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Peace finds her way to you as she loves you to be her best friend, accept her friendship, and be rewarded by this amazing friendship. Find peace within yourself and don’t worry about searching for her within others. Peace awakens you as you awaken yourself for her. Today, we the human race must awaken to peace, joy, and harmony even within a catastrophic storm.

Today, we the humans must awaken ourselves to the Eternal Truth.

For me, this truth lies within all race, color, and religion. There are no borders dividing us from one another. The air we all breathe is being infected with a virus as she is spreading faster than wildfires. She sees no race, color, or religion. She sees no age or gender and takes all on her way.

We must all build a wall in union, so we can block her off. We must stand up and fight this enemy together. One and all must unite against this catastrophic invisible storm. United through knowledge, united through science, united through the learned lessons of life, and united within one prayer for all humans, we the humans shall be victorious.

Remember if one of us falls, we all have a chance of falling.

So, let us unite selflessly and hold on to all for we are all the one human race. Today, our human family is in danger and we must unite within knowledge and be strong for one another. Today, we are taught to stay six feet apart to save all lives and not get six feet under.

A lesson is being taught to our generations as we had all drifted apart for being different from one another. Today, we watch all race, color, and religion unite to save one another. My personal assistant had sent me a newspaper article in which a Hindu person had died after losing his battle from cancer in a town very much divided, as the tensions between the Muslims and Hindus are high. After the Hindu neighbor had passed away, he had no family member to complete his burial rites, as all were under a stay at home order. The Muslim neighbors had united and completed his final rites in a complete Hindu way chanting, “Ram Naam Satya Hai.” You can read this article from India here.

I read this and knew we the humans have not lost our humanity.

Maybe we had lost it within our walk of life. But when we are put to the test, humanity is and shall always be victorious. We were separated during a picturesque life, but united through the catastrophic storm of life.

I know it is within human nature to forget about the dark storms of life as we find ourselves within the picturesque days. We forget the pain and sufferings of our own selves and others. The fear that grips all of us to unite is forgotten when we find ourselves out of the danger.

But why?

I guess it is natural and normal as survival tactics were taught to us throughout the journey of life. We are taught to leave the sorrows behind and move on.

Yet, I want all of you to move on with some good lessons of life. Remember the journey through life is a lesson learned through life. Today, we the present shall be the past tomorrow as our future generations remember our journey through the COVID-19 time period. History shall talk about how the world population had united to help one another through a pandemic that came through our generation. The children shall read about this time period within their history books and know there is no difference between race, color, and religion as all are the travelers of life.

I want all of you to be in that history book where we were all there, one for another, where our tears broke the boundaries that had divided us. Our grief had united all into one home of humanity and we all fought for one another.

This is our one family under one roof and one home, the skies above, and the Earth beneath.

Our family has united from a catastrophic storm called COVID-19, under one home called humanity.

As you the individual today take shelter within your own home, do remember and say a prayer for your human family members, the essential employees like the frontline first responders, the health care workers, the law enforcement workers, the essential bank employees, the grocery clerks, the pharmacists and pharmacy essential staff, and all who are risking their personal safety to be there for you. Please unite with me and recite a prayer especially for them to be safe.

Find your inner peace first, then unite this world in peace and harmony. Be the candles of hope, who guide all in the present to the future. We shall be remembered as the candles of the past who guided all to a better and more peaceful world.

Today, as we all stand in the dark with a candle in our hands, remember dawn shall break through and a new day shall be upon us. Until dawn though, let us unitedly pray for one and all. Fear that grips all of us will convert us into a stronger and better human tomorrow.

Today, I too wait in fear as I know my faith and hope will be my guide to a better tomorrow as my prayers will be my strength.

This night as we spread our tears and hold our hands in a fist in fear, please believe that tomorrow we shall all find this journey has finally come to an end. The pages will turn as the winds of hope shall come upon us.

If you are trying to overcome this catastrophic dark night all alone, remember to meditate with a prayer on your lips. Learn to breathe in the positive vibes and exhale the negative vibes.

Please find comfort in knowing all your neighbors too are going through this same catastrophic night. You are not alone here. We are all together in this gondola of life. Be positive and know positivity shall be our meditation prayer and our guide through this lonely night.

If you need a prayer said for you or your loved ones, please let me know. I shall say a prayer for all of you always.

My prayer books are there for all of you on Amazon.

My book Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light, guides one through the unanswered questions of life. A reader has told me after reading this book, she has found the journey through life and all the fears of life not to be fearful. Please find this book on Amazon as all my books are there for you as my blessings throughout time.

I had found peace within my mind, body, and soul as I knew I had to do my share to guide you to find peace within yourself too. So, I have found my words and written them within the pages of my books for you.


Ann Marie Ruby

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