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Your youth and your golden years unite through the journey of your life. It is true you never get to stand at the same place to see one another. Yet, your elderly self equipped with the knowledge of age does meet you down the memory lane of life. What if you the young could meet your older self in the reflecting mirror? Would you then treat yourself any different from the way you treat yourself today?

“You the individual cannot see yourself, for you need to see your reflection within the reflection of a mirror, water or another person’s eyes. I ask you then, how do you differentiate yourself from the others?”

-Ann Marie Ruby

This journey of my life has brought me to a complete stop where I too question my own self.

Today, I find our human population throughout the Earth battling a catastrophic war. This war I call our human health crisis. Within this war, sacrifices are being made as we deal with our new enemy, time. Here we are told to sacrifice the old and the weak in health. The people who were fighting time to stay alive are being told to let go and be one of the sacrifices.

Tears are my best friend as I questioned myself how could I ask another person to be sacrificed because of age? For I know within the elderly population, there might be a magical healer you call a scientist, who shall leave behind the cure to this pandemic catastrophic disease. Without a blink, he shall sacrifice his given life to save you and all the future generations. Yet, today I hear some young people around the world are not even bothered about the hurtful words being recited like a prayer. They are saying sacrifice the weak and elderly first.

Words are thrown out in the open air which shall guide your own elderly self tomorrow. History you shall make and the pages you will never want to share with your future generations as those pages shall bring down your dark sides of the past.

Actions speak louder than words.

I see people avoiding the warning of the scientists as they go out in the open air to have one minute’s pleasure. Yet, your one minute pleasure will be responsible for another person’s last breath. Why do you not feel the pain of the others? Why do you wait to speak only when the pain hits your own doors?

You feel stuck inside your home. You have nothing to do and are worried about only yourself. Remember because you had left your home and broken your stay at home order and gone to the beach or movies, today another person has lost their life. Does your heart not break when a person next door to you is mourning his family member’s death, but can’t even be at the funeral service?

Has humanity found herself infected with this virus too?

Are all young irresponsible? No, I am not irresponsible or will never place another person in harm’s way. The young are also responsible as we are fighting to save the Earth from climate change. We are fighting against racism, and religious discrimination. We are fighting against drunk drivers, and much more. I know the young and the old unite within the house of love. We are all for one another. We the humans hold on to our humanity even when all is lost.

Today, as I watch the news media talk about who will be sacrificed and why they should be sacrificed, I just can’t justify any of the reasons. Life is a journey where I know for some, it is only a day, and for others, it is a hundred years or more. Yet, the day a person has is her or his given gift of life. From dawn through dusk, this gift was given to the individual as a complete blessing from the beyond. No one has a right to take this day away.

I ask the humans facing the catastrophe to be gentle to your own elderly self.

If you are being forced to stay inside, know this is a blessing as you are safe under your secured roof. Others are trying to brave out the storm in harm’s way. They too would like to stay indoors with their beloved family and friends. They want to know tomorrow they will be here to see yet another dawn. As the essential employees fight to keep the society moving forward, be there for them and stay inside. Do your share.

I watch our social media stream everyday as people are bored.

They can’t go to the mall, the cinema, the bar, or the parks. Take my word and believe it becomes easy as you learn to love this world as your own family. You will not get an award or be in the media for saving lives.

Yet, you will get an award from within your inner soul known as your complete satisfaction. Here no one knows of you, yet you know you too were there, not as an essential employee but as a human with humanity.

Awaken your humanity and be there for your elderly self.

This journey of life is hard and at times invisibly painful. The journey might be different and our paths too might be different, yet we the humans are all the same. We all enter this world and we all exit this world. Our stories are all different which keeps all of us going in union.

Here the doctors need the grocers. They both need the bankers. All of them need the frontline employees too. Here we all need one another to complete our journey in peace. Instead of sacrificing one for the other, let us stand up in union for one another. Let there not be a sacrifice other than love. I have written in a prayer, “Sacrifice I commit is but all my love for my Lord. No sacrifice is but a sacrifice.”

Tomorrow as the storm ends and we find ourselves in the clear, let us celebrate with the children, the youth, the young, the old, and the elderly as a society in harmony.

Consider this world as your one family and you shall find all the faces across this Earth send you love and blessings throughout the years to come. When you end up in the elderly section as the waves of life take you there, go with honor, dignity, and courage. Turn the pages of history and show your future generations you were amongst the humans with humanity.

“Time passes by through the journey of a lifetime. This journey begins at dawn and ends as the new day begins. You can preview your complete life’s journey from your childhood, adulthood, and the golden years in complete within the eyes of another stranger from the future, known as yourself.”

-Ann Marie Ruby

Today, I shall keep my candles of hope glowing as I turn on the lanterns in my log cabin for all of you.

My prayers are for all the people across this group to unite regardless of age. Let not the age divide us as we all have come and landed upon this catastrophic storm together. I know we shall all cross this ocean of obstacles together as we are all humans with humanity.

Light the lanterns in your house and keep the prayers going. I know our prayers shall glow like the Spiritual Lighthouse from the beyond. Today, we survive within hope and tomorrow we shall all find ourselves a way out from the dark night. For I always say,

“Where there is no hope, there is but one.”

Today, we the humans have an unknown, unseen, danger looming around. Blessed scientific scholars are trying to guide us through this catastrophic storm. Be the guided, not the stranded as you too give them your helping hands as they ask for yours. Do as they say with caution as you know yourself better than anyone else. Please do not take risk as this catastrophic storm gets bigger as she is looking for more humans each and every day. We the united humans holding on to one another shall be victorious as we are united in this storm, and she is alone.

Please be there for all the humans especially for the elderly and the weak.

They have traveled a hard and long battle on their own to be saved and picked up by your blessed hands.

Please seek medical advice from your doctors only. Read and learn the directions to how we can battle and conquer this obstacle in union. Do not ever lose hope for when united we have one another at all times. I shall hold on to all of you through my prayers. Please hold on to me through your prayers too.

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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