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Cultures across this globe should unite all humans as differences are what make each individual unique. Today though, superiority and inferiority have corrupted the human mind, body, and soul. Wake up spiritually first. Then, as you awaken your soul, all around you shall be awakened.

Take the first step. Be the human The Creator has created all creation to be. No temples needed, just convert your heart into a temple for all creation of The Creator. The human heart, the human teardrops of the human soul are all we need to be awakened. Love endures all difficulties and creates a bond between all differences. Today, I ask all of you who read this, just say a prayer from your soul for our Mother Earth. May all her children with all their differences unite for love of the stranger.

May we, the strangers, awaken and as we hold onto each other, as we become the strength for each other, it’s then we shall all realize these strangers who have helped us awaken were strangers but are actually Angels in disguise. Spread peace as you bring peace to your mind, body, and soul. I have written a prayer book and spiritual inspirational quotations for all of whom need a friend during this journey of life. My books are available on Amazon, click right here to view my books.

Blessings from Seattle,

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