As The Fog Lifts

As The Fog Lifts

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Seattle, Washington, my home town. As I woke up this morning, it’s foggy and my Lord’s sprinklers are on. Love to watch the Puget Sound and all the small islands from my deck. Today though I get to see the fog and it seems like the skies and the ocean have touched and became one.

My dream is to hold onto the Lord’s hands and be in union with my Creator through my mind, body, and soul through worshiping The One Creator. I also want all of the creation to hold onto my hands and in union we the creation can be one with The Creator. No division, no separation, no inferior, or superior, just all in union, we become the Creation of The Creator.

As the fog lifts and I can see the clear skies and the water separating, I know even in separation they are one for they too are the creation of the Creator. May this world have no violence and no war, may we not fight amongst each other but be the cure to all problems, physical and emotional. May there be peace upon all creation of The Creator. Be in peace, as you spread peace. All my books are based on spiritual inspiration, for all spiritual inspiration and information about my books do visit

Blessings from Seattle,

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