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I am a spiritual traveler on a journey to awaken and bring peace, love, hope, and motivation back into our lives. The Earth has come to a stand where division has taken over our lives. So, I have taken this lonely journey upon my shoulders to bring union and hope back into our lives. I have created a bridge of union through different colors, races, and religions. Where all we see and know difference is a blessing as this colorful rainbow was created by The Creator. Come join me on this journey. I shall have my shoulder laid out there for you to cry, laugh, or find peace, as I have through my books.

The spiritual travelers of life we are, let’s join hand in hand through this journey of life. My book of original inspirational quotes, “Spiritual Travelers: Life’s Journey From The Past To The Present For The Future,”  is already available. My upcoming book of original prayers for all race, color, and religion is coming soon. Also, my upcoming romance novel taking all race, color, and religion through the tunnel of life is also coming soon. 


Blessings from Seattle,

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