon the same path he is walking upon and might endure similar pain.

I told him to be happy he is different and that he can take this special gift and help all of whom are but like him.

He smiled and promised he would be the traveler who gives a tour book to all whom but seek.

I had awakened to a sunny day where I saw the bright sun peeking through my white sheer curtains. However, I have no idea why the Lord had given me this dream. Yet, I believe life is a complete blessing and all around us we have miracles walking in through the windows left open. I know we all have personal problems. We awaken with the problems each morning. As the nightmares continue even when the sun is shining through the vast skies, take a deep breath. Know this life is a blessing. You have today as a complete gift for tomorrow is yet another day.

If you are an individual who is walking through life with the bitter memories of the past and feel like at every corner, life reminds you of the yesteryears, take a deep breath. Remind yourself you have those memories to take you through the future. You know what you can do to make the future the way you want her to be. Do not allow your past to be your future. Allow her to be the guide who teaches you to move on without the hurdles. Ceate a new future for yourself and all the others whom but follow you.

Always remember dreams are just that, dreams, until you turn them into reality.

Nightmares are just that, a nightmare. Erase them as you alone have the power to change them. All of you reading this message, please give a helping hand to a stranger who awaits your helping hands. Be the teacher who teaches with life experiences. Let all of the creation know we the creation but feel for one and all of our brothers and sisters.

I personally feel for all of you. Please know if you are awake and can’t sleep as you allow your sacred tears to fall, I have been there. I had allowed my tears to fall. I would let the stars blinking throughout the night skies guide me to my personal lighthouse. Also, I had a helping hand through my blessed dreams, when I was lost and stranded. Let us be the helping hand of one another. Let all the lost and stranded souls be saved by these sacred helping hands, known as humanity.

May we not let our personal problems tie us down. May we not let another soul fall because we missed out on them.

Let us become the Spiritual Lighthouse for all lost and stranded souls.

Whatever you are going through on this day, know the world has another soul going through this same problem if not worse than yours. Feel the pain of the other soul. When you are able to feel the pain of a stranger and want to be there for them, know it is then you have awakened as a sacred blessed soul.

Let us be there for the sick, for the poor, for the wealthy, for the lost, and for all the sacred souls waiting to be rescued.

I believe we are all but one family under one roof of this Mother Earth. May I be there for you throughout your life. I pray may I find all of you there for me throughout my life.

Love you all my Earthly family.

Blessings from Seattle,



  1. I love the positive message in this. I am always trying to make sense of my dreams so I was interested in your interpretation of the dream you had. I also think it’s important to be there for others and remember to have perspective when dealing with our own problems.

    1. Keeping a diary of the dreams helps as you can analyze your own dream as I personally believe all dreams have an inner meaning or guidance from the beyond. So when we seek for answers, we do get them within our dreams and not just for our own self but for all around us. For me personally, time was always the answer. Through time, the dreams played out itself.

      Blessings from Seattle,
      Ann Marie Ruby

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