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You all have asked me, “What is love?” In my Kasteel Vrederic series, you will see from my point of view what love is. This message will be forever displayed to you, through my eyes. Within my eyes, love was spread all over the pages of my Kasteel Vrederic series. Love became my hope, love was written through infinite poems, love was displayed through the twin flames of my series, love became my complete message for you and for this world through the miracles of Kasteel Vrederic. 

Love is the pure blessing of hope and love is found within the two hearts of the beloveds.

If time and tide have taken you apart, then remember to call out to him or her throughout time. For everything in this world comes to an end, yet love and the bond of true twin flames never die. For within these books you will learn twin flames apart learn to function as an individual. Yet in union they are complete. Believe in true twin flames and know in this life or another you will unite. Like the rising phoenix, you too will rise again and again only for one another. So my message to you is be pure and true for one another. Be true to your family, your friends, your neighbors, and for all the humans across this world who only want to be loved and spread love.

Take some rejuvenated and magical drink of wisdom, from the miracles of Kasteel Vrederic.

Last year I had wished upon a star to find for all of you the true meaning of infinite love. This year I give all of you the miracle of everlasting romance. As you spill tears with these characters, in front of you there you will have your own wishing well. So as the year ends, I wish to gift all of you my blessings through the miracles of Kasteel Vrederic.

Miracles are there all around us. Just open the door to her and know she was waiting for you to open your door to her. A book is the miraculous portal to a world of wisdom where nothing is impossible. The unasked and unanswered questions find their answers within the pages of a book. Thoughts such as this phrase “If only you were mine,” I had as I created my characters, the inhabitants of Kasteel Vrederic. Then I realized how a powerful voice was created with my pen as I created the miracles of Kasteel Vrederic.

Through the pen of a sixteenth-century diarist, Jacobus van Vrederic, we now have upon us an infinite immortal love story.

The series began with the oath of a beloved as he takes an oath and promises his beloved, throughout time and tide, “I shall never let you go.” As the Netherlands fought for her freedom through the Dutch revolutionary war, a nobleman, Jacobus van Vrederic, fought for his beloved, and his only bond to her. A tearjerker, an immortal love story begins. I call this love story, Eternally Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go, Book One of the Kasteel Vrederic series.

Then we find ourselves wanting for more of, but what happened? Yes it’s true, we always say but if only this was a love story within a book, things would be different. Yet here we will see tears of separation. Promises given were promises kept. Then life moves on. Yet this is the miracle of Kasteel Vrederic where anything can happen, where wishes do come true.

Throughout the Dutch Eighty Years’ revolutionary war, Evermore Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go was created.

Here we follow Jacobus van Vrederic through the witch burning era, where a nobleman must save his innocent beloved from being burned at the stakes or maybe hung at the gallows. Read through the pages and know emotions are poured within the pages through the eyes of Jacobus van Vrederic. For here he knows he has the support of the famous spirits of Kasteel Vrederic, a gallant knight, a seer, and a baby girl who becomes the love and joy, and the blessed miracles of Kasteel Vrederic.

Time heals everything. Yet what about the twin flames who have risen life after life to only unite with one another? Why do they separate? If they were destined to be separated, then why did they even find one another, only to be separated? Not in Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond.

For here, the twin flames keep their given vows from the beyond. For they believe to live for one another and if destiny had them separated, they would be reborn again to only unite with one another. In this book, find out how reincarnation and through the magical doors of a paranormal castle, Erasmus van Phillip and Anadhi Newhouse find one another. Here you will see how Jacobus van Vrederic, the original diarist of the sixteenth century, reappears as the doors of Kasteel Vrederic open the miracle door for the parents of Jacobus van Vrederic in the twenty-first century. This love story is called, Be My Destiny: Vows From The Beyond.

Time and tide take away from us more than we the humans can hold on to. Yet the memories of our beloved ones never fade away. Here as you have crossed time and arrived at the twenty-first-century Kasteel Vrederic, you will hear the musical sound of heartbeats in Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond.

Here a beloved son of Kasteel Vrederic will say, “How does my mystical princess sleep so peacefully under the skies while I lay in bed sleepless?” This book will take you through life’s worst nightmares. Yet love will be victorious as a love of a beloved solves a murder mystery where a paranormal twist will keep the faith of a mother burning her candles with hope. This paranormal murder mystery will find Antonius van Phillip and Katelijne Snaaijer search for one another as they call upon one another crossing even the door of death. Here you all will find the surprise of a famous brother, Jacobus van Vrederic, reappear as their only hope. I call this passionate love story, Heart Beats Your Name: Vows From The Beyond.

Now as we have crossed time, in Entranced Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go we watch our famous diarist Jacobus van Vrederic’s reincarnated form Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip take us back to the seventeenth century as the seventeenth-century diary of the beloved granddaughter of the famous diarist is disappearing.

The paranormal castle becomes a portal where the famous family must find a way to travel time. For if they fail to travel time, the family of Kasteel Vrederic will all disappear as if they never existed. Find out how this paranormal family now must rewrite the passionate love story of Margriete “Rietje” Jacobus Peters and her beloved Knight, Sir Alexander van der Bijl. Travel time with Antonius van Phillip, Erasmus van Phillip, and the famous diarist and doctor Jacobus Vrederic van Phillip to the seventeenth century as they in union rewrite another wartime famous love story, where the diarists of Vows From The Beyond must travel to the diarists of I Shall Never Let You Go through the famous paranormal home of the inhabitants of Kasteel Vrederic.

I call this love story of Rietje and Sir Alexander, Entranced Beloved: I Shall Never Let You Go

As the year ends and we wait for the new year to bring upon our doors the blessings of miracles, why don’t you open your hearts for this miraculous series?

Here you will cry with them, you will live with them. You will repeat with them, if only you were mine. You will say, “I shall never let you go,” as they repeat it to their beloved. This year why don’t you too take your vows from the beyond and cross over to a better and healthier new year? There you will have within your hands the miracle series I call my Kasteel Vrederic series. 

As my gift to all of you this year, I give you my Kasteel Vrederic series. Why don’t you accept this series and walk to the new year, with the messages of Jacobus van Vrederic, as he tells you to follow your heart. Learn to love completely, learn to give completely. Also remember you are never alone as this paranormal family will always be there for you. They will be there through their blessed diaries guiding you today and your future generations tomorrow as all you have to do is keep them in your home as you pick up this amazing series. After you have these blessed books in your hands, you too will believe in miracles. For this is my gift to you the present generations today and you tomorrow the future generations. I call this gift, The Miracles Of Kasteel Vrederic.


Ann Marie Ruby

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