What is love?



The mountain breeze in the early mornings and after sunsets is amazing. The hot humid day always ends as the nights cool off and grant us the peaceful comfort our soul but seeks. I am not usually an early riser, but I had to awaken early today as I wanted to feel the morning breeze. As always, my thoughts had drifted off to another land where I see, hear, and get messages from peace living souls seeking their true soulmates, eternal love, or just peace.

Soulmates, soul families, twin flames, and love, are all interlinking spiritual doors. They are different. Yet, they are interlinking all the paths into one road. The human mind picks up what but suits his or her own perspective.

Today, scientists have also tapped into these doors and are trying to decode the unknown mysteries that the mystics and the religious scholars have tried to decode throughout time. From the Abrahamic religions to the mythological religions. All believe in soulmates, love, and destiny.

Some believe you are destined to meet your partner as that is what destiny concludes to. Others agree you choose your own destiny.

I believe all religions coexist with each other within basic moral values.

Each individual soul decodes his or her final destination. I disagree destiny is formed as the child is born. However, I believe within his or her life journey, he or she chooses his or her own destination. This is where guidance from above and beyond is searched for by the seeker. We the humans stand by the shore, trying to find guidance from the beyond. We search within the stars to be guided by as we seek knowledge from the beyond. Also, we wait for the lighthouse, as she guides all lost souls within the dark ocean.

Throughout time, we have found knowledge from the beyond and have been guided by mystics, religious scholars, scientific scholars, and the unknown beyond. The mystics and the religious scholars have had amongst them, guidance from the above like the doors of dreams to guide them within these aspects and other aspects of life. Today even science has agreed with various subjects these scholars have been talking about throughout eternity.

One subject that unites all religion, race, and culture to each other is love.

Love is the only subject that leads us to the path of soulmates, soul families, twin flames, reincarnation, and dreams. Within the scientific world, scientists have their own personal views. The mystics and the religious scholars also have their own personal views. They too are divided upon the question of how and why. Yet, they agree within this mystical eternal truth of the world of love.

I have been blessed personally as I have had guidance from the beyond, called the land of dreams. From this mystical land, I have found out all of these subjects are but interlinking, yet differed by different doors. They all lead out to the one path, the path of perception – the personal perspective of the individual mind. The truth is out there and only known to The Omnipotent and within the lands of the mystical unknown.

From times ago, we have had our ancestral prophecies guide us through to what had been, what the future holds, and what they had struggled through the present days of their lives. Yet, no one had come back from the lands of the dead and given us a message of what is the complete truth, the complete mystery of life. Prophecies are left behind by scholars. Yet, they can never be proved.

As the prophecy givers are but gone, their prophecies are just that, a prophecy.

Through the mystical doors of dreams, I have had blessings from the dead, the yet to be born, or the present times where I have had miracles come to me through the doors of dreams. I have talked about my personal perspective as perceived through my dreams. Always for support and wisdom, I had taken the helping hands from science, religion, and the great mystics. All is written within my book, “Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby.”

Love is a very personal aspect that unites us the humans. Love is also the same path that divides us the humans. How do we accept love? How do we know yes this is the truth and the eternal wisdom of eternity? When do we admit, yes I but am in love? When do we admit, I have found the eternal bliss?

Again, it is a personal perception of what love is within your own soul.

I had awakened early this morning to watch the morning’s dew on top of the green grass. With the first ray of dawn, I love to see the leaves sparkle like diamonds or pearls glowing on top of them. Yet, upon close inspection, I see it’s only water that dries up as the sun reaches through the night’s skies. Was this love for the leaf as she accepted the morning dew or was it love for my sight as the leaf was there to please me and my eyes? The drops of water were beautiful and gave me so much love and joy while it lasted.

As the sun rises within this hot summer’s day, I watch over my pond and the colorful birds flying in for a refreshing swim. I wonder what do they do all day and night. They fly in groups watching out for each other, I knew this was pure love within their world. My thoughts drifted off to love within the humans.

What is love?
How is this connected to soulmates, soul families, and twin flames?
Why is it our mind, body, and soul seek love within all of our surroundings?

Scientifically proven hormones have a huge effect upon our reactions towards love.

Scientists have proven different hormonal effects to have our mind and body react to love differently, like a mother’s love for her child, or a spouse’s love, or love for food, as different lifestyles are all linked to our hormonal effects.

