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Reincarnation, dreams, and spirituality, are all blessed paths the great mystics, religious scholars, and scientists have walked upon to awaken us from all physical and spiritual obstacles that this life but leaves behind for us. These paths are but the personal endeavors of each individual traveler.

This world has given illnesses, hardships and nightmares, as well as the life, joy, and blessings we all walk upon.

On this day, someone is celebrating her or his best day ever. Yet, I know someone on this world is having his or her dreadful day that lingers on and takes away all of the physical and emotional strength that keep a human body going. I want to be there for you throughout all of it.

I know words don’t heal the physical pain or needs of the human body. Yet, I believe that is why the scientific, religious, and mystical scholars have taken the hardships on themselves to leave behind for us a sacred path to walk upon by our own individual choice.

I also know a spiritually awakened person is able to heal the mind, body, and soul through spiritual devotion. As a scientist is able to heal though research and devotion, I know religious scholars are able to heal through their belief and innocent prayers for all.

This world is a sacred blessed place as we have the healers of modern days to heal us scientifically as they have taken an oath throughout their life journey to heal all of the creation of the Creator.

The same science also says that with your modern treatment, include meditation, yoga, and spiritual wisdom in your daily life.

Walk upon this spiritual journey with me and see for yourself through your own third eye. Awaken this sacred wisdom within your soul and live life to the fullest. We all have days of physical and emotional trauma that we walk upon. Yet, like a sacred traveler, let’s be victorious through spirituality through giving insights to one another.

I have walked this path personally and I have endured all the pain and peace of this journey. I have gathered my teardrops throughout this journey and I know at times I have hidden all my teardrops from all the people around me. Not to be brave or to hide anything but rather I never want to be the pain or the reason of pain for any other souls.

So, I had kept my pain and my tears within the sacred chambers of my life. I’d rather be the candles of hope for all around me. I believe tears are good for the soul as they cleanse the mind, body, and soul, so carry them along with you as you too become a sacred traveler.

For all of you suffering from physical/emotional pain or stress, know all the people around you are also suffering from this stranger whom but knocks upon our doors uninvited.

The only relief is in letting go of all that is not in our control. Be positive and let the positive vibe take over your mind, body, and soul. Awaken to this knowledge and know it’s within you, all the healing powers of this sacred Earth are but hidden within your soul. We cannot move a mountain so let her be there and let us walk around her. As we walk past her, we shall all be stronger emotionally and physically. I know the hardest part is to get up and take the first step.

I know you will however take that step, for I did. Therefore, I was able to walk past the mountains. Also, I was able to cross the oceans. I was able to take the first step which had converted this earthy human into a sacred spiritual traveler.

Now I ask all of you to be there for one another through words of wisdom. Share your recovery stories, share your struggles throughout this journey of life. Share your disappointments, share your victories within this journey of life. As you share your stories, you will realize you have just walked past the mountains, you have earned the sacred blessings of wisdom. For you have lived the life of a struggler, you are the teacher who walks to teach all whom are but on the same path taking the same journey you had, yet they have your guidance left behind as a walking stick to hold onto throughout their journey of life.

As you take your steps past the mountains, you have become a sacred door for all to follow the footprints that you have left behind for all to follow and be saved.

Like I said at the beginning of this personal journey, reincarnation, dreams, and spirituality are a path a lot of sacred travelers walk upon.

For me personally, I had let my personal dreams be my guide and it is then I knew how to cross the bridge of all obstacles that but landed upon my doorstep. I always let my dreams guide me, yet always I had held onto the hands of scientific, mystical, and religious wisdom. This journey of life became a blessing as I became the awakened spiritual soul.

Mystics are scholars walking upon this Earth only to guide others as they share only their personal views. Religious scholars are also teachers guiding their own students. Which scholar we follow or don’t follow is the individual path that we choose to travel upon.

My hope and advice for all is within this journey to never loose hope or become dependent on the other theories but walk upon this path with your own feet, and make your own choice.

I believe each one of us have our own theories and paths that we end up on within this journey of life. Yet, I believe all of these theories teach love, honor, just, peace, and harmony. You the dreamer must make your own dream into a reality. Like I had written within my book, “Dreams are blessings from within the soul. Make them into reality as you travel through the journey of life.” I keep this quote framed on my bedroom wall as I believe I must walk the walk myself.

Take the first step with me today. I ask you to keep your teardrops within your hands and hold onto them as they shall cleanse your mind, body, and soul. Let go of all the obstacles of life and be the spiritually awakened first, then go outside of your favorite cave and hold onto the hands of yet another soul walking upon the same path you have walked past.

Let us the awakened hold hands of all the awakened souls, and create a bridge of spiritually awakened souls. Be blessed and bless all around you

Blessings from Seattle,


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