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Life is a miracle from heavens above. Faith is the complete circle of all miracles. Hope entwined with faith, brings all miracles to life. May we find the glimmer of hope with complete faith and let the miracles of life be completed.

Sometimes life takes us to a stage when all seems dark but it’s then we must hold onto faith and know even during the darkest part of the night, dawn is just around the corner. It’s during these times, we must be strong and know time shall pass us by, as tomorrow is another day.

May we have the strength to hold onto hope and faith as miracles but knock upon all doors. I have written my books of inspirational quotations and my prayer book for all race, color, and religion for those lonely nights when you need inspiration or just a prayer for the soul or a friend who just is there for you when you need her. May my words be there as a friend for all whom but need one.

Blessings from Seattle,

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