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Do you have faith in true love and twin flames?

“Eternally yours,” is a phrase I keep sacredly within my soul. True love, twin flames, and reincarnation are on a path I have landed upon through my personal journey through life. All of these questions are answered in my book, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Today, I the spiritually reborn soul shall answer some unusual questions I have received from unknown strangers. Some questions were in my eyes disgraceful and disrespectful as these questions have no profound answers within my soul. Yet, I was asked publicly by an unknown stranger, “Are you in love with so and so?”

I don’t believe in falling in love with anyone.

Life is a journey in which I shall only follow the laws of my Lord, always the laws of my land, and the laws of basic moral value. Love is not a new dress one can put on and discard as needed. These days, the word love has found a new door where this purest symbol has found dishonor and disgrace.

Love is a sacred door which has thorns and obstacles hidden all around it placed by dishonorable earthly people. Throughout my life though, when obstacles and the perpetrators of obstacles appeared, I also found my Angels standing there in disguise to always protect me.

I will not stop believing in twin flames as I believe all religions have gifted us proof of twin flames like Shiva and Shakti from Hinduism. The topic of twin flames is detailed extensively in my book.

My belief in this sacred union shall always be.

I know it takes two to fall in love. If it is a one-way road, then you keep on moving forward, for the rule on this one-way road is you cannot turn around or go in the wrong lane. For my personal belief system, wrong is wrong.

“Is sex true love?”

The answer is simple, no. If we let our hormones control us, then we would be in the wrong lane. Letting something control us is like the forbidden sin known as temptation. For me, it is simple. I am diabetic, so I always control my temptations as I pass the sweet pastry shops. I know I could cheat once and get away with it, but I have not. Never have I broken the oath and taken extra pills to keep my diabetes under control. I have kept my A1C level under 6. Is it hard? No, not at all as I enjoy the results each night when my sugar level is normal.

This Earth and the past citizens have left their lives as examples of what they did right or they did wrong as lessons of life for us. Some have lived scandalous lives and we have converted their lives into a movie as we watched them on the big screen. Yet, some have crossed the doors of reincarnation to only unite with their true love. This topic also is described in my book.

I don’t want my life to be a movie. I don’t want to be known to anyone other than my twin flame for I have within my soul complete faith in eternal blessings. Whatever life brings upon me, I know life is a one-way journey and I must walk with my complete faith. I do not look for anyone else within my mirror of life. I will only look at the reflection of my life lived.

“What is love?”

A woman who had a broken marriage and brought her children up by herself once had asked me this question. As she lost her complete faith in love and thought love is what you could get back in return, and what you could give. I told her if she could only live for one more year, would she not want to spend that quality time with her twin flame with complete faith and honor? Then, she could erase the painful memories of betrayal and dishonor. Her true love could erase this with his evergreen love for her.

She agreed and I knew this was true love, blessings of faith, and belief in her true love. Wait for him and don’t give up on love as this life is a journey through faith and belief. Her family had insisted she go on prearranged dates, yet she told all of them no. This woman had been forced into her marriage by her family as she had no voice then to say her mind. Yet she did now and she told me she is the happiest person ever, for this decision she had taken. This incident is also described in “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

“As a teenager or even an adult, is it not normal to not date and not fall to peer pressure?”

This was another question from a person who was lost within her own family and friends as peer pressure reached her doors to the limit of her tolerance. She had said as she had chosen not to date or go out and have sex and figure out if she loved the boy or not, she became a victim of criticism. At school, college or even as an adult, the question was, is she normal.

She told me with complete faith in her Lord and her twin flame, she wants to wait until she knows she has found him. Her friends, however, teased her what if she waits out her entire life. She had answered then this life would at least gift her the gift of purity.

She believes in her faith and is happy with the decision of waiting for him. I thought her decision was so honorable and within the complete path of all religions and all religious beliefs. Yet, why is it these people are being criticized for being faithful and believing in their personal dreams?

My answer to all of you:

Blessed be the path and blessed be the travelers. If you want a one night stand to stay warm during the cold winter nights, then that is your personal choice. Yet people like myself are travelers of life who shall only be upon the path of The Lord. This journey through life does not frighten us, but going against the commandments does frighten us.

There is no judgement within my mind for I travel alone just like all humans entering this world and leaving this world with only the gift of our lives lived for all to be guided by. Life is all about your personal footsteps in the path you travel upon. Don’t follow what feels wrong but be guided by your inner soul.

I believe if you choose to date, have sex, and choose your life partner, that is absolutely your choice and no one has any right to say anything against you. Just always know to protect yourself against all unknown diseases of the dark nights.

I have chosen the path of celibacy as this path is my path and my life. The joy and harmony I find within this journey is my complete journey through life. I know the critics will say, what if you don’t find him or he does not find you?

Then, I believe in reincarnation. I believe in complete faith and honor as I have given my love to humanity and basic moral values. Learn more about this in, “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Through my pen and paper, I shall awaken all of you to become a humanitarian.

I will bring your faith back in your twin flames. I will restore your faith in the power of prayers. My pen is there to restore your faith within yourself as I have complete faith within myself. Never shall I go into the wrong path nor do wrong unto others. I shall not sit and take wrong being done unto me or you. I believe in you and your belief as you believe in yourself and let all of us have basic moral values as our guides.

My message to all is do not pressure another person into walking upon your path. If he or she is safe, and they are not in any danger, then let the be themselves. Society and pressure have taken so many humans astray and regrets live on after the wrong decision has been made.

Remember even within one hand, all fingers are different.

We are the humans. Each one of us is unique and just perfect in our own path. For myself, I believe in twin flames and eternity. I also believe in my Lord and my Lord’s Commandments.

The questions I had received had asked me why I don’t date, or am I in love with someone, or have I found him?

My answer to all of you is I don’t date as that is my personal preference. I am in love with my twin flame wherever he is. The journey through life is a one-way path and I wait for him to find me.

Also today, I ask you not to become The Judge as we are all the judged.

Find the answers to the unanswered questions of birth, death, reincarnation, soulmates and twin flames, dreams, miracles, and end of time in “Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light.”

Eternal Truth: The Tunnel Of Light By Ann Marie Ruby

Blessings from Seattle,

Ann Marie Ruby



  1. The message you share here resonates deeply for me. I found my true love just as I was headed in a downward spiral in my life. There was a person that I never realized for years who had been there to encourage and support me along the way. Almost like a guardian angel. When I was at my lowest point I realized there was a reason our paths were destined to cross on almost a daily basis. We have been together ever since I opened my eyes and realized it was meant to be. Now I am in a devoted and happy relationship full of honesty and genuine care for one another.

    Thank you for sharing your message Anne Marie, have a lovely blessed day!

    1. Thank you Shyla, for sharing your blessed encouraging words. Life is a journey where we are all the travelers. Here we support each other as we all walk upon the same path. I strongly believe in miracles and true love. I know even when all seems dark, hope appears from the beyond. Just like in your situation, your hope and blessings were near you all along.

      Those two women I mentioned are also two very strong women. I believe in my Lord and the pure essence of love, so I shall never give up and I shall always keep hope alive through my belief in humans, humanity, and eternal love.

      My blessings be with you, the love of your life, and your future together.

      Thank you for being there for me through your kind words of love.

      Ann Marie Ruby

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