Basically, scientists have proven love is a fact we the humans face as our earthly vehicle takes a journey through life. This vehicle I call is the human body. The human body is always guided by our own soul whom I believe is always pure and clean. Our mind is who drives our earthly body throughout the journey of our life. I believe the soul is like a mirror guiding us to what our mind wants for our body.

Our soul being the mirror, our body being the vehicle, and our mind being the driver, are our complete journey through life.

I believe we should not get confused as our soul guides us like a mirror image of our own self to our soulmates, soul families, twin flames, or any of the above. I believe we guide ourselves through different mystical doors as to where and what we should do. It is our own destiny we choose at the end, be it right or wrong.

I believe within this journey we do have a soulmate. The soulmate is different from the mirror reflection of our soul, but walks by our side. Life searches for this soulmate within all the lanes of our life. Within this journey, remember you will encounter your soul families whom also walk within this journey of your life. Some might be attracted to you as they are your soul families whom we might mistake for soulmates.

The love potion we have within our body controlled by our hormones controls our emotions. At times, it is hard to understand our own feelings.

Yet if given more attention, we would be able to distinguish between the feelings. The love of a mother for her child is also controlled by this same hormone. The love for a stranger in trouble is the same hormone controlling our body as the love for food. Any other thing that drives us to that particular area are also controlled by the same hormone.

Sex is also driven by the same hormones and not necessarily by love. Soulmates are attracted to each other by various aspects aside from just sex or hormones alone. So how do we know what is what?

How do we differentiate between lust and love?
How do we differentiate between truth and false?

I respect my mind and know what is wrong is wrong and what is right is always right. The mind, body, and soul in union know truth from false. Always we have the wagon of time confirming us about the truth. Give time to your feelings. Let them take a break from reality and just go for a brief walk alone. If the person whom you are attracted to is still waiting for you at the door where you had left him or her, then give this love a chance. Within time, lust fades away leaving behind nothing but bitterness or just memories. May they be sweet or sour – it’s time that heals all and tells all.

We are just time travelers.

Do we always find our soulmate? Maybe yes or maybe no. I have had dreams where I had seen the dead come to me and ask why they had not united with their soulmates.

I had awakened to dreams where I had not known either of the people in my dreams. Yet, within time I had met these people seen within my dreamland. One such story is as follows. I had seen a young adult woman filled with life. We sat and talked about her family. Her parents had a miserable marriage as I sat at one particular dinner table, where the daughter had lost her mother. She told me her mother had lived a very sad life. She was abused by her husband and never said anything as even after death she had taken the truth with her to the afterlife. Also, she had believed marriages are made in heaven and you must abide by the bond. She believed to just let life take its own course.

I heard this daughter’s questions and I knew her mind was seeking for answers not known to anyone of us.

Within my dream though, the same mother had confided within me that she had found love within her life. She had chosen to keep this love within the sacred chest of hers throughout eternity. The sacrifice she had made was not a sacrifice but her love for her true love, her child. A mother’s love for her child had given her the strength to live life to the fullest.

I knew she found her daughter as the love of her life. She had given the child all of her love. Her dream for this child’s future was her future and blessings. She had lived her life completely for her child. Even to the door of death, she knew she had raised a beautiful child and had a complete life. She lived for the love of her life, her daughter.

Within the same dream, I knew the husband was not in love with his wife, he told me he cared for her. He thought she was his soulmate. Yet, within a very short period of time he knew this was not love but just care for this woman. He had become her friend and savior throughout their college days. They tied the knot to be with each other until death do them apart. They did, but he did not love his wife. The both of them had argued and lived separate lives. Yet, they stayed in union for their daughter whom he told me was his life.

This dream was so strange. I knew the couple in reality and knew they had no love for each other. Yet, they both loved their child and lived for her.

The couple lived for their child, not for each other. Was this the right choice or not? That will only be told throughout time by the time travelers themselves.

Did they both have another soulmate? I don’t have the answers as I guess the answer had died with them, yet their life lives on as an example of love for a child. The child however told me she wished her parents had loved each other. It always bothers her, how can two people love their child so much and yet basically hate each other. However, I had no answers as I knew at this time the child needs to move on and find love within her life. I sat and watched a child loved so much by her own parents search for the love of her life within the universe of love. I had told her never to give up for he must be out there somewhere.

