Learn to love yourself first, then spread love as you learn to love.

Love is the only thing that keeps all of humans, animals, and nature in one bond.

The sky loves the Earth as he admires her from far away. Through the air, he blows kisses and his good mornings and good nights as both watch the glorious sun and moon singing in between them.

The birds flying and singing their beautiful songs stop over to build a nest and feed their young as they hold their young under their wings, hiding them from all dangers of life. The love they spread throughout time sings her songs in the air for all time to come.

The human mother and father watch over their children as they hold on to the tiny fingers from the first sight to eternity, giving up all the luxuries of life for it is then they realize this is the only luxury of life. They hold on to what they realize is the true miracle of life.

All things begin with love, the eternal blessings from the Heavens above, the sacred union of two souls. When two become one, it is then immortality is found. Love is immortal as all other things are but mortal. Love lives on beyond time and tide.

All things of life wash away as time passes by us, yet love lives on throughout time.

This blessing is the only bridge that unites we the humans with all of the animals, and the nature, from Heavens above to Earth beyond.

For this, I ask all of you to accept this blessing for your own self first. Then, watch how everything above, beyond, and on this universe but become yours, only yours, as in love there is no give or take but only complete blessings. I love this universe, all of her children, and all of her, from the bottom of my mind, body, and soul.

May you too find this love within your soul and watch how all of this universe is but yours too.

Take the first step. Learn to love yourself first, then watch how all but love you back.

Blessings from Seattle,



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