Claustrophobic, I felt from all the unwanted obstacles of life. Today I feel free, as I finally realized I am the only one who can free myself from all of these worldly shackles.

I have walked through life after life trying to find something. However, I found myself as I saw my own reflection in a pond, where I watched the birds flying, trying to take a dip, and a drink of the refreshing water.

I saw my own self looking back at me. I knew within life, we always have the present and the future, for the past we leave behind. Also, I turned the pages and walked backwards to the place I had lost myself in. From this junction, I knew I must walk forward. I must stand up and find myself first for then I shall be found by the people and the things I but want to find me.

From the private grotto I have been shackled within, I set myself free. I walk upon this Earth with knowledge that freedom is but within each individual soul. Yes true I must fight and overcome the hurdles of life, but I think how comforting it feels to see freedom within my reality. I know freedom, is but found within each individual soul. I also know how rewarding this self awakened freedom but feels.

Fresh mountain dew, the sounds of the pouring rain upon the dried fallen leaves, the sun’s rays shining through the windows on a cold freezing morning, are all but my newly found love.

I removed myself from all the negative vibes of this world. Within the blessings of this universe, I awakened myself. I find peace, joy, and blessings upon all that my eyes but see, all that my ears but hear, and all that my hands but touch. Upon the positive vibes Mother Earth but bestows upon me each and every day, I walk.

I have closed my eyes to all negativity and I have opened my mind, body, and soul to all that is positive. For I know, all the blessings my soul but seeks are but within my mind, body, and soul.

Feel the spiritual freedom within your mind, body, and soul, for it is then this world shall be awakened to you too.

Blessings from Seattle,

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