Seattle to the Netherlands


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Travelers from yesteryears have taken their travel journeys and converted their experiences into an exotic drink of eternity. Throughout time, travelers as they traveled from place to place, had become mystical and spiritual. I believe traveling had led the past, the present, and will continue to lead the future travelers to a sacred spiritual awakening. All travelers traveling by foot like the yesteryears or by boat, or by car, or by plane during these modern days are still taking a spiritual journey like the mystical, spiritual scholars from yesteryears.
I believe you could sit under the banyan tree and go on a journey through the spiritual realm. Or, like me take a walk around your house. You could also take a journey across the globe on an airplane. Or, if you are lucky, you could travel by sea.
Traveling awakens you spiritually. Traveling strengthens your spiritual insights as well as your physical wisdom which grows within different cultures.
Cultures united in union of love brew the inner soul into an eternal peaceful retreat.

Today I am blessed as I could journey across this globe through the internet or travel through the skies or through the ocean. As I started to travel, I realized how rewarding this is to my spiritual soul.

We the humans have a way of judging the others or so I call the other side is always green. So I told myself, let me not judge from far away but let me walk upon their lands for it is not humanly possible to walk in another person’s shoes, for only you know how and what you feel.

I realized traveling had landed my soul upon the footsteps of all the mystics and saints who had taken spiritual journeys through time. But, I travel standing upon my own feet. That is how I know my footsteps would also be marked upon the sands throughout eternity.

Different lands had united race, culture, and religion through we the travelers.

I have had my blessed dreams guiding me throughout my life. In my dreams, I have seen myself in the past walking with strangers who I had never seen. Yet as I had awakened, I found them within the pages of history. Also, I had visitors from the past, present, and some from the future yet to come, visit me within my dreams. I had finally decided to travel to a faraway land where the past whispered memories and the future had sung sweet songs of love which I await for to yet come true.

I had visited my dream land, the Netherlands, after I realized this blessed land had called me to her for known, unknown reasons. The country, a small European country, is known for her carpets of flowering tulips, the magical windmills, and her amazing canals and boats.

She is a well-known traveler’s dream land, yet within this sacred soul, she is much more than just a country.
I felt she was alive as even to this day, she keeps her past, present, and future in harmony. My seventh book I have dedicated to this land and have written a chapter I call the final chapter, the dedication chapter to this sacred land.

Within the memories of my dreams throughout this magical land, I walked. I have kept the memories of my dreams alive as I traveled through this land of magical inspiration.

I realized how similar my hometown Seattle, Washington is with this amazing land. The lands unite as we the humans unite through love for each other. This small European country had citizens who had given me bear hugs. I keep these hugs alive within my inner soul. For this sacred soul, no gift is more appreciated than an honest hug from an honest soul.

I saw the sister port city of Seattle within the Netherlands known as Rotterdam. They bridged the gap between these two countries through the blue ocean. I felt an amazing sense of peace knowing how even Mother Earth bridges the differences through her tears of water you know as the great blue oceans.

I walked within this country and forgot I was in a foreign land and felt as if I was home. The land, the people, and the love and respect they had given me converted all of my fears into a blessed sacred bond between strangers.

My home state, the blessed state known to you as Washington State is different geographically than the Netherlands, yet both are connected through the port. I walked past the port in Seattle and listened to the ghost stories of the market place in Seattle.

I also walked within Rotterdam and listened to different ghost stories of their yesteryears. Strange as how I had visited Amsterdam and even to this day, they talk about witches from the past being seen by the passersby even to this day.

I had come home and traveled past the market place in Seattle through Tacoma. Different, yet ghost stories from the past still are being whispered within these towns.

It is amazing as we the travelers are witnessing the past generations through the story tellers of time.

Blessed tour guides have kept alive people from yesteryears throughout time. Faces change and we move on. Yet, our stories remain here throughout time through the blessed words of the story tellers of eternity.

Visit Washington State, the blessed city, Seattle through Tacoma. Please make it to my new hometown, through the foothills of Mount Rainier, a sacred place to visit for all sacred travelers.

I would ask you to step into the Netherlands. She is a sacred blessed land who reminds me of all the love stories though the blessed canals, the windmills, and the carpets of tulips blooming in the air whispering tales from the past.

I sing the sweet tunes of union as I the traveler ask all of you to make a bridge of union though your travels as you take a blessed journey from Seattle to Amsterdam.

I know through my sacred love for my home Washington State and my sacred love for my dreamland, the Netherlands, I have woven a sacred bridge of union. Travel through these lands and feel the sacred air whispering the songs of pure blessings, and awaken spiritually. I have found spiritual wisdom from both of these lands. Faraway they might be, yet through my love for both of them I have woven a bridge of union through my blessed words of wisdom.

Visit Seattle, Mount Rainier, or visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Den Haag. Learn all about these sacred lands as you travel through internet or by car or by boat or by plane. Feel the amazing spiritual awakening as did the mystics, the saints from yesteryears. Today you too could be the spiritually awakened as you travel through these blessed lands as I had. Blessed journey of a traveler is a sacred blessed journey throughout time.

Blessings from Seattle,


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