Autumn and spring are my two favorite times throughout the year. As winter approaches, my thoughts are always with the birds flying away to find shelter from the cold freezing weather. I know again, I shall see my friends with the arrival of spring.

In between the separation, is a time I observe deep within my thoughts of why, where, and when.

Why do we have to be separated from the people we but love? Where are they and when would we unite? I know never am I separated from the people I love as I have them within the wellbeing of all humans.

Life is another page from Mother Nature, where love, union, and separation, are but interlinked. I found out that the bird family living in my birdhouse are missing. They have traveled to a warmer place for the winter. I await for new bird families to arrive within the near future. Letters have poured in from my human families from all around the world.

This time, I had received some very touchy questions no one wants to ask or answer.

Some were: “Why do we the humans differ so much from one another?” “Why are there so many religions, and are they separating us from one another?”

Within the sacred soul of all humans, from birth, we are but introduced with the love and joys of life. Never are we separated from our inner soul of the personal perceptions of the personal perceivers. Life and the journey through life, changes our inner thinking ability like the waters in an ocean changes through the journey of her life. The river banks are always changing as the river but changes her courses through the different courses of her life. Humans too are changing as they encounter different courses through life.

Like all humans, I have found the change within my mind, body, and soul, a blessed path to awakening for humanity.

I never thought differences to be unique characteristics of another soul.

I always thought of the same path, the same food, and the same rituals of life to be my path. Until one day, I had awakened to differences through the traveler’s journey of life. I realized life is beautiful as I accept the differences as blessed learning experiences of life. It was known to me that I must awaken myself first and I knew this was to remove the negativities from my inner soul and be positive about our one world.

I have devoted my life for the wellbeing of humans through the mystical path of words. Also, I believe through words of wisdom, we could unite this world within one group called humanity. I walk through different lands and different race, to find the unanswered questions of my personal mind, my personal perception throughout the journey of life. All of the answers to my own questions are but my personal perception.

I don’t believe any religion divides one another.

I believe each religion is but a different school where we enter to gain knowledge, to do good, and we learn to disagree when we cannot agree. Religion does not create differences, nor do we. For we all get hungry, we all need food and sleep. We all need one another for support throughout this lonely journey through life. Religion is but a guide, humanity is but found within all humans alike. Life is a blessed journey, We learn to live, laugh, and love. For I believe within all human beings there is the sacred tool we but carry, which is known as personal knowledge through humanity. I believe above and beyond anything, there is the most powerful weapon we but carry within our soul, known as love.

Love lives beyond time and tide.

Love unites all throughout land, race, or religion.

So my answer to your questions, I believe religions are but different schools teaching the same message.

They never teach to be inhumane, but awaken humanity.

A traveler I had become in search of humanity and the wellbeing of all humans. I walked across the globe, to only realize as a thirsty person that I had been offered water from strangers. I had traveled through strange lands, not my birth or adopted, but even then I had been welcomed and had a pleasant experience.

Like the flying birds, I had landed within the Netherlands within Schiphol Airport. All throughout the airport, I was treated like a blessed guest. I felt safe and the welcome home signs had my sacred tears pour without any warnings.

At the Grand Cafe Plaza in Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport Cafe


I believe no land or race takes away the humanity from a human.

I believe love, the only truth of life, unites all throughout time.

Throughout this winter, you the traveler must take upon your soul, love and blessings. As you land upon different lands, race, or religion, do spread love and blessings all around. As your journey but comes to an end, you shall find across this globe what you the traveler had left behind.

After my short trip through the Netherlands, I had come home with the vacation blues.

Yet, I found messages waiting for me within my social media websites. I had friend requests from strangers I had met within my short journey. Strangers I had not known, are but my blessed friends spread throughout the Netherlands. This had removed my vacation blues and had given me back hope. Hope is what I had stared my blessed journey through words for differences between land and race come to an end through the doors of the sacred love for humanity.

A mother and a daughter had recently celebrated family time within the Netherlands. I felt I was there too through social media as they had requested to be my friends. A single mother and her son had shared pictures of their dinner date, I felt I was there too as again she had invited me to be her friend. A mother and her young daughters had celebrated Thanksgiving alone without their dad as he was abroad, I felt I was there with them too.

I have started to decorate my Christmas tree and my log cabin for the Holidays.

I did not feel lonely for the first time in my whole life. From all across the globe, my sacred Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian friends have send their blessings. I have received blessings and hugs from people whom are not affiliated with any religion. This was the answer my sacred soul but was seeking. One world, one family.

Today, as you awaken with love, honor, and just, do live, love, and laugh. Spread the blessings today as you but knock, seek, and ask for. Today, you be the human your soul but wants to see within your inner mirror. As you become the traveler searching for humanity within all humans, do find humanity within yourself first. The answer is within our own questions. I ask you, are you not a human? Then how are you different?

Do you think your religion teaches you to be selfish or does your soul accept inhumane treatments towards another human soul?

I believe the answers to all of the above questions would be no. We are not different. Nor are we are selfish. We would never allow any religion, race, or color separate the humanities from our human soul.

First we are the humans. Then we are an individual who too seeks love, joy, and harmony within this one world. For the wellbeing of this one world, be the person your heart but seeks. Now for the wellbeing of humanity, open the door to your own soul as you knock upon your own door. For the wellbeing of this one world, find the answers to your questions within yourself as you but ask yourself first. Be the person your soul but knocks, seeks, and asks for. Your own wellbeing is but interlinked with the wellbeing of the entire human race.

As I await for spring to arrive, I know my guests, the bird families would be back.

I will have food and water ready for them as well as fresh flowers to welcome them back home. All of my human guests, are always welcome within my home. For all race, color, and religion, the skies have given us a beautiful rainbow above and fresh fields of flowers beyond.

The fresh baked breads throughout the winter shall keep my heart warm as I welcome all of you, within my blog. For the wellbeing of all humans, awaken your inner wisdom and accept the wisdom of all different race, color, and religion. The first step to this path for you the traveler is easy.

Find the human who seeks humanity within yourself first.

Blessings and hugs from this sacred soul be with you,




*The cover image is of my birdhouse! 


  1. I completely agree with you Marie, I think that humanity is often undermined by what people call individuality forgetting that in the essence of our souls we share, we breathe the same love. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, enjoyed reading.

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