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Within a cold winter night as darkness but falls all around, the New Year arrives with a gentle warm hug. I always wait for her arrival as I carry the Candles Of Hope from this year to the New Year.

All the obstacles life but had brought upon all doors wait for the knock of hope and blessings.

When life but brings nothing and pain and tears are but your company throughout the dark nights, I hope dawn shall arrive with a warm hug. As a child, I would think daylight could wipe out all the fears of the dark nights. As a teenager, I would think as dawn but approaches, my soulmate would welcome me with a blessed prayer only soulmates could complete.

Today, as a traveler through the obstacles of life, I know I must walk through this journey of life and make it happen. I must stand up and open the door for myself to see what but waits on the other side. I must open the windows to welcome dawn within my life. Does this mean I stopped believing in miracles? No, I believe in miracles. I believe in dreams. Also, I believe in myself and I believe in you.

I know how gentle morning dew is as she but lands upon a leaf.

The shining sun glitters on her until she disappears. I know obstacles too shall disappear as dawn comes upon our life. Life is very fragile, as she is only a breath away. I also know we the travelers must do our share to awaken ourselves first and then walk for ourselves, and then only, our journey but shall be complete.

My message to all of you is to awaken yourselves first. Walk through the obstacles of life to the best you can. Through the journey, you shall encounter other travelers of life. Hold on to them for support or give them your support.

The weak, the strong, the lost, and the stranded hold on to each other. For know, we the travelers traveling through life must know if one of us falls, then the other one also gets hurt. If in a family, then hold on to each other. Within a society, hold on to your society. Within a country, hold on to your country and all of her citizens.

For each country, united is stronger as they are but one through their union. It is then, they can overcome all obstacles that but come their way for all are but watching out for one another.

I just saw in the news, Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands had compared his nation to a glass vase. Delicate and fragile, but strong within the hands of a country united.

How blessed is this thought, as life is but a breath away? Dawn is but a night away, and darkness too is but a day away.

Fragile is but the life of a human where all we have is the journey through this life. Unitedly we can accomplish so much more for unitedly, life lives on as through the race of life, we then pass on the blessings from human to human throughout time. Not related through blood, yet, through humanity for one another.

Like Prime Minister Mark Rutte, I too agree, even fragile vases are strong within the hands of the united. His country has overcome being under sea level and now is a global leader amongst food suppliers throughout this world. They have now made a statement throughout this globe in proving what unitedly they had achieved.

I had welcomed his sacred comparison as a blessing for all humans. Know it wherever you are or whatever you are, in union with hope and blessings, you too can overcome all obstacles of life. Unitedly, this world could overcome all the obstacles of life, if we only stand up for ourselves and unite within our own countries first, then internationally we would be one world without any obstacles.

You would say this is a dream, as I started this post saying that yes I believe in miracles and I believe in dreams.

We must see the dream and then turn this into reality. You must walk first and then your journey through life but begins.

Believe in yourself, yes delicate and fragile you are, like Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s glass vase. Do remember with belief, strong hands, and blessings from a united nation and a united world, you too will overcome your own obstacles of life.

The first step is do not be the critic or worry about being criticized. Be positive and always bless one another and in union all obstacles, personal or cumulative, shall be overturned if we only believe.

Tonight, as I go to bed, I know dawn is around the corner. As this month comes to an end, the New Year approaches us with blessed dreams of a better New Year.

Believe in yourself and believe in the miracles of life as the biggest miracle but approaches us after each night, as her name is but dawn.

As another dawn breaks through the dark night, the New Year shall be upon all of our doors. May you accept this year as a blessing, and know she is there because you believed in her.

Miracles but approach the believers, for know you are but the believer as she is but the believed.


Blessings of the New Year, be with all the believers of miracles,

*This is an image taken during my trip in the Netherlands!


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