So, my message from my personal dream is that love is different within the eyes of each beholder.

A mother’s love for her child in this case was all this mother, this person, needed to live a complete life. Did she search for her soulmate? Yes I am sure she did. Yet, she compromised to be happy for the love she had.

Did her soulmate too wonder within another place on this Earth where he too searched for her and just decided upon a bachelor’s life?Or was he a family man whom did not have the love of his life but compromised to be happy and have any form of love within his life? Do people take these sadness within them beyond to their graves? Research has shown people are reborn with memories from their past lives. They are reborn only to unite with their soulmate.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Do look up reincarnation if you are searching for your soulmates. I have also touched the topic of reincarnation within my book. I believe some how all of these topics are interconnected.

Life is complete as lived by the traveler taking the journey through life. We live life to the fullest and hope always for a better tomorrow. We just do what is right for us and all around us. The blessings we find we accept as just, that a complete blessing.

Do we give up on love, on soulmates, or on our dreams? No, we hold on to the hands of hope as we walk through life. We try to avoid obstacles like lust and gluttony.

We should never give up on our dreams.

Our future is only possible through completion of our dreams. Destiny is not destined. I believe you should try to complete your own destiny, not by giving up but by trying to achieve it.

Different religious, mystical and mythological paths, believe in the complete union of soulmates. They have talked about destiny but being complete upon uniting with your true soulmate. They believe this is why and for various other reasons soulmates reincarnate to only search for each other.

However, love which guides or distracts us to a different path has her own mind and ways. Nothing is lost or found. Even when all is lost, you still have the learned lessons of life to share and leave behind for the future travelers of life.

If you are reading this and trying to figure out:

Do soulmates exist?
What is love and why is this hormone so powerful?
What do we do?

I personally believe in love, soulmates, dreams and reincarnation. I believe the hormone that controls our body could also be controlled through meditation and yoga. Through mystical spiritual awakening, we can convert ourselves to a person we would love to see within the mirrors of life. I believe you can control temptation – the forbidden sin, and walk upon the right path to your complete freedom.

Believe in yourself. Preserve the dignity of your mind, body, and soul as you journey though your life your way. Respect the opinions of the others even if you disagree. Aside from your belief, look within the evidence left behind for us throughout time.

After all, do tap into the scientific community. See what they are saying. Today all of the above, the scientific, religious, and scholars from different mystical communities, have left behind their advice of wisdom. They have agreed, yes love exists, soulmates do exist, soul families exist, twin families exist. Dreams are real and reincarnation is not just a myth but a belief millions live with and today has also been proven by scientific research done worldwide.

Did you find your soulmate?

Did you find love?
Do you have a soul family?
Do you see dreams or believe in dreams?

These again even though are proven throughout time, are still a personal perspective of the personal mind.

Today let your mind, body, and soul unite into one. Awaken from within. Only then, you shall see the truth was always there and is but always within you.

My own quote: 

“Love unites the mind, body, and soul yet to another mind, body, and soul, for only then eternally yours is but made through the union of soulmates throughout time.”

Blessings from Seattle,


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  1. This is so perfectly written, this post has got my mind ticking and has me questioning a lot of things. I don’t know if I do believe that there is only one person destined to be your soulmate as the likely hood of meeting them in this huge world is very slim but I do believe you can form bonds with people are create a soul mates together. Whether this be once throughout your lifetime or whether there be more.


    1. I agree. Soulmates, soul families, twin souls, are all interlinked. To grasp this theory, one must travel through all of these paths. Soulmates don’t necessarily always meet, and that is where soul families and reincarnation come in place. Reincarnation does not always mean death and rebirth, but an individual can reincarnate in life and be a totally different person as her or she awakens with complete different views. Eventually this world has one family, we are all related somehow, someway, to each other. Mind, body, and soul, are three aspects interlinked within one complete individual. It is like three different paths, that confuses and completes the individual. Not all of us are fortunate to find our soulmate or the soul families, but with hope we live. May all find peace within themselves for remember anyone who is close to you – be it a love interest, family member, or friend, is somehow interconnected to your soul. Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed your comment and am so grateful that you are thinking about this subject and maybe we can all research in union and one day have the answers amongst us. Blessings from Seattle.

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