Forget-Me-Nots: Victims Of COVID-19


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Planting Forget-Me-Nots For The Victims Of Covid-19

I have planted forget-me-nots on my world map to forever remember all the lives lost due to COVID-19.

These flowers do not represent any data or statistics because in my eyes, victims are not statistics but a human life that can never be replaced or returned. All the countries of this one world fight for one another not against. This message was taught to us the world citizens by our biggest enemy called COVID-19. To be victorious against this world pandemic, we had to fight for one another. Fighting for one another is how our world scientists working with all world populations came through a miraculous scientific breakthrough called vaccines against our one enemy.

Time was against us as each and every day, we had casualties. Each country individually had calculated its own casualties. Mother Earth calculated her casualties as she only watched through the eyes of a mother, whose tears had united all of us the world populations into one home of unity, all for one and one for all. Through support and guidance across all borders, we held on to the hands virtually.

All nations across the globe are now trying to help spread the vaccine to one another, not the virus.

Collectively, the world fights for all her citizens. Here as we fight this war, we the human population will leave a message for the future generations. We stood to save life, not take life. We fought for one another, not against.

The doors and windows were all closed to one another as the world citizens took shelter within their individual caves. Fear and danger looming all around, yet none could be seen or heard as this enemy was invisible. How do we fight this invisible enemy who is looming around us when we cannot even see, hear, or feel it? Yet this enemy was felt by her victims. Day by day, more victims fell prey to this enemy.

The biggest enemy became the disbelievers of this war.

They questioned and became the super spreaders with or without their knowledge, just by denying this war. They brought this into their own land, their own neighborhood, their country, and own home, through their own denial. Disbelievers of this world are the predators who have joined hands against the prey, the victims of COVID-19. The predators kept on spreading lies against the scientific scholars who tried to fight with scientific proof. Yet the lies spread and took root as they spread and buried with them more innocent people.

Life is the teacher and the lessons given through the journey of life live even beyond a human’s time on Earth. I say you the individual trying to fight against the scientific scholars will be proven in time to be on the wrong side of history. Tomorrow, you the super spreaders will be known as the enemy of the world health pandemic of 2020. 

Your denial and arrogance will only take you further away from reality, through the wagon of time. Today, your actions have caused huge reactions as the casualties are all the humans lost to this world pandemic.

Simple lessons were given for us the world population to follow, to save one another. To keep everyone breathing, we were told not to breathe on one another. We were asked to wear a mask.

To keep one another safe and alive from being shot by the biggest enemy the main predator COVID-19, we were told to keep a distance by space.

Yet these simple lessons were not followed or understood through arrogance of the mind of arrogant people. This caused more casualties. Like the enemy is invisible so are the arrogant spreaders’ crimes. Both are the invisible and silent killers.

Today, hope looms around the globe through scientific experiments and hardworking of unity through the blessed hands of the scientific scholars. They work for all humans across the globe. Silently, they kept themselves hidden from the eyes and ears of the enemy as they only wanted to heal this one world. They did not discriminate against any one land, or color, or race. They knew we are here in the same boat. If one sinks, the rest will follow. So, we must save one and all to save the one world population.

Victory was found at the end of the tunnel. Today, we have secured a victory through scientific research and sacrifices committed. Yet as we walk forward and get out of our hidden grottos to hug one another in person not virtually, we must never forget the lessons of the pandemic of 2020.

We must not forget all the victims who have been washed away by this catastrophic storm of 2020.

All the innocent lives lost throughout this globe must be kept alive through a virtual memorial created only for the world victims of the pandemic of COVID-19.

So today, I ask all world leaders to join hands across this globe and show your unity in creating a world map through the lives lost in your own land. A world map created for all the victims of COVID-19 will unite this world into one home. This map will forever show the present, past, and future generations, when the world came together to fight a pandemic called COVID19. Here, we will prove not all wars divide us as this one war had united the world citizens.

The picture is of our world map. I have planted forget-me-nots throughout all the lands as my gift to all the victims. I call this map, “Forget-Me-Nots” world map for the world citizens and her victims of COVID-19.


Ann Marie Ruby


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