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The destination is but the sacred end of a traveler’s walked upon journey. Destiny kisses by us at every corner, yet it is the traveler who chooses his destination at the end.

When I was young, I had so many thoughts of what my destination of life would be. Love, the sacred blessings of life would knock upon my door and I would find within this sacred path all the meanings of life. I still believe one day love will finally knock upon my door.

I pray I know and open the door for love to enter.

Health, wealth, and wisdom, I kept on searching for these doors to come and open on their own. Did life bless me with all of these gifts of eternity? Yes and no. Does this mean I give up on everything I believe in? No, because I believe in hope and I know when and where there is the glimmer of hope – dawn breaks open. This journey I the traveler take upon my life is a sacred journey as I carry upon my hands the candles of hope.

Each step I take is hard earned and I meet up with strangers whom knock upon my door. I greet them as my destiny allows these encounters within my travel through life. I know some strangers are but obstacles of life as I would find out through the travels of my life.

With each blessed crossroad I wonder, is this an obstacle or a blessing?

As I walk through life, I wonder is love awaiting for me at this crossroad? Will I be blessed with good health, wealth, and wisdom at this corner to meet and greet me as I know they all await my arrival? I believe all the answers we await for are also awaiting our arrival at the destination. We are the travelers taking this journey through life. It is our responsibility to find our final destination.

As a child, I believed we were destined to destiny, yet as I became the traveler I realized it is my sacred journey through life which gives my destiny her destination. We encounter different paths through life, as to whether we accept them or not is our own chosen path. It is not our final destination, rather the current situation, which at all times you alone can chose to stay in or move on to find your next destiny.

The final destination is when you arrive at the final step of your life journey. The travelers choose their own path, yet if it is the correct path or not is a lesson learned throughout life. I have learned to accept all of my crossroads as a personal guidebook through the journey of my life.

I believe throughout this journey as I cross out the right or the wrong choices by my own chosen destination, I will await for my sacred blessings to bump into me as I open the doors to them.

May these sacred blessings knock, seek, and ask, for me as I knock, seek, and ask, for them. Sacred love of sacred souls shall find each other as they too are but the travelers of life. I have accepted love as a sacred spiritual awakening, and I know I shall keep the candles of hope glowing throughout my journey of life and hope my soulmate finds me as I keep the candles glowing for him to find me throughout the dark nights, I call this my Spiritual Lighthouse. I believe like the lighthouse guiding all the lost and stranded, my Spiritual lighthouse shall guide me to him or him to me.

Health, wealth, and wisdom, I have accepted them as sacred gifts of life.

I let this journey of life be a blessed path and I have accepted life as a complete blessing of faith and hope.

I the traveler shall use my blessed hands and work for the bread and butter to appear upon my table, I shall take the advice of the healers of this world as they heal this physical body of this physical traveler. My sacred mind, body, and soul shall meditate and awaken the blessings of a sacred soul. I shall enter the classes of all the past travelers to learn from their journey of life and let their wisdom guide me as I know I must walk upon this Earth by myself and leave behind my own footprints upon this sacred journey through my life.

For all of you, please know the destination is but the sacred end of your journey. You have this traveling life to create your own destination. Don’t worry about the gifts destiny leaves behind if they are but not your final destination.

Let peace, joy, and love guide you as you complete this journey of life as a blessed traveler.

Each complete life is but the destination of the completed journey of the traveler.

Blessings from Seattle,

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