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Winter 2021 has arrived upon Earth, with freezing temperatures and freezing cold rain. Bone-chilling winds blowing everything around my property, yet I watch the wind chimes dancing with the wind, as if trying to calm me down, during the cold months of winter blues.

All around my neighborhood, I realized homes are being decorated with Christmas lights. My log cottage too looks like a gingerbread house with my Santa Claus standing on my front porch welcoming all who come.

winter blues

My Christmas tree stands tall near my warm stone fireplace, retelling a story of survival for I will not allow any depression to take over my blessed spirit, as I know you Mr. Depression always knock upon all homes uninvited.

This winter I will decorate my tree with blue lights and blue garlands. I will spread blue throws on my sofa, next to my bear throws. Yet I will not allow the winter blues to come and be my uninvited guest.

For I have decided to uninvite Mr. Winter Blues and only invite Mr. Winter Wonderland.

During the winter months, it is hard to feel positive as our positive stream of light, Mr. Sunshine takes a break. He leaves us early and does not pour in his blessings through his blessed sunshine. I know its effects can be really hard for so many of us. I try to open my windows and drapes, even for a few hours.

Yet during this time I know, seasonal affective disorder also knocks on so many of your doors. Remember though this is only temporary like the rough winter storms. The winter snowstorms, or ice storms too arrive unexpectedly and become a dangerous place for normal human life. Yet we the humans are stronger than all the storms combined. We will be victorious and overcome all obstacles of life. Let the winter blues be tough as we the human population in union are tougher.

Let’s live our life safely within a winter wonderland. The unexpected snowstorm that has arrived, let’s not be afraid but with proper winter gears on, we can enjoy the white winter wonderland. Remember you the individual should stand on your own grounds as you know your own home, your own situation. Don’t let anyone else decide for you what your inner heart says is right. Take the advice of all who do want to help yet be your own guide.

Remember our Earth is going through a pandemic that has changed all of our lives.

Questions and thoughts about whether this pandemic will leave us has brought on another pandemic on its own. Yes I did predict the pandemic in my book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby which was published in 2017. I also told you all about the vaccines before they were known to us. Yet today I would want you all to know before everything ends or gets better, it gets worse as the night is always darkest before dawn. I had another dream a few months ago.

I had seen there in the water were floating a lot of rats. I knew these rats or animals were used before in a lab or something where somehow a virus had spread. Yet I was watching the rats had spread something through the water and another kind of disease had started to take over. I called my friends and told them to be careful and drink filtered water with fresh lemon juice.

I don’t know where we will go with this dream, but I know we will see something in the future.

Yet I saw somehow I had crossed the poisonous river and knew things were all looking better.

Life will be better as I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Everything will be just all right.” You too should believe time will heal everything. Yet when I hear people complain when will life get back to normal, I tell everyone this is normal. Let’s be happy we are able to deal with the obstacles. We take life as it comes upon us, yet in union we will all be happy, for one another. Let’s not think of each individual for him or herself, but let’s work for one another. In union, we shall all cross this poisonous river.

Like Moses had crossed the river holding on to one another, we too shall cross this river of obstacles together as that’s why even thousands of years ago, Moses had shown us what to do. Let’s follow all of our guides of the past. You don’t have to believe in any religion to at least follow those given good advices. Remember history is a teacher who teaches us from the past.

If you are depressed, lethargic, or tired because of the winter blues, you can talk with your doctors or your family and friends.

Talking and letting go of all the hidden and unseen burdens from your inner chest will lighten the weight. Let the windows stream in the light during the daylight hours. Light a candle or turn on the romantic lanterns at night. Make your favorite meal and share it with a friend. For we can let go of our pain as we attract love and blessings.

Tonight why don’t you hold on to the magical hands of your beloved ones? Maybe your twin flame, or your blessed children. If you are blessed, maybe you can pick up your grandchildren, and hold on to all of them. If you are lonely tonight, then maybe you can pick up a good book.

For you the lonely ones, I have all my books out there to give you hope and blessings. Read some romantic poems and rejuvenate from within from my book of poetry Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure. You can recite a prayer with the candles on as I call one of my prayers “Candles Of Hope,” in my books of prayers I call Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest and Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.

Now all of you who need more than that can also travel time and enjoy the cold winter nights in Kasteel Vrederic, a magical home created for my Kasteel Vrederic series.

Here all you have to do is just turn the pages and follow your heart.

I know life is hard at this time, as we are all living this life together. You the stranger and I are all traveling through the worst pandemic of our lifetimes. Yet let’s not let go of hope. For even when all things fail, hope lives on. For I believe, life is mortal yet hope is immortal.

Take this immortality serum of hope with me. Open the windows of your inner soul to hope. Pick up your shawl and as you wrap it around you, think of it as a blanket of hope. Don’t let the winter blues knock you down. For you know you are stronger than all winter storms. For you have the power of closing the windows and doors and taking cover from the winter storms. So tonight do take cover from the winter blues. For remember around the corner, spring will come upon our doors as she opens the doors for Ms. Summer to come back into our lives.

Tonight as you hold on to your loved ones, do dream a little about Ms. Summer and let the winter blues know he is not our permanent guest. Be positive and let your positive vibes spread throughout this Earth. Remember everyone, in a short period of time, soon we shall all bid our farewell to the winter blues.

Throughout all the troubles of life, I keep on going forward without being scared of the cold and scary winter nights.

I imagine to have with me my beloved who looks upon me, even from far away as the beholder of my mind, body, and soul. I only dream of the promissory summer nights. A poem I have written for all of you to dream with and hold on to as a letter from a beloved, to keep you and all your beloved ones safe throughout the cold winter blues.


Winter blues wrap all around me,
Within the blue shawl of depression.

Yet I only imagine,
It is not my winter wrap,
But my summer night’s sweet dreams,
I create stories of all twin flames,
Looking out for one another,
Walking on the bare sand
As two,
Yet as one.

Throughout the cold,
Winter blues,
I sit by the window,
Dreaming about the future,
A life with my twin flame.

For I know all the chilling
Feelings of the lonely nights,
Will fade away,
As tonight from my inner soul
I will create,
Infinite love stories,
For this world.

Yet tonight,
As I fill all my memories,
With sweet passionate love stories,
The romantic novels
I create,
Of all twin flames,
Waiting for one another.

Finding one another,
Yet I too believe,
At the end of a very,
Cold winter night,
And at the beginning
Of a new chapter in my life,
I believe my twin flame too,
Will arrive,
Announcing to all
From now on and forever,
All cold winter nights,
All the winter blues
Will fade away,
As this is the beginning
Of a new story,
From now on
And eternally,
All cold nights shall be
And the rest of the nights,
Shall be,
Promissory Summer Nights.

Why don’t you all dream a little tonight? Be positive and believe in the true miracles of life. For wrapped within this miracle you shall find you too have recovered from your winter blues.

Sending my love and blessings,

Ann Marie Ruby

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