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“When you the division maker threaten the society against each other to only divide us, it is then we the world citizens awaken stronger and unite for each other.”

As we the citizens fight for each other, I want all of you to remember, when and where there is no one, we must be there for one another.

This one world and her citizens fight amongst each other trying to prove who is mightier and who is but the weak.

If only by not trying to divide or by trying to unite all for one another, you call me weak, then I would rather be in this spot than the divider. Historically, we were given testimonies through lives lived by the past of what division had done to this world. Yet, we the citizens of this world repeat the catastrophes of the past.

Religion, race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, have created different houses of differences. Within these walls are brewing catastrophic storms of differences where hatred grows within their ovens. Through their doors are allowed only people like themselves. The windows have dark curtains of hatred covering them like a veil.

As they walk out of their houses, they all pretend to be nice to each other. They behave like they were taught in school when they were children, yet all of it is just a pretense. These grown up adults have not learned their lessons of kindness, love, and blessings. They do not see the other. They only see themselves in the reflecting mirrors.

Tears fall from the skies above. Tears are filling up the rivers of this Earth with grief placed upon one another by one another.

I ask you why is it you only see yourself and your ideologies, but not the basic moral values? I ask you why is it you do not close your eyes to your inner hatred and see the tears of the others? Why do the tears and screams of your neighbor not touch your inner soul or reach your ears?

What if tomorrow, your taught lessons spread? What if tomorrow, you find yourself to be the victims not the perpetrators? Hatred only grows as you are the baker who has opened your bakery and are teaching all how to bake hatred. I ask you the one who still has intact within your soul basic moral values to deject any of the groups that teach to hate.

Today, I would rather be under the open skies, with no doors nor windows that keep anyone out of my home. I would rather have a place where I can fit all differences within one home. Even if this home has no walls nor a roof, we would be there for one another.

If religion is a guide to moral beliefs, then this religion will accept all other religions as equal. If all race, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality are but the creation of The One Creator, then we the judged should not be The Judge.

We should be blind to our own color, race, religion, and/or all differences. If a mirror is the culprit who shows us the differences, then don’t look into the mirror if you only see the differences. If you see a beautiful rainbow within your mirror, then do take a look and spread this vision for all whom you know would accept this amazing picture of unity.

Accept one another’s different faith as his or her way of life. Learn from each other and about each other. Fall in love with different races and ethnicities. Watch your children grow as one group of people.

Walk with each other as you go out for a walk today. Don’t run and hide from one another in fear. Shop for one another as you stop by the grocery store. Do pick up groceries for your different ethnic neighbors. Don’t hide within the stores in fear of being the victim or the perpetrator.

Hand in hand, let us open our home within our inner soul. Within this home, we have welcomed our twin flames with love and honor. Within this home, we have welcomed our children with love and honor. Now within this home, let us for our inner love and honor accept all race, color, religion, ethnicity, and gender as one complete family.

As dawn breaks through, and brings upon all of our lives another day, let this day be a blessed new day.

Let us in union create a rainbow through our differences united. Be the leader of this group and know within all humans, there is a leader who awakens when lives are at risk. When humanity is at risk, it is then the individual leader awakens for all. I know we all have humanity within us and let us on this day be the leader, the human with humanity.

Humanity is at risk. It is like the dawn that breaks and reaches all windows, but does not awaken the perpetrators from the mesmerizing sleep of disasters they are but brewing. This storm will not only end the lives of their victims but shall also knock upon the doors of the perpetrators.

This knock shall come from the humans with humanity.

Be that person and awaken for the world citizens who are at risk. Today, awaken yourself first, then awaken your children and all of your neighbors to humanity.

I shall bake a fresh bread in my oven today in hope you the reader too shall bake one in your oven. Let us throughout this one world bake fresh breads within our ovens and eradicate all hatred from this world.

In the mornings, let us in union sing a prayer, a song I had written to my Lord,

“My Lord, after the dark night’s struggle,
The sparkling array of the morning light
Glorifies the Earth.”

(A line from my prayer “Glory Be To My Lord”)

May this prayer which I call a song from my prayer book “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest” be your guide as you awaken to this new day.

Also, if you are walking in the dark alone and frightened, then may you find strength in this song from “Spiritual Songs: Letters From My Chest,”

“With the sun setting in Your vast sky,
The Earth but is in the dark.
May I, Your devotee,
Be there with a candle in my hand.”

(A line from my prayer “Candles Of Hope”)

Again, this prayer song was written for my Lord as I became scared of the dark nights. I realized I can light the candles and be the candle of hope for myself and all whom need a candle of hope to guide them through these dark times.

Do not be discouraged by the catastrophes of these times.

When there is a need for a guide, we find a guide within ourselves. Become the humans with humanity for all the citizens of this world today. In union, let us stop the World Hate Crisis that has landed upon our lives.

May we unite for each other today, and be the candles of hope for the future generation of this one world.

Be the peace you seek within others, and spread the peace as you be in peace. Today, let us in union create a peaceful world for all whom awaken at dawn tomorrow.

My book “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic,” was created to eradicate hate crimes and awaken all to this catastrophic invisible storm that brews within the hearts of the perpetrators of hatred.

Know the storm is upon us and let us in union eradicate this storm. This is a storm that is invisible. Yet, we the citizens in union shall be victorious as we awaken to this first and then awaken all others from this invisible storm. It is known to all, for the beholders of this crisis know of it and must awaken and stop this from brewing inside within them.

Today, you the brewer of hatred bake a friendship bread instead and begin this eradication yourself. Stop this catastrophic storm known to all as hate. Let us say in union, “We are here for each other.”

Get your copy of “The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic”

The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby

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