What is humanity?


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Dreams are a personal doorway to the parallel world.

I have gained the sacred blessings of mystics, religious scholars and even scientific scholars through their personal life journeys within dreams.

I have published my personal life stories through my dream diaries not to talk about myself but make you aware of the aspects of spirituality. Life is a gift. Even though at times all seem dark and we fall into quicksand and have no way out. It is then, miracles happen and we see dawn peeks through the night skies.

My life is an example of miracles, wrapped within faith, honor, and just. My miracles started within my blessed dreams.

One cold stormy night, as I laid down for the night I had a blessed dream.

I had seen I walked into different houses one after another. I walked in through the doors of different houses of worship. Yet, I knew each house was different yet felt so peaceful. Different race, color, and religion, yet all of the houses welcomed me to come and sit within them as I was hungry, tired, felt really old, and I did not know why I was sitting with total unknown groups, yet they had made me feel welcome.

I had walked into a Jewish Synagogue, Muslim Mosque, Hindu Temple, and a Christian Church. Therefore, I asked myself what is the difference as all are teaching the same and all are saying “Respect one another.” Then, why does this Earth have so much hatred and discrimination against one another?

I walked outside. Two people from the same group were arguing amongst each other as to who was right and who was wrong.

I watched how no one would give up and walk away. Yet, they kept the fight going and it grew as others started to take sides.

I saw a child and saw how she was crying. I asked her “What is it? Why are you crying?” She said her father had taught her to give up and never get into any argument as arguing never helps. Everyone is right within his or her own eyes.
She was crying as she said, “Why is it my father teaches me something and never listens to his own teachings himself?”

My dream shifted as I now saw people from all over the world were awakening in the name of sacred spirituality. Spiritually awakened people were reciting prayers of love, honor, and just. I asked this group who they are and what their religion is called. They laughed and said, “Humanity.”

I had awakened that morning and I knew I had so many dreams of spiritual awakening that I must do something. So after a lot of yes, no, maybe so, after a lot of years, and after a lot of dreams, I had written my Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest, a prayer book for all race, color, and religion. I have published my seven books keeping all humans and my complete faith in all humans, and always walking upon the path of truth, just, and honor as my complete blessings. My sacred words came to life through my words as I took pen to paper.

Love all as a complete honorable human, for I believe we are all different yet completely alike as we all love, cry, and laugh. Whether together or individually, it matters not for we are all the same.

Travel with me through different race, color, and religion.

I have walked the lands of different race, color, and religion all across this globe, from India, through Europe, through America, as I only found this world to be one home and one shelter for all of humanity.

I realized we are all but the spiritually awakened souls who have found spiritual blessings within ourselves, only if we realize the complete truth that within each individual soul is hidden the complete truth of all humanity.

Throughout time, humans have walked and followed the footsteps of religious, mystical, and scientific scholars. Today, I want you all to take their guidance, yet walk with your own feet and make your own footsteps. Let us the spiritually awakened accept all race, color, and religion. Also, let all the footsteps be left upon the sand throughout time.

Let the future decide their own identity through the guidance of the past, yet by their own choice.

May we the present give the future the gift of acceptance throughout time. Love without any conditions and let this love spread throughout all nations and unite all spiritually awakened souls.

If you have not awakened spiritually – it’s easy. Accept yourself first. Be in peace. As you open your eyes on this day let peace spread from your soul to all whom come across you throughout eternity. My dream I had taken as a guidance to accept all race, color, and religion as one family of humanity. We teach all to accept all without judging one another, yet at times we forget our own messages and let our own negativity take over our judgment.

I had taken an oath of spirituality and let all my spiritual blessings guide me throughout the journey of my life.

I believe this life is an individual journey, yet I the traveler must become the Spiritual Lighthouse for the future travelers as when time but travels past us, it is then each one of us becomes the Spiritual Lighthouse guiding the future through love, honor, and just.

Blessings from Seattle,

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