A blessed line from a prayer I had written years ago. I keep this sacred wisdom within my soul as I travel through the tunnels of life.

Today I went on a “Lyft” ride to the mall. This would be yet another day in my life where I would meet up with a very nice person, a wonderful religious woman with very strong personal views as she thought she was the righteous woman and the Lord wanted her to be the judge.

This was yet another courageous woman I have met with whom I had disagreed completely. Silently, I heard her views as to why she is the judge and in her own words, the Lord had wanted her to condemn all of whom she thought was wrong. I take life as a blessing and know all things are but the will of my Lord and the path we the humans have chosen to take.

I enjoyed the ride until the Lyft driver went and condemned all humans without even knowing them or if she is even right to be the judge. She asked questions about my personal life which I try to avoid.

Celibacy was a topic she brought up and how it’s hard, but she has been celibate for the Lord.

I told her, I don’t think it’s hard at all as I love my Lord more than I love myself. For my Lord, all the sacrifice is but not a sacrifice. I call this the sacred gift of life.

She asked me what should I tell people who are knowingly wrong or committing sins according to the Bible. I told her I have written a prayer and I will always believe in the prayer I had written, “May We The Judged Not Become The Judge.” She took this as an offense as she told me, the Lord says we the righteous must judge the wrong.

I was in silent tears. However, I could only think but how do you the judged become the Judge? All sins are but forgiven by the Lord if we repent, redeem, and awaken sin free. How does one creation judge another creation?

I understand the commandments and the forbidden sins we must avoid. Therefore, live my life according to the books, but I will never be able to judge another soul for we have the Judgement Day for that same reason.

I watched how she condemned all humans from different faiths and said in one word that all people shall enter Hell excluding those of whom she thought should be allowed to enter Heaven as she was taught by the Bible.

I wondered, did I read another Bible? Yet, I had also read the Quran, the Torah, the Gita, and all the holy books given throughout history. I take the message again, “May We The Judged Not be The Judge.”

Yet, I heard her say nonstop, she is righteous and God has given her the right to judge.

I cried within my soul and thought how do I teach a person who does not want to be taught? She only sees one color and she is blind to all the other colors. I thought is it not our judgement that has caused a division within all race, color, and religion? Have we not become divided for we think we are but greater than the other? Are we not falling within the greatest sins committed by a human soul by becoming The Final Judge?

I thought so all the people walking within this Earth are going to end up in Hell because they are following different “Gods.”

Again, I heard her nonstop talking about how she is to be the judge taught by her religion and I thought, but is it not true we all are created by the same Creator? I thought, do all the humans not have the right to hope for freedom if not on Earth, then in Heaven?

I thought again but all human souls cry to The Creator. All feel the comfort of knowing even though you the human do not see my pain, my Creator does see all of my pain and suffering.

Yet, I told her nothing, but heard her thoughts of how she felt she should condemn all other faiths. She thinks she should judge.

I thought how could a human think like this and in one word condemn the entire world? I thought but where do we the humans stop?

Yet, I watched a very angry woman talk about the sins of this world. She called this world a hub for sinners. Yet, I told her, it’s within the eyes of the beholder. Within my world, yes there is suffering and sin. My life has been an example of all the pain and sufferings. At times, I feel like I must have all the sufferings of this world. Yet, I remember my Lord carries the burden of the sin and all the sufferings.

I see the world as one home where we are all taking a test.

The past human race are but our teachers and the future race will be our students. I see the world as a house of repentance, and a house full of redeemers. Also, I see mercy from all the hearts of the sacred souls. I see my Creator holding within the embrace of mercy, all race, color, and religion as we are told to wait for one day, wait until the Judgment Day. I keep on reminding myself, “May We The Judged Not Become The Judge.”

This world must stop judging one another and stop thinking of oneself as the righteous and all as the wrong. How can one teach what is not known to oneself as only God knows all? Not a single soul knows all. There is only one Omnipotent.

I ask all of you on this day, please let us the humans, all race, color, and religion live in peace and harmony. Let us condemn what is morally wrong and condemn what is but wrong within the laws of the land. but, However, let us not become the Judge and become The Final Judge of all the humans.

No race, color, or religion should be judged based on their personal beliefs. I have written this prayer from the inner soul of a human. Within my soul, I believe the greatest sin committed by us the humans is but judging yet another soul.

I asked the cab driver to be in peace as she spreads peace. I knew our paths were different as she had condemned all of my Lord’s creation even without knowing them personally. However, I hope within these Earthly courts, the Honorable Judges do not condemn anyone before listening to their sides.

I live a very peaceful and serene life where each day, I learn yet another side of this human mentality.

Each person is an individual with his or her own judgment, thoughts, and beliefs. I hope one day, we the humans can learn to live in peace and harmony within all race, color, and religion for I would never want to be the judged by yet another soul who is but blind, deaf, and dumb, not physically but by their personal views. I felt like I was in a car where the driver by choice chose to be blind, deaf, and dumb to all the other views of this world except her own.

As I returned home, I saw within the rainy Seattle weather, the sun peeked through and for a minute, I thought there was an amazing rainbow shining above me. I then saw no rainbow was there, but I thought I just saw a beautiful rainbow. Then, I smiled to myself as I knew my rainbow was within my soul. I thought how beautiful the children of this world look dressed in different clothing from all different race, color, and religion, standing in union as one family of this one world.

My bridge of union amongst all race, color, and religion. This is my world, my love, and my blessings for this blessed world.

My sacred and blessed prayer for all, “May We The Judged Not Become The Judge.”

My thoughts throughout the ride was, what if this kind of judgmental words lead a young child, a teenager, a single mom, a single dad, or just another lost and stranded soul to do the unthinkable? Why do we the judged judge all but ourselves?

My personal thought, please do not condemn the humans, the creation of my Creator for The Lord has but created all life who but breathe upon this Earth. The Omnipotent knows all and if you believe in this, then you should believe The Omnipotent loves all and awaits for all of the children to return home safely. That is why we have the Judgement Day.

Please, “May We The Judged Not Become The Judge.”

Blessings from Seattle,


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