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Ann Marie Ruby looking at the sky. Behind her, you can see the conjunction of Jupitar and Saturn 2020.


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All I could say is, what a year we were all gifted with.

It has been a year where we had no walls between our houses. All the families across the Earth shared the sorrows and joys of one another. Families across the planet had no privacy as this year we had wanted no privacy. Yet we were given all the privacy one could expect; however, everything that happened within our walls was headline news across the world. 2020 had kept all humans across the world in seclusion, that also made headline news. The health pandemic that crossed all borders opened all walls to one another. We the human population had through this devastation united through humanity. The year 2020 secluded all humans to save all from one another. So, I too welcomed this historical catastrophically devastating year of 2020, secluded and lonely only for you.

A year of sorrow was felt across the one world. Normally, we see and hear our neighbors’ pain, nonetheless it is impossible to feel the depth of another person’s pain. This too changed as we all felt the same pain as we were all struck with one another’s pain. Trying to be there for one another, we caused this devastation to spread like wildfires. This wildfire had spread so fast, it listened to no border patrol’s request, nor did it stay within a country’s border. This fire burned down all on her way as she did not discriminate against any race, color, or religion. She left her ashes flying around the air far after her departure.

The fear of being burned by the health pandemic of this year has fogged up the air.

The ashes of the pandemic have found their ways to all above the mountains, in the ocean, and on land. Being burned by the leftover pandemic gripped in fear all humans across the borders and the aftershock was felt throughout this Earth. It was as if the Earth felt her biggest earthquake and all the people had no place to hide, for the air we all are breathing had been infected. Yet why, how, and when will this storm end, no one still knows.

It is this year that has given a new name to prayers and humanity. We all realized this Earth has one door of entry and one door of exit. Whatever race, color, or religion, you might have or believe in, the journey through 2020 was equal. We are all travelers trying to find a way out from this unseen, unknown tunnel.

There is no bridge separating one from another. This year did not separate us by race, color, or religion. Prayers were recited within a church, mosque, mandir, synagogue, and all other places of worshipping for one another. This year, we knew all for one and one for all. Humanity came first before any life lost. Humanity found a new name as we all knew humanity meant hope.

As a dream psychic, I personally felt like I was living in one of my dreams where I knew a health pandemic had taken over the world.

I had witnessed this catastrophic health crisis in my dreams. I had written about this in my 2017 published book Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby. Also, I had written on social media about the cure being an injection that would be administered in multiple doses. Even within fear and sadness of being criticized, I had published my book. My book trailer had so many critical voices of the powerful wrong that I had even stopped advertising my book trailer. Yet the pandemic came and had fallen on top of all, even the powerful voices of the wrong. The wrongful voices could only shout and criticize yet not prevent the pandemic.

The powerful wrong voices had stopped a dream psychic’s warning, yet they could not stop the warnings of the scientific scholars. Even the scientific scholars too could not prevent the powerful voices of the wrong. A small person like myself had stopped on her track in fear of the powerful wrong voices. But I must say the scientific scholars did not stop at any harsh words or voices. They remained on their journey.

Today, because of some scientific scholars’ unprevented journey through the criticisms, we have upon our hands a vaccine.

I see the end of the tunnel where I see light and hope. In another dream of mine, I saw I was hidden in a cave, fearful of getting out of the cave. On one side, I saw death and stretchers and on the other side, I had seen an end to the tunnel. There I saw again Archangel Michael standing with a smile as he had asked did you write your books? I told him yes, I did. I wrote my dream diaries, I wrote the prayer books, I wrote the book about the hate crisis, I also wrote much more, like now I have my Love Letters out too. He told me then it is time I must show all the people who accept or don’t, all of my books.

So today for all of you, I have all of my books available on Amazon or wherever books are available. No more hiding in the cave or being told by anyone to keep my dream diary hidden in a cave. You the harsh voice of the critic should also know don’t be so harsh as your harshness will become your pitfall. Don’t wish upon another what you don’t wish upon yourself. All race, color, and religion have a right to exist as equal for their believers. Be the voice of understanding, not the critic.

Today, I watch you the critic still argue with all world leaders.

You don’t want to wear a mask, you don’t want to wear a condom, and you don’t want to stay home during Christmas Eve or during New Year’s Eve. As you are amongst the fit and energetic, you don’t care about spreading the virus. You don’t care about the elders or the people suffering with underlying conditions.

I ask you why? Why are you so filled up with your own emotions that you don’t see the others?

Your eyes are filled up with your unjust tears so you don’t see any other person or their tears. You are walking with a mirror in front of yourself so you don’t even see the others. Within the reflecting waters of life, you only see your own refection so you don’t see anyone else. Yet today if you had just stood up and stopped feeling so pathetic about your own self, you would see the others. You would then see your action had a reaction and has caused everlasting pain to the lives of others.

All of you reading this article, do awaken from your deep sleep of self-inflicted pain of selfishness. Just try to let go of the “me and my way” and see the others traveling alongside you on the same path. Wear a mask and keep a distance from your loved ones and others you might just hate. Would you not hate yourself more if you found out you were the cause of their pain and suffering more than your hate toward them?

Do as your world leaders ask of you and be there for them at this time.

Wear a mask, keep a distance, and put a hold to holiday gatherings. We can all get together and celebrate as the storm warnings are lifted. Right now, we are all told to hide within our shelters until the announcement comes and the storm is behind us. The community is created with us not “I, my, and me.”

In the tunnel as we have all taken shelter, I have kept my pen and papers going for you all. Along with my other books, my new book has taken birth from my pen and paper. As I had given all of you my prophetic books of warnings, I had this year given you short stories from a country I call my dreamland. I have brought back to life the past inhabitants of the Netherlands through the stories of their lives lived. Go and take a look at my book Everblooming: Through The Twelve Provinces Of The Netherlands. Learn from the past inhabitants how they all created history through their admirable lives lived. Learn from them what we are doing wrong, or where we can improve.

Also, this year, I have my personal Love Letters written in poems. These love stories have all come to life through my book of poetry. This is my personal gift to all the lovers to gift their beloved.

I know how hard it must have been to stay away from your beloved ones.

So, as I had asked all of you to keep a distance and wear a mask, now I gift you my Love Letters, my book of poetry to give to your beloved as you come out of the cave. You can join me and let all your loved ones know we are all out of the cave with our book of love letters. For all of you, I would love to let you know I have after a year of a devastating pandemic, found the end of my tunnel. The light is now visible as we have reached the final stage of this storm.

Soon, the skies will be clear, and dawn will break through in the form of a vaccine given to this world by our beloved scientific scholars. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I have my personal gift for you all to take along the way as you too get out of this cave. This gift I call, Love Letters: The Timeless Treasure. Do treasure her as you give this to yourself as a gift. Do remember to give this to your beloved as her or his treasured gift.

I hope you all will join me in this joyous occasion as we all find the end of the tunnel together. Let’s all wait a little longer while the captains of our land announce for one and all it is safe to get out of this cave. This year for the love of one and all, we the humans with humanity in the year 2020 had secluded ourselves for one another.


Ann Marie Ruby

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