Masks and social distancing by Ann Marie Ruby



Don’t drink and drive,

don’t smoke near people,

don’t go without a mask in public.

All of these rules if not obeyed might take a life, your own and the others’. Be a human with humanity and try to give something back to your human brothers and sisters. Remember my message, and do not leave your home without the life vests of 2020, the masks and social distancing.

Why argue with common sense?

Always I have wondered why would people drink and drive. I never found an answer in favor of the drunk, justifying the wrong they committed. I have firsthand seen a friend lose her husband and the father of her young children, taken away too soon by a drunk driver.

Is it fair to watch those children grow up without a father? Is it fair for a wife to have to go to bed all alone for the rest of her life? No, it is not but how would the wrong acknowledge the wrong? For even today as I ask this question, there is another drunk driver somewhere on Earth driving and committing the same sin without even blinking twice.

Smoking is injurious to the health of the smoker and all around him. Yet, the smoker does not see this and still smokes without blinking. I know this as my father was a firsthand victim to his own smoking. Did he stop smoking? Yes, he did, yet it was one day too late. One year after he quit, he found out the side effects of smoking again a day too late.

Today, we have amongst ourselves the catastrophic storm of 2020, known to all as COVID-19, where no cure is in sight.

We are all trying to keep afloat within this dark unknown ocean of the biggest health pandemic of our lives.

I am surprised beyond words to see people still refuse to wear masks as their right to wear or not. I ask you what about the victims of your actions? The silent killer storms that you yourself are brewing find their victims who cannot even word their rights for life has come to an end for them far too early.

Masks are the preventive medications as not wearing masks is a cause of the spread. Refusing to keep a distance will only delay the union you so seek. Why are you so forcefully wrong? I have heard about the powerful voice of the wrong to be loud, yet never knew they have lost the basic humanity of the human mind. Today for the first time, we the humans across this globe know how an empty vessel sounds.

Tears only flow from your eyes when the thorn is in your own eyes.

Yet why do the tears of the victims not touch your inner soul? How pleased and blessed we feel to see Mother Nature’s waterfalls across this globe. We meditate and rejuvenate within these places of wonders. We all love her and cry for her too.

Today, I see so many mothers across this globe spreading waterfalls from their inner eyes, yet it seems like they don’t fall within the sights of you the vacationers.

I find all the vacationers crying out in anger, they can’t go out in public to spend some cozy nights with their family and friends. I ask you to awaken from your selfish daydreams and see the families separated by death because of your arrogance and selfish ignorance. You can’t stay put for one day, yet families are being separated by death because of your actions. Yes, all actions have reactions.

You can stay within your cabin or just be selfless and place a mask on.

Keep the distance and not create a crowd. Wait a few days and not go crazy to start your normal life today, only to take away the normalcy of your victims forever. Ask yourself why you had committed this crime, in a few years when the death toll across this globe just rises like the water marks of a rising sea.

I know it is hard to take the bite of the blame as you are thinking you personally did nothing for it was a group crime. Yet by supporting the wrong group of people and creating more wrongdoers, are you too not at fault?

How could one wrongdoer and the one person who supports the wrong and the wrongdoer ever be right? You are creating an army of wrongdoers.

Don’t wait for the knock of the bearers of bad news to come upon your doors to awaken yourself. You are now the predator yet soon you too will be your own prey.

The drunk drivers’ committed crimes are only seen after they have taken a victim, be it themselves or the others.

The deadly smokers too find their victims after they become a victim too. The people who refuse to wear a mask or keep a distance not only will be a victim themselves but are also responsible for their victims.

Don’t become a victim to your own crime. Be the lifesavers and give life a chance. Save all around you as you save yourself by wearing a mask.

During this catastrophic storm of 2020, we are all trying to float and survive until the arks come to us.

To help everyone keep afloat, the skippers have asked all of us to wear a mask and keep our distance. This advice they have given all of us is our saving grace. Keep them on and help provide masks for all.

Buy one for yourself and donate one for your neighbors. Spread true scientific messages and devices to protect one another. Do not distribute the virus but distribute the masks.

Protect yourself and all others through the learned lessons of life. Learn from the teachers who walk with the truth and do not start teaching false lessons.

Let all of us stand in union with the truth and just. Let us not take away from anyone what we cannot give back.

The scientific scholars have provided us with information, like the air stewards of an airplane.

We are asked by an air stewardess to always place our life vests on first, then help all others to put theirs on, in case of an emergency. Today, we are told by the lifeguards of this catastrophic storm to wear a mask, to save our own life and all others around us.

On my social media sites, I have received questions asking, “When will this pandemic end?”

I had predicted this pandemic and published my prediction in the year 2017, in Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. I had also predicted the virus coming from a fish market and had written about it both in this book and on social media. My prediction that this virus will be seen in fish and meat was also in this book and on social media.

Also I had predicted this virus will end as there will be a vaccine that will be administered in dosages.

I had written about the vaccine and shared the information on social media as I had seen there would be one, two, or three dosages depending on the person.

Now, all of these have come true in front of us.

My answer to your question of when will life get back to normal, is simple. Make life simple. Do your share and stop spreading the virus. Today, you know how it feels to live within a pandemic. You can be the teacher for the future and do your share.

Life is like water. The vessel you place the water in, is the shape it takes. Learn to be safe. Use a mask and practice social distancing. The vaccine will appear like a prayer answered. Yet until it does, take this journey through the devastating storm of 2020 as normal through a catastrophic storm. This is normal and learn to walk through this one step at a time. Hold on to one another by supporting one another not through publicly creating a crowd. The bridge of love is stronger than the distance of separation. For all of you, my love is stronger than any fence distancing us.

For humanity, today I ask all humans across this globe to wear a mask. Remember the words of a lifeguard and the air stewardess, and keep afloat with the help of the life saving vest of 2020, the masks and social distancing.


Ann Marie Ruby


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