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Yes, I have written the songs.

I am known as a Dream Psychic who travels through the parallel world.

Within a dream, the Holy Archangel Michael asked, “Have you written the songs yet?”

My answer to him was I am searching for a prayer I can recite with everyone. I was not searching for any miracle, money, or anything special, but just a nice prayer I can recite in union with people of different faiths.

The traveler I had become in search of heavenly peace. The path or the journey never scared me. To all the travelers along the path I have crossed, I had always given my blessings. Yet, through the houses of religion, I watched how divided all became.

I knew within this journey of my life, I must unite all through the sweet tunes of a prayer.

The prayers that divide us must unite us too. Tears became my best friends. I watched how devoted people were to their own house of religion. Yet, so divided within one another’s religious views. I had waited for an answer to come to me through divine intervention.

I always waited for the other person to take the first step or give me the answers to my questions. Through this journey of life, I was blessed to have seen the Holy Archangels. As I had asked for a prayer, in one dream, the Holy Archangel Michael asked me, “Have you found the answers yet?”

I kept having the same question arrive over and over through my blessed dreams.

I knew I must find the answer myself. All night, I would see myself writing songs. I heard my written songs were being recited. Each morning as I had awakened at dawn, I knew I was singing and saying the words . I wrote down all that I could remember each day, within my sacred diaries. Yet, I never had the courage to talk about my prayers with anyone else. The fear of being criticized by the harsh words of the critics had frozen my inner self from publishing my spiritual songs.

After I had written my prayers within my diaries, I had yet another dream.

People were crying as they sat by the rivers for a prayer. I had written about this dream but not in detail before. In this dream, there was a person who was crying for a prayer to recite with his fellow humans. With his hands in the river, he was asking for something. I watched a prayer I wrote, placed in a bottle and floated to him. People were picking up different bottles that they had found floating near them. Some were sick and praying. Some just wanted a prayer to recite for inner peace.

I watched how lost these people felt as some of them did not belong to any religious group but do believe in the One Creator. I cried with these people as I knew our human mind travels for the answers. Sometimes we just want to speak with our Creator directly without anyone criticizing our ways of asking. I saw the Holy Archangels were watching my tears roll into the water.

They said, “The Lord accepts all without discriminating, for how can a parent discriminate against the children? All are equal.”

I asked, “What should I do?”

They asked, “Have you written the songs yet?”

I told them, “Yes, secretly hidden in my diary within my sacred chest.”

In a few months, I had another dream.

I was in a cave. Through one door, I saw sirens being heard. Ambulances were rushing in. People were being rushed into and out of hospitals. I heard fearful voices filled with anger and loud cries all around me. I wanted to give all some comfort and tell them don’t fear anything for even death is not scary as your Lord is watching over. Life is a journey and death is not so fearful when you know your Creator watches over all.

I saw I had some books in my hand as a door appeared in the cave and I ran out of my cave. I saw Archangel Michael in a car. He asked again, “Have you written the songs yet?”

I answered “Yes.”

At dawn, I knew I must get out of my cave and publish these prayers.

Someone else had also seen the dream as he had written to me and shared his personal dream.

I knew I have to do something without the fear o what people say or recite back to me. I must recite and share my spiritual songs with all of whom do accept.

Finally with a lot of weight off of my chest, I finally was able to write my blessed prayers I call songs on paper. Through the intervention of four human Angels, I finally was able to say to the Holy Archangels,

“Yes, I have written the songs.”

The person who had seen the interconnecting dream with me about the prayers is also on my management team now. After he had received the book of prayers, I found out he has an amazing voice, with which I love to hear my prayer songs.

A traveler I had become to unite all humans within one house of humanity. Today, I give you my two books of prayers.

Within them, I have found peace, joy, and harmony. These books represent no one religion, but all creation of the One Creator.

Come all humans with humanity and unite with one another. As on this day, we the humans fight a catastrophic war against an invisible illness, we can all in union place our hands up to the invisible yet visible Creator. Invisible to all eyes, the Creator is, yet very visible through hope and faith. Unite for peace against all war. Solidarity is asked for as we see this invisible enemy called COVID-19, discriminates against no one.

From my quest to unite all humans within a musical home of prayer, I give you my blessings through my Spiritual Songs collection. Religion, race, or color will not divide us for within these pages, we are all humans with humanity.

I give you my songs.

Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest

THE HEALER / Spiritual Songs

Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul


Come and sing with me, “Where there is no hope, there is but one.

United for humanity, let us raise our united hands and sing these sweet songs of prayers to the One Creator of the creation. Unite through these songs for humanity through harmony. Enjoy the book trailer and have a blessed day.

Today, I end this post with my answer as my blessings, “Yes, I have written the songs.”

*A special thanks to my team for working with me on this trailer.*